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    1. [*=center]Remember when the world was filled with humans? At least someone does. This world where I come from is now a lush green wasteland, the vampires destroyed it. A war went down between the Fairies, Lycans, Vampires and humans. This war went on for a full century before the species were wiped out completely. Only my mother and father survived. My father a vampire and my mother the last fairy to live on earth. The world died down with the missing, however the earth was able to recuperate and animals and the trees flourished with the spilt blood. This is my parents story, what led them to creating my existance and what has led me to continue in their footsteps. But as usual, they go first.
    This roleplay is a MxF. A fairy and vampire are the last two humanoid creatures left alive in earth. One is compelled by the urge to control the lust he has never been able to quench. While the other is trying to recollect and recreate the glory of her people. But it is time for a new race to come into the light. A Dragonfly as it is called. Half Fairy and Half vampire hybrid. There are angels in heaven, but they have never been humanoid but mere animals. Once a new creature is born of born Vampire/fairy bloodlines. An angel will be sent down as a second copy of different DNA to create a new colony of Dragonflies. As usual shadows are to blame. Shadows are the darkness that escapes into minds and thrives in the darkness, unable to be killed without light they are deadly. Even vampires fear them. They appear as the shadows of humans and sometimes animals and seep into your mind. They can lead you to do stupid things and even kill yourself. BEWARE
    I am looking for someone to play the vampire. He is lust filled and this roleplay will involve rape, sex and at least a paragraph in description. How they meet is up to you. Other factors can bring them together or push them apart. Any other questions post here of PM me.

    ‚Äč2. A angel and demon from hell team up to track and destroy a new entity in 2050 America. They have taken human forms and hate each other. One used to be a Mobster in the twenties while the other lost memory of where they were. The mobster and the other search but are unable to find the monster. But while they search they seem to have fallen in love. A demon who knew nothing of love and an angel who was brought into it. (This plot is up to you)

  1. First 1 is cool
  2. We can roleplay this one Raya. Two of my roleplay partners let the roleplays die. so I'm free to more spaces.
  3. Yay!!! so what about the human x vampire (mxm) we never discussed? Still interested in doing that?
  4. I would rather stick with the ones I have ideas for. It's easier for me to keep track of what I have and what needs to be filled if you get what i mean. Sorry, but the 1st choice is still in play for you.
  5. That's fine with me, no worries at all.
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