PAID COMMISSIONS Trying to earn some money. Offering Portraits.

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  1. I'm sorry. I know this is totally lame.

    I've had to have my laptop fixed recently, and so I owe money to finish paying that off, as well as a few other bills that I just haven't had the money to pay off. I'm disabled, so I only get one payment a month on disability. My art is not spectacular, so I'm not asking for a shit ton of money, but I would appreciate any commissions I get.

    But anyway.. I'm not like, a super amazing artist. But I do my best. I'm currently working on my anatomy, so if you want to chance it, I can do full body, but otherwise, I do prefer portraits.

    I can draw females better than males, and I'm best at humans, but I will attempt furry oc's or animals.
    If I find myself unable to draw the portrait to your satisfaction, I will give you a refund.

    I will send sketches for you to choose from, as well as progress sketches. Payments will go through paypal, which I will give to you if you request a drawing!

    Things I will draw (open)

    Male and Females
    Canon characters
    Furry/Anthro characters
    Nudity (Not pornographic or hentai, though)

    Things I will not draw (open)

    Oc's that you do not own

    So as stated before, I draw portraits mainly, and humans. I can try to do full body or furry, if you want, though.


    Portrait- $5-$10 depending on complexity
    Add a character- $2
    Full body- $10-$15 depending on complexity/pose/ect

    I can only manage basic color backgrounds, so I apologize for that at the moment.

    I will not give any specific dates of when things will be finished, since I do become busy out of nowhere, and I do have depression/physical problems. However, if I do not finish your request you will get a full refund.

    For examples, please check out my DeviantART
  2. Hi! I'd like to make a request (just one for now, but I might be coming back for more later). Currently undecided as to whether I want a full body or portrait, though. How much information about the character do you need? Is there any sort of template I should fill out?
  3. Hello, and thank you for the interest! I need the name and some type of reference photo/drawing if possible. If not, then I'll definitely need a lot of information! This is the template I'd need if there is no reference photo:

    (Slim, curvy, athletic, ect)
    Hair style and color:
    Eye color:
    Skin color:
    Scars, tattoos, noticeable marks:
    Breast Size (If female):
    (A little bit of information here may help me draw their facial expressions)
    Expression and pose desired:
    Anything else you think I ought to know:
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  4. Hmm. Should I include images that were a source of inspiration in thinking up the character, so you can get a good idea of the general look and feel that I'm after? I'm sure I'll fill out the template, too -- just wondering if such extra images would be useful to you.
  5. Yes, that would be wonderful!!
  6. Gotcha! I'll be sure to do that, then.

    It might take me a few days before I can get you all the info, though.
  7. Ok, I'm finally back! I would like a portrait, please. :3

    Name: Diana
    Height/Weight: She’s a goddess, and not exactly limited by these kinds of parameters, so, I’m not sure what to put here…
    Build: Fairly slim, but not exactly supermodel slim. I suppose it would be “medium-slim” for lack of a better term.
    Hair style and color: Long hair, slightly wavy. Silvery “moonlit” white color.
    Eye color: I want her to have very large pupils that “shine like miniature versions of the moon itself” — so basically, whitish-gray in color. Her irises (which would then basically take the place of the whites of her eyes, given how large her pupils are) would be a pale blue color.
    Skin color: A very light, almost pale-looking caucasian color.
    Scars, tattoos, noticeable marks: None.
    Breast Size (If female): C cup
    Personality: She’s the goddess of the moon, femininity, emotion, creativity, beauty, motherhood, irrationality, and madness. She is driven by emotions, which can make her very kind and empathetic, but sometimes leaves her without much self-control, making her quick to anger. As the goddess of madness, she also has something… charmingly off about her.
    Expression and pose desired: Honestly not sure… perhaps somewhat of a distant, vacant look? Feel free to tweak as you see fit. And maybe I'd also like to see her holding a cup of water with both hands, depending on how difficult that is for you.
    Anything else you think I ought to know: The symbology associated with her includes: wolves, water (due to the moon’s control over the tides), and cups (especially cups full of water).

    I was largely inspired by some of the artwork in a tarot deck I bought, firstly by, of course, the “Moon” card, but also by “the Star”. Here are those cards.

    Also, there is no field for ‘clothing’, though I’m assuming you’d want that, too. o.o I’d like her to be wearing a white gown, similar to the one shown on “the Star”.

    Let me know if there's any other info you need. ^^
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  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention! I'm planning on using this as part of an upcoming RP as mine, as part of the info dump where I go into detail about all the gods and goddesses in the pantheon. I will definitely be sure to credit you -- I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable with your art being used in this way. o3o
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  9. Sounds good. I've been both busy and under the weather as of late, so I'll do my best to finish this within the week! How much were you thinking for price?
  10. Well, since it's a portrait, I assumed it would be in the $5-$10 price range depending on how difficult you decide that it is. o3o