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  1. Before you join, please read this:

    If you'd like to rp with me, be able to:

    1- Be able to use grammar, spelling, and punctuation correctly.
    2- Reply at least once a day.
    3- If something is not going right, or if it makes you uncomfortable, please tell me.
    4-If you feel the need to leave or drop the role play, please let me know.

    Okay, now, on to my ideas.
    May I warn you first that I am not used to playing males, at all.
    So please, bear with me.

    Here are my ideas:

    Gay male x Staight/gay male:

    My character, Noel (No, el ) is a gay male.
    He's seventeen, and he's pretty much out of the closet.
    He's a friendly guy, nice to everyone, but he's just moved to town.
    Your character, meets him, and they fall in love.
    Your character can be gay or straight, and end up falling in love,
    or can even be a female, and can fall in love.
    (But Noel won't love her back the same way)
    I'm doing this because I need to practice playing males, even gay ones help!
    Plus I wanna do this pretty badly.

    Boy wants to be a girl:

    My character wants to be a girl.
    She was born a male, but ever since she was ten, she's known she's meant to be female.
    Her parents were embarrassed by her, so they moved her to a new town,
    and no one here knows she's a male.
    She dresses, sounds, and looks like a female, and even takes hormones to become a girl.
    She still has a penis though.
    But she meets a boy and they fall in love-
    but will he be able to accept her as a male?

    Those are my only ideas at the moment, but if you have one along these lines,
    I'm up for a listen. :)


    Background story:

    MY CS:

    For gay male:

    Name: Noel Trist
    Age: 17
    Weight: 120lbs
    Height: 6'2
    Likes: Candy, soda, blue, teal, cashmere, video games, art, reading.
    Dislikes: Homophobic people, liars, cheaters, idiots, rude people.
    Personality: Noel is sweet, and loud. He speaks his mind, and is very honest. He is pretty fluffy/gay though- it's obvious.
    Background story: Noel just moved to the smallish town of Snow Hill. He lived in the big city for a while,
    but his father got a new job here.
    He used to be a cutter, and he's tried suicide many times over the bullying he's recieved
    for being gay.
    He's doing well now though, and hopes to make friends.

    For the boy wants to be a girl:

    Name: Lilith (Luke) Chiston.
    Age: 18
    Weight: 130lbs
    Height: 5'8
    Likes: Pink, dresses, lolita style clothing, makeup, cute boys, art
    Dislikes: Being a boy, homphobic people, liars, cheaters.
    Personality: Lilith is a sweet girl, but she's very closed. She doesn't like to open up for fear
    of being hurt. She's kind and warm, but she can be cruel and cold if you hurt her.
    Background story:
    Lilith's parents are embarrassed that their son wants to be a girl.
    So they moved her to this little town, where no one knows them.
    They allow him/her to be a female while here,
    as long as she doesn't tell anyone her secret.
    She too, has tried cutting and suicide.

  2. Deffinitally intrested
  3. Which would you like to do?
    Or would you like to do both?
  4. I'd be interested in trying the first one if you're okay with us both learning how to play a male together? I've always played females.
  5. Alright. I'll get to work on a CS. Do you have a preference? In the closet jock, another soft-hearted soul like Noel?
  6. I don't have a preference. :O

    I'll make pics for mah characters
  7. Okay, post your CS for them and we'll get started.
  8. blonde boy.jpg

    Name: Aaron Hicks
    Age: 17
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Height: 6'
    Likes: Baseball, strawberry milkshakes, writing, drawing, green, good hygiene
    Dislikes: attention, girls constantly flirting with him, jocks, messy people, clutter
    Personality: Aaron is nice to everybody and well liked. He's a little OCD when it comes to clutter and messes and will try to clean them up. If he can't for whatever, reason he'll leave. He likes to spend his time drawing landscapes. He's a little stubborn and competitive at times and doesn't always know when to give up.
    Background story: Aaron moved to town when he was 12. When he hit the peak of puberty, he realized he was attracted to guys instead of girls but his parents would never understand or approve so he has kept it hidden and no one suspects that he is gay. He likes to watch baseball because of the snug fitting uniforms. All he can think about is graduation so he can move away from his parents and be free to live his life outside of their microscope.
  9. Okay, I'll start it, and link you here. :3
  10. was it twords me or Asilin?
  11. The link was towards her.

    I need you to post your cs, and then I'll link you.