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  1. I've been away from iwaku and role play in general. I had a friend convince me to get back into it since I'm having a rough summer. I'll take ideas or invites or anything. I'm open to replays on fandom (recently I've been into Harry potter, fma, some star wars but I'm not good at it, maximum ride, and mostly sci fi stuff) ask and I'll tell you if I'm into it. I'm also a sucker for apocalypse roleplays and interdimensional stuffs... I'm a decent writer and will work with whoever will put up with me :3 whatever group I can find
  2. I have a horror science fiction that needs people
  3. I'd love to check it out :3 can I have a link?
  4. yes one sec
  5. ._. For some odd reason it's saying I don't have permission to look at it
  6. Oh Frick your not 18 damn I missed the
  7. sorry
  8. How about a Dragon Rider Rp?
  9. Sounds interesting, I'd be glad to check it out
  10. Overwatch 1x1 RP?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.