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  1. Well I am a girl, I know a lot of girls can play male, but I can't I need someone who doesn't mind being male. I have a lot of plots.. I like doing a lot of types of role play, like romance, fantasy, horror, cruel and evil rps, royalty. I have plots for those.. And I was wondering if anyone would be interested. I am not new to role playing.. I have been role playing for quite some time... and well I role played for at least 4 years.. I lost count after 4 years. I want to role play. So... Anyone? You can PM me.. or post on here.
  2. I'd be interested ^^ Playing male is fine for me, and right now I'm on a major fantasy kick, so that'd work for me :D
  3. Hahah soo like a demon prince wants a angel princess for him? Want that?
  4. Ok, that sounds good. Do you have a CS already made up, and do you want me to make one, or should we just describe our characters as we go? I'm fine either way.
  5. well we should do a Cs. also... Ill make the thread.
  6. Okay, I'll get my CS up ASAP
  7. Name: Cemo Meryk
    Age: Indeterminable, but he looks around 23-ish
    Gender: Male
    Type of Demon: Cold. He commands all dark forces of ice and coldness and is known as the Meister of the Cold.
    Personality: Much like his rule, Cemo is frosty. He doesn't show much emotion, but is instead cold, calculating, and harbors an inner sadism that he struggles to keep down most of the time. However he does slip up, and the ice statues in his throne room are to show for that.
    Powers: Cemo can lower the temperature of any room he is in, and most of the time it isn't by will. Just by walking into a room, the temperature instantly drops anywhere from ten to twenty degrees. He can also make it snow at will, if he is outside, and though he feels coldness, he isn't affected by it or made uncomfortable by it.
    Weaknesses: Fire. Enough said.
    Appearance: [​IMG](Just with slightly paler skin and normal ears)

    I didn't include a history, since I figured it could be revealed in the rp, but I hope this is good enough ^^
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  8. Yeah thats fine. I hope my Cs is fine.

    Name : Lilly Marie Gondei
    age: looks 22, but was born one hundred years ago.
    gender: female
    type of Angel : The good one, and the princess. She has alot of powers, since she is princess. She is often the one who heals others, but she can never die, except from this one sword. She protects people and can bring people to happiness even love. She lightens up the mood.
    personality: Sweet, very caring about others, and thinks of others than herself, attempts to be brave, and is innocent all the way since she is a angel.
    powers: healing, immortal, giving happiness, giving love interests to humans, and to give wamth, move things with her mind, can teleport by mirrors. ( Will figure out others)
    Weakness: a special sword, called the angel soul.
    Appearance:[​IMG] ( the angel)
  9. Want to make the thread or shall I?
  10. You can, if you want, that way I have more an idea of the plot you want ^^
  11. Is anybody else out there?
  12. I'm out here! I've been roleplaying for a couple years now (I think) and mostly roleplay as guys anyways. I do like fantasy, or maybe even something supernatural. If it's okay with you, my posts wont likely be to long. I just can't write paragraphs upon paragraphs when roleplaying, it just gives me a headache.
  13. Hello, Tofu. Well which one do you like.. the vampire andhuman pairing?? So vampire prince takes the human princess...
  14. Haha okay! Do you like to roleplay as mean guys? I mean we can have a band be vampires and kidnap a few girls... Or what shall we do?
  15. OH my, I've tried roleplaying mean guys before and they all just ended up calming down and mostly being sarcastic all the time... I could try again but I'm not too sure how well it will turn out...
  16. Then.. how bout a bad boy.. who leads a gang, you be in the gang.. blah blah who is dating a good girl?
  17. Sounds good to me. I just have to come up with a character then.
  18. Wait.. here is the plot.. so you now who you will be playing..

    good girl is dating the leader of the bad kid group, but also she is hanging out with them because her older sister is hangs out there. Well, she is dating the leaders best friend. Then her older sister has a best friend who is dating someone also... blah blah, anyways the good girl hangs out with them, in school until the group tries to change her, and also the good girl sorta wants to change, because of what happens at home. What will this new life end up like? Will her boyfriend find out what happens at her house?
  19. So, if I've got this right Character A- Good Girl, dating leader of Character B's (The bad kid) gang (Let's make him C). has an older sister who is dating someone in the gang, and the sisters best friends is and so on so forth. Character A likes to hang out with the gang until they try to change her at school. She kinda of wants to change but isn't really to sure because of some stuff at home. The story is about what her life will up like and if her boyfriend ever really finds out what happened.

    This seems like a lot of people, maybe it could be a group role play instead so that our hands aren't full of characters?
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