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    {Ohhhhh, won't you STAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!}

    The falsetto had a jugular pop out, from a bit of stress. An echoed danced along the walls. It was always difficult go into alto, for the baritone. Issac tended to save those notes for special moment, like the end of the night. Allowing himself to trail off and push in the last few keys, the ever pristine crowd of "Bobby's Lounge" gave a respectful amount of applause. He looked up just to give a smile, without blinding himself from all the unnecessary lights. His fabrical companion protected his eyes.

    Quietly stepping off the stage, he tries his best to watch everything but see nothing...
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    Balastinee sighed, her nerves on end. He was so good! She had to follow THAT up? God what had she gotten herself into?!! NO! She wasn't going to freak herself out, she wasn't going to quit before she started! This was her dream! To sing! She didn't even really care if she becasme famous or not, she just wanted people to hear her voice, that's all. It didn't matter in the end if she was better then someone else.

    She walked passed the man known as Issac and tapped his shoulder, in a way congradulating him, in a way just saying hello, though they didn't really know eachother, she'd seen him here many times, when she still didn't have the nerve to get up on the stage. She was quite sure he had no clue who she was though she worked here most nights as a waitress. She'd finally worked up her courage to ask the boss to let her sing on stage even just once, she'd do it for free even.

    Her wavy deep auburn hair was decorated with flowers as usual, though tonight it seemed a little fancier. The small pink flowers looked as if they were falling down her hair peacefully and wouldn't be disturbed Her amber eyes shone, though that could just have been the effect of the lighting, but she looked determined and ready. Her dress fell around her beautifully, it was a wonder no one had stepped on it yet. One her best creations, she'd told herself, for many reasons.

    She looked at the crowd which had suddenly become quiet. They were confused, whispers went around, gasps could be heard, they were talking about her, how she was normally one of them, a spectator, not even that, someone who worked there, someone lower than them. No, she fought her thoughts, it didn't matter what they were saying now, it didn't even really matter what they were saying later, she could deal, she'd been through worse, she would live.

    She took a deep breath, she had though hard about the song she was going to sing, she nodded to her boss who pressed the play button on a cd player that was connected to the speakers, like the microphone was. The music started and she imediately started singing, it sounded as if there really was a band behind her. Her voice perfectly emotional in just the right places, the pain on her face seemed so real, it was as if things were happening right then that the customers couldn't see. Tears streaming down her face as she sang. The boss nodded in approval and went back to work.
  3. He barely turned to see the tapper of his shoulder. The hair and dress was all that really registered, mentally. Taking an extra second, flowers also came into view. Returning to a seat, on the little table, a cold beverage was already waiting. Issac smirked and gave his server a thumbs up of approval. It was a tasty glass of rum and coke.

    Normally, this was about the time people asked for their checks and headed home. This was far from the case. Everyone stared at the finely dressed, young woman. The dress looked somewhat cocktail-ish but he didn't think they usually have flowers with it. She might have made it herself.

    Maybe it was the light, but she looked a little pale. Issac wasn't sure what to think of this fresh performer. Stage fright might have taken hold. Then again, it still creeps up on him even. When she signaled, he really didn't know what was going to happen. Anything from a disaster or something amazing could be the successor to his thoughts and unseeing opinions.

    The room feel silent, at first. Her sound had kidnapped their minds with ransom. Out of respect, Issac took his fedora off. He was more surprised than what he should have been. After all, looks really give you a good indication of how a person can or will sing. Dead silence was taken from her pure emotional performance. The girl was amazing, rest assured.
  4. Balastinee hadn't noticed what was happening in the crowd, she was to absorbed in her music. The last word she sang, she held, until the right moment and it seemed to fill the room effortlessly. She had closed her eyes and was breathing hard, her head turned away from the microphone. Then she noticed it, the crown, was completely quiet. Worried she opened her eye and looked over the crowd.

    She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Almost all mouths were dropped, some had stood up, some tried to stand, but couldn't. Was it that bad? Their jaws wouldn't be dropped like that would they? They look completely surprised, fascinated even. Like she was from another planet.

