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Did you laugh at any point during reading this?

  1. Not really, you weren't actually trying to be funny.

  2. Well, I am on the internet. I expelled air from my nose faster then usual at one point.

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  1. Hi! My nickname is Serath and I recently joined this site, I am a 22 year old male college student searching to have fun typing in creative ways. I mostly prefer to have a 1 on 1 role play, since groups tend to get out of control sometimes and are confusing to read.
    Yes, I am totally following the sticky thread introduction and I just hit the grassy meadows or cherry blossoms question. Scratching my head doesn't seem to help me find an answer and i am starting to think they are just checking if people are actually reading the thread and paying attention at this point XD

    (definitely not what the last suggestion was about) But there is totally a song that's been stuck in my head for the past few days, and it's the last 2 minutes of Hybrid - Disappear Here. Those vocals just wont leave my head.)
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  2. Hi there Serath! :D Maybe that question is just there to confused people and see how they respond. >:3 Ohohoho!

    Welcome to the community! <3
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  3. Hey, welcome to the site ^.^

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

    Though I've been gradually leaning away from 1x1 role-plays, there's plenty of people who would be willing to textificate (yes, that is now a word) with you~

    :flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::snake::snake::snake::snake::sun::sugarglider::sugarglider::sugarglider::sugarglider::sugarglider::sugarglider: (don't forget about the smilies!!!)
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  4. Hey, thanks!

    I figured the last two must be something like that. Like you just feel the shift in the style of questions, from self descriptive into pure tomfoolery ^^
  5. :jump: <- immediately found one that will now be my default ^^ Thanks for the pro tip about smilies ^^
    The only thing i kinda dislike about 1 on 1 RP is that you are bound to that one person for the entire duration of the RP, and if they simply stop showing up you kinda get an empty feeling in your heart after all that progress is lost.
    Honestly, that happens to me too frequently for me to be comfortable with it. People just loose interest just about when i get really into it XD
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  6. That's exactly why I'm liking 1x1 less and less. I worry about letting my partner down, because to me a group role-play is less stress because there's more people involved, therefore you have a bit more leeway with things. Right now I'm involved in the forum-wide role-play, but I'm looking to join another one since my schedule recently allowed a lot more time on Iwaku :P

    Maybe message me sometime if you want to start up something. Just maybe haha.
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  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Serath! (Also, badass song.)

    There are plenty of people who'll do 1x1, including me. So search around, you'll be pleasantly surprised! Also, I know that feels man. :P
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  8. Honestly, you are hyping up group role play a ton, and i am getting interested to try what you have been experiencing so far ^^ Like i have seen the Ilium thing on this site and it sounds amazing, but i have no idea how to approach it.

    I understand why 1on1 is kinda bad for certain reasons, and I am aware that every time I start something like it, i am throwing myself into a chance of being disappointed, BUT: If i get it right just one time, and i find an amazing RP partner who i can properly RP with, then even hundreds of bad tries will be worth it. 1on1 just seems so much more compelling to me, because you get to share and know everything with just this one person, you get to know them and they get to know you. You can throw curve balls and see how they react and eventually you grow a giant expansive story together that can be so alluring to you and so immersive that you even start dreaming about it.
    That's basically my ultimate goal, and what i am searching for ^^

    Anyway, thanks for hitting me up with some posts, i really appreciate your contribution to my introduction of this site ^^ Have fun dude ^^
  9. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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  10. looks like someone is farming messages ^^
  11. Oh no not at all. I just felt as though everyone deserved a warm welcome so that's exactly what I did.
  12. Yep, like he said, welcome. I frequent here often and I well-known on other roleplaying sites, but I tend to stick to the shadows here. Private messaging is more of my thing, unless it a post for one of my groups. The latter are not yet complete.
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