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  1. Hey everyone :)

    Until a few weeks ago, I was battling myself with depression. Like. Otherworldly stuff and I plunged down further and further until finally it kind of calmed down. These days I feel better, but I feel hollow and if I remember what my past friends did to me, I feel a kind of anger that's hard to keep under control. I found out that making use of certain alternative solutions I found of herbs and essences helps. It does help a lot, especially because I get a lot of tension headaches and migraines but why did it have to be so?

    The fact I feel like I'm talking to the wall when all my friends decided to back stab me kind of haunts me though. Sure I'm trying to cure myself from heartbreak and it's hard. Having wasted a year of my life, on delusional in existential crap drove me insane, paranoid amongst other things. I'm in reality a no strings attached kind of person, but if I'm also the kind of friend that will go out of her way to help you if you need it and whilst I don't have expectations of any kind, when I needed any kind of help. Guess what? - I found none. Except me, myself and I. Having trouble finding writing partners is also annoying me up to certain degrees.

    Of course all this nonsense made me kind of stronger, however doesn't everyone need a shoulder to rest on sometimes even if it's just to relax. It still works wonders.

    Well now that I got all this off my chest, tell me what you think, flame me if you must, just don't debase yourself to derogatory speech. It's annoying.
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  2. We all go through rough times, Nighthawk, so I don't see anyone here using derogatory comments to make you feel bad or shame you in any way.

    I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I know how you feel as I had some pretty nasty friends myself growing up who hurt me pretty badly. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for that. It just happens sometimes and you can't really do anything about it. We can't do background checks on our friends. We just have to hope that they care for us like we care for them. It sounds kind of cheesy but all I can say is that when you make a real friend, the ind that only come around once in a lifetime, you will know it. Thanks to those cruel people that pretended to be your friends this person will stand out and shine among the rest.

    As for the depression, I think using herbs and essential oils is a great idea. I use them a lot in my Ayurveda practice. I would also strongly recommend is yoga and meditation. Yoga will definitely help with those migraines you're having. If it's a stress migraine, yoga helps relieve that stress, and if it's a tension headache yoga will help relax those muscles. Meditation will help you gain insight into your own being. It will bring you peace and help you to realize what is important.

    I, too, understand the frustrations when it is difficult finding writing partners. I haven't been involved in a roleplay in over a year! DX Try to be patient. This time of year gets a little slow with role plays as a lot of people are going back to school and what not.

    I do hope you're feeling better soon, and if you have further questions about yoga/meditation, or anything else please feel free to OM me. I'd be happy to share my knowledge on it.
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