    Then it happened, a roar of applause and cheering that she never expected to get. It was so earsplitingly loud she had to fight the urge to cover her ears. She was blushing hard, this.. seemed like almost to much, she wasn't that good was she? She bowed low in thanks next to the mircophone, which got her another cheer. Louder then the first one, some whistles also were added in.

    She moved to get off the stage, but they started yelling "Encore, Encore." and screaming her name rhymically, well those who knew it, "Bal-as-tin-ee, Bal-as-tin-ee!!". She was so flustered she almost tripped over some wires. This was DEFINATELY, not what she'd expected. She searched around looking for her boss. She had to completely turn around to find him back at the stereo, like he was ready to start another song for her, she thought this cause his eyes were on her.

    She walked back over to microphone. Looked over the now calmed down crowd, now that she was back at the microphone. She let them calm down to a clammor. She breathed in as as she did so she pointed at the boss with two fingers. He pressed a button and she was singing again. This time it was almost before the music even started, but she sang away, all the same. Emotion pouring out of her, with a pain so real anyone would want to free her of it.
  5. What an encore it was. The crowd asked and they were receiving another heartfelt performance. Emotion was all up in Issac's business. She looked so sad up there. He almost wanted to whisk her away but not until after such a great song. It was almost overbearing but, that would only be because it was so good. He took his pointer finger and thumb and began to squeeze the side of his bottom lip together. A habit of seeing/hearing something he really liked.

    A little bit of jealousy sprung up, within him. Not because she was good. They both seemed to have talent. However, there is just something special about having that shining moment of showing your talent. Everyone knew that Issac could sing, but for the girl, it was like opening a great present Christmas morning. She was having her Christmas morning moment.

    Taking another sip from the glass, he stared.
  6. When she finished, another violent cheer errupted from the customers. She kept herself from screaming with them, it was so hard not to. She felt so good inside. Glad she had done this she took another bow and climbed off the stage. Immediately she was surrounded, and bombarded with question's.

    "Since when could you sing like that?" one voice said, "Are you a goddes sent from the heavens?" said another, "why does a Cyborg like you have such a beautiful voice." and that one stopped other question's. The all looked at eachother, who had said that? Did it matter? This girl was a Cyborg!!! She wasn't even fully human! She was a robot, manmade materials. They looked at her like she was an alien.

    Balastinee wanted to cry, wanted to run away, wanted to hide in some dark corner of the world and not come out of it ever. She couldn't do that though, there were to many people in the way of the exit. The boss was trying to break it up, but nothing seemed to work they all seemed to be in a trance. All of them staring at her.

    Someone... help me.. please!... Her thoughts screamed, she looked around, to find a friendly face, anywhere, but she couldn't see past the people around her. Then she really did start crying, she was stuck, she hated that feeling. She wanted to move, go somewhere, but they wouldn't let her, it was like before, like the accident, time was stopping. Don't let it stop.. please! she thought pleading to something, anything.
  7. Then comes the downside. When everyone sees something they like, gathering around always seems to be the first reaction. It was very easy for something like that to go from wonderful and wholesome to daunting and stomach churning. Unfortunately, it looked like it was heading for the latter. Whatever they were murmuring, it could not have been good.

    A hand reached out in between a couple and grabbed hold of hers. The mystery appendage pulled her past a few people before Issac locked eyes with her. Tipping his hat, Bal was pulled against him. Looking left quickly, he made a careful trek through the tables. With the route he took only a few chairs were in the way. They slipped out the side door and the boss made the smooth move of locking it. Issac could hear him trying to calm them and get them out of the place.

    The alleyway was a bit dark, but it was empty. A single light kept the night from catching them off guard. Rubbing her back a bit, he looked down at her plainly. She had really been crying and it had his heart in a bit of bind. He wanted to comfort her, but the reason for the crying was actually unknown to him. Letting go of her, Issac took a step or two away and turned.

    "Are you okay? It can get pretty scary for the new talents." He takes out a pack of cigarettes and throws them into the garbage.

