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    Self taught artist don't know if I'm any good.
    But I wanted to try anyway, don't be mean, as a perfectionist I hate my drawings as they are...

    They are sketches, with some detail
    Give a good description please and thanks and I'll try my best!

    Any-hoo I'll try to draw any request, but it will take a while. (If I even get any). And if you prefer color, fine make me suffer why not.

    Although mostly everything interests me. From anime, to fantasy, furry, Chibi! Random monsters, etc. Feel free to post your art as well. I love seeing other peoples art.
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  2. IMG_20150109_004244.jpg
    Incomplete WIP- still just a rough-ish draft. But thought I'd present it either way
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  3. IMG_20150109_005044.jpg
    Older sketch I did...
  4. Looks empty here, so:


    Meet Deen! Casual, friendly, Hakuna Matata... mate to Thoee, father of two. Loves coffee, burritos and travel. Heh... with mate and offspring, he's been all over the universe, WorldWalking everywhere just for the fun of it, showing his kits all the Wonders.

    Any questions, just ask... and oh, yeah... feathers on his back are not wings, they function just like a male peacocks "fan". Just ask Thoee.......
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  5. Oh my Buddha!
    Those are amazing!
    Jack was so cool, and Sean was awesomely draw, reading the profile kinda made me laugh and cry at the same time.~π_π~
    @Icystorm I'm jelly you can do color tone so well.
  6. I would like to take credit for the picture but I can't xD Darn anyway.
    I commissioned someone and I must admit they have very decent prices. I would link you to see her work (I think her..never been to figure that one out.) but something seems to have happened to the tumblr account.

    Thank you! I am glad you like the profiles. I need to fix them up a bit but it is good to know they are not done too terribly.
  7. Yeah, very nicely done work. Shame they "disappeared" like that.

    Aaand thought I'd share a few character pics I managed to dig up (online, none done by me, though I did do the coloring on the middle two):

    ... Roose Hurro

    ... Alex Jabbyrd

    ... Essix Furlo

    ... Rotor
  8. I can contact them on a different site. Not sure if it will let you view the board but it is worth a shot ^^

    Roose looks like a hug would do some good. So cute!
    The coloring on Alex is beautiful. It looks like feathers, especially on the legs.

    Sorry if this is cluttering up your board, Infamouspanda. It is hard not to reply to art.
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  10. Do you cross hatch? I wonder if so