  8. Balastinee felt someone drag her out of the circle of people and out of the lounge. She couldn't see who it was cause she was crying so hard. But she could tell, just by the hands touch, it was a male. She let him drag her away from the horror, back to time, back to living. She was breathing hard and with one hand she started to wipe the tears.

    He was talking to her, something about something being scary for.. new talents. She saw him throw away what looked like a full box of cigarettes. She was a little confused by that action but didn't ask about it. She sniffled and wiped at her tears again. She took a shuddering breath, he hadn't heard? What she was? Didn't that matter to him? If he didn't hear shouldn't she tell him? To many questions filled her head.

    "W... What do you mean by.. scary for new talents? You didn't hear what they said? At all? Didn't you wonder why they suddenly got quiet." she was quite the skeptic. She knew she could hurt herself, but it didn't matter, she'd lived through life so far, even with the accident, it didn't matter to her what they did or said to her.

    Still, she stood there nervous, swaying from foot to foot. She swept her hair back behind her ear, the side without the flowers, and looked at her rescuer for the first time. Actually seeing him. It was Issac, the other singer. He was still here? He had saved her?! What in the world was going on?!
  9. He was a little off put by the slightly frantic, nervous behavior. Not that she didn't have a right to it, but that type of vibe just seemed to catch him off guard. Maybe, he should become a smoker. No. He promised he wouldn't. What a stupid thought to have right now. Bal needed her questions answered.

    "Regardless of what ever they said, it will all blow over. People tend to latch onto things quickly but only for a while. It is more of a fad. Eventually, it will fall to the side and they will make your music their focus. You won't be a "Blank Musician". It will be more like "A musician who happens to be blank". To answer your other question, I didn't hear what they said. It obviously didn't matter, because I would have pulled you out here anyway. As for talent...well you heard their cheers."

    Issac still stood with his back to her. Adjusting his hat, he took another step away. Leaning, the dressy fabric scratched against the brick.
  10. She breathed, she had to tell him. He had no clue what they had said. And he was being nice, because he didn't know. Well... maybe not.. but he deserved to know. Balastinee.. wanted him to know. Like, if she didn't tell him, she would be lieing to him. Well she kind of would be. He'd think she was a human until she told him, or otherwise found out.

    She walked up to him, lightly padding over. She grabbed his sleeve and tugged at it a little. Pulling the fabric tight within her fingers, she looked to the ground, and then up at his face. She thought for a sec opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. This wasn't good, she was to scared to tell him, she wanted to so bad.. but.. she couldn't.

    She took a deep breath and tried again. Her voice came out small and barely audible over the noises of the night. "Cyborg Musician... I'm a cyborg Issac..." she looked ready to be hit by a sledge hammer. Cyborgs were still rare even now, because it cost so much money to become one, and normally you had to be on your death bed to even want to become one, because the process afterwords was quite a painful ordeal. She stood there ready to take the full brunt of his reaction.
  11. Issac looked down on her vulnerable state. She was desperate to tell him something but there was a bit of a barrier. Her tugging had him move a little closer to her. He could tell that this was a very hard thing to do, so he held her a little close. As the words finally came out, it took a second to register. Cyborg. It was a bigger surprize than he thought it was gonna be. Blinking a bit, he could not help but smile.

    "A cyborg? That is what they are are riled up about? They were behaving like you were an angel sent from the heavens to entertain us with song. But a cyborg? That isn't anything to worry about. If anything, it is a second chance at life."

    He was completely accepting of Bal being a cyborg. Being intolerant of another person's looks, beliefs just really wasn't his thing. A left thumb started to wipe away some of the tears, and a it was followed up by a warm hug.
  12. She was surprised by his answer and actions. He didn't care? She wasn't a freak of nature? She quavered in his arms. This was completely new. Where he had wiped her tears sweetly, her skin tingled. Her heart beat a little faster as his arms made her feel safe. She leaned into him, and wrapped her arms around him unconciously. It felt wonderful, for someone to be there for her, even if he didn't know her all that well.

    She breathed him in to find he didn't smell like cigarettes. It still confused her. Why'd he have them to begin with if he didn't smoke them? Oh well, it didn't matter. She didn't want to ask more questions, and make things awkward. Though they kind of were already. She stood there in his arms, thinking of what to say.

    "N...not all of them knew... and.. when someone said that I was a cyborg.. well.. they all looked at me with disgust and surprise. Like I was an alien. I.... I wanted to run, I was scared, time was stopping again... and I was scared, because I couldn't move. But.. then.. you .. you saved me." She hugged him closer, not really knowing the reason why.

    "I... I don't know... if I should have... worked up the courage to sing in front of every one anymore.. because now.. they think.. that it was all .. unreal.. artificial." She choked and stuttered, wondering why she was telling him all of this. Because he was there, because he would listen, because he was warm and comfortable and safe. Wait, what was she thinking? Warm... and comfortable .. and safe. She thought it over, what was this.. this.. feeling?
  13. Fully embraced, under the light, he listened to her relive the previous scare. It sounds so scarring that it almost psychically hurt to hear. Though he wasn't a cyborg, he once had her problem. He didn't come from a very musical family. Everyone use to look at him singing and told him that he wasn't ever to get anywhere. Issac was once the alien, and it terrible then too.

    "Believe it or not, I use to be in your position. Everyone used to think I was such an....alien. It hurt. My own family had written me off as a failure. Now look at me. Just give it time. Your talent will propel you past the nay-sayers. I promise you will get there."

    Issac sways back and forth, holding Bal close.
  14. She breathed him in again, it was comforting, almost to comforting to be like this. She was scared that at any moment she was gonna wake up from a dream or something. She hugged him even tighter, just a little bit though, cause she didn't want to hurt him. She had to be careful, cause sometimes she didn't even know her own strength. She sniffled a little bit and put her chin on his chest so she could look at him.

    "You.. a failure? Ha.. boy were they wrong. I find your singing to be a great repreave from reality at times.....I.." she stopped her self. A blush ran across her face. What she was saying almost sounded.. like a confession. Though she was only talking about music, she was talking about HIS music. Like it was special. It kind of was, but she wasn't sure if it would be right to say. She was being indulgent enough as it was.

    She removes her chin from his chest quickly and turns her head to lay it on his chest again so he couldn't see her expression anylonger. "Thank you. You really did save me, from them.. and myself." She sighed a little sigh, shuddering a little. It was slightly chilly in the night air and even though she was in Issac's warm arms most of her shoulders were still uncovered, and her jacket was back inside. Oh well, she'd live it was just a little chill.
  15. Her words were very kind and even more appreciated. She seemed quite taken by him and the music. The blushing, body proximity, and looks were all signals that it had a profound effect on Bal. It was like she was with him ever since he got the gig here, but for the life of him....her name was lost to him. They truly did not even get know each other. He was happy to have gotten her out but it almost like she had feelings for him.

    "Don't mention it. I would have done it for anyone. You look cold, I will go in and get your coat."

    Pulling out from their embrace, Issac slipped back into the lounge. The boss had already cleared out the patrons and possessed the jacket. Taking it thankfully, the musician slipped back out into the chill air. He offered the coat kindly.

    "Where do you live? I can walk you home."
  16. When his warmth left her she stood there shivering more violently and she felt sad. Still not knowing the reason why she just sighed and waited for him to return with her jacket. It was a good thing she didn't bring her purse with her this time, or else he might have had to go back. It was creepy in the alley alone though and she fidgeted and jumped at every sound. She was not comfortable in the least.

    Balastinee heard his voice again and saw her coat in his hand as he offered it to her. She took it gently, relief that he was back flooding over her. She convinced herself it was because she had been standing in the creepy alley alone. She shrugged on the wool jacket, and instantly started to warm up and she smiled up at him. "I live up on Apple Creek, by the St. Vale Hospital. It's not to far, but I will gladly take you up on your offer."

    She stood there, the gentle breeze caressed her, making her dress and hair flutter slightly. Her clear amber eyes looked at him, pleased to have someone to talk to on the way home. "I just hope that it doesn't take you to far away from where you live. I don't want to be a bother, well, more then I already have been." She was being polite, she never forgot how to do that. She never would either, if she could help it.
  17. Issac smiled and beckoned her to come with him. He had never been to Apple Creek but he did know where the hospital was. It was maybe a medium walk, at most. Even if it took a long time, he would not have minded at all. There was nothing to do but sing everyday, and he didn't need to worry too much about getting a lot of sleep. Tomorrow might be an off day, anyways.

    "It is not a problem. The walk could be good for the both of us. So what does your house look like?" he asked, slipping his hands into his pockets.

    The sidewalk they were using was very much worn. It had cracks, leaves, and bugs in it. The light breeze sent little chills throughout his body. His cerulean eyes looked out and about at the surroundings. People didn't seem to really be hanging around. Which at night, you really didn't want anyone around unless there was something bad going on. There were safety in numbers and two was definitely better than just one.
  18. Balastinee walked along side Issac. His pace was almost a little to fast for her normal pace but she kept up with him with easy, even with the whip and flow of the dress. She seemed calmer then before, like she wasn't ready to just let everything go, but she wasn't on edge either. She just walked along a small smile on her face.

    "My house, if you could even call it mine, is litterally a block down from the hospital." her hair swished as she walked next to him, watching were she was going. "It's a cosy two-story house, the only one in the area, it won't be hard to spot." She turned her head to smile at him. Then turned it back again to watch where she was going. She knew she could be quite the clutz sometimes, which was odd since she was a cyborg but hey, she was still a girl.

    As she walked she started to hum. It was to the tune of the first song she'd sung in the Lounge. But now instead of the sad face she'd put on while actually singing it, there was a cute little smile on her face. There was almost a skip in her step as she walked next to Issac.
  19. Bal looked to be in a rather good mood. It was certainly a step up from the crying and hugging. He recognized that the song she was humming was the exact one that she had performed just a few moments ago. Somehow, her tone made it so the song was certainly something pleasant to walk to. From the first performance he would not think this was a possibly version of it. It takes talent to pull something like that off.

    "So you live comfortably then?"

    Issac felt that to be a unintelligent question. If she lived comfortably, there would be no need for a job. Unless, it was her choice. An admirable one, at that. He watched the beautiful dress sway back and forth wondering if she will sprout wings and start to float away. Bal had such a sudden happiness that it was like god had given her the hug and not him.
  20. There was a slight hesitation in her step and the humming stopped. "I'm more like... a privledged guest. I guess you would say." she had paused to find the right words. She wasn't looking at him, she wasn't ready to give him ALL the truth yet, though she felt she could trust him she didn't think he needed to know everything about her in one night, they had time, they could get to know eachother.

    Balastinee continued to walk by Issac, but now she was looking up, where the stars would be, but the city lights made it almost impossible to see them. She sighed and went back to watching where she was going. She kept her pace steady with his, not slowing down or speeding off without him. She didn't want to be to far in case anything happened.

    They were going up hill, it wasn't a steep incline or anything, just a steady rise, a small hill. They passed little stores the were closed for the night, and roudy bars that were just starting the party, but she didn't hardly notice. Until someone said, grabbing her arm, "Hey little lady, why don't you come with me for a drink?" He smell strongly of alcohol and she new before even looking over to him that he was dangerous. She sighed, idiot drunks, didn't care if you were with someone, "I'd let go sir, before you get hurt." There was warning in her voice, but the man grippied harder.

    She looked towards Issac, an expression of appoligy and sighed again, slamming down her foot hard on her attackers closest foot. Multiple cracks could be heard, and then, came his delayed yowl of pain. Instantly, he let go of her. The man was hopping around on one foot holding the other gingerly as he scowled in anger at Balastinee. She smirked at him and took Issac's hand to lead him away, but the man wasn't finished with her or so he thought. For when he moved to put his foot down so he could hit her, he immediately crumpled to the ground wimpering like a dog.

    Taking the chance she'd made herself, she lead Issac away from the incident at a quick pace, and she didn't stop until the man was out of sight completely. She looked up at Issac, wondering what his reaction to all that just happened would be. She knew it happened fast, but hopefully, it didn't scare him like she thought it might have.