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  1. Or,
    The Tale of Madeline O'Brea and her posse, and how they hunted down and brought her vengeance upon Clarence the Toole, murderer of her father Brea O'Tar
    Based on the 1968 novel, 1969 film, and 2010 film, "True Grit"


    Rules (Copied this mostly from my other RP, "Where the Wind Blows"):

    -Proper Grammar and Spelling is a Must! A few mistakes here and there, or mistakes committed to fit the style of the writing (for example, stream-of-consciousness) is excusable, otherwise we're gonna have a bit of a problem. And if you are planning on doing something stylistically daring, please, do inform us here first.
    -Write Long, Write Lovely. Take your time in making your posts, and try making them as detailed as possible. What we need is quality of story output, not quantity of story gone through. This rule goes out to me, too; I haven't exactly mastered this skill yet. (However, short posts are acceptable, as long as they're not vague, they meet the below and above criteria, and you have a sufficient reason for posting such [too busy or whatever])
    -Keep the story moving. By "write long, write lovely", I don't mean one post being sixteen paragraphs about one character getting a glass of water. There has to be story in every post, something that either keeps the plot going, or makes the characters or the setting look and feel more whole.
    -Inform us about important RL goings-on. Nothing frustrates me more than roleplays ending early without resolution because of real-life happenings, like getting too busy or whatever. If something big happens, and you can't continue on with the rp, please do tell us about it, and what you think we should do.
    -The Works. No Mary Sues, no god-modding, no Dei ex Machinae (Deus ex Machinas?), no controlling other peoples characters, no personal attacks via the roleplay (or via this thread), keep the story consistent, interact with people, and so on. In other words, rules that you probably already know. Mature language and actions are allowed, however, as a post-apocalyptic roleplay. The tone of this adventure is heroic/medieval-fantasy/western; try to keep it.



    Madeline's posse:
    Madeline O'Brea - The 14 year old daughter of a free landowner seeking vengeance for her father's death. She must lose her arm but survive by the end of this rp. Based on the character "Mattie Ross".
    Sir Roq LeCoq - A Knight Errant, Madeline's hired gun. He must survive this rp. Based on the character "Rooster Cogburn".
    Simon de Bourgignon - The sheriff of a distant land, one of the members of Madeline's posse. He's also seeking the death of Clarence the Toole, though this time it's for his former master's death. He must survive this rp. Based on the character "LeBoeuf".
    Guy Careille - Roq LeCoq's 14 year old page. His fate by the end of this tale is yet to be determined. Original character.

    Perceval the Rat's gang:
    Perceval the Rat - A murderer, thief, vagabond, and outlaw. Leader of the Rat Pack, a twelve-man gang of fellow outlaws. Members of his gang that are not named here are NPCs. He must be killed by Sir Roq by the end of this rp. Based on the character "'Lucky' Ned Pepper".
    Moon - A murderer, thief, vagabond, and outlaw. Member of the Rat Pack. He must betray the Rat Pack to Madeline's posse, then get killed by de Bourgignon.
    Quince the Mouse - A thief, vagabond, and outlaw. Member of the Rat Pack. His fate by the end of this rp is yet to be determined.
    Clarence the Toole - A thief, murderer, and outlaw; former farmhand in Brea O'Tar's farm. The 13th man, a non-member of the Rat Pack travelling with them to escape justice. He must be killed by Madeline by the end of this rp. Based on "Tom Chaney".

    GM: Well, not really a character, but he controls most non-player controlled events and characters.

    If you intend to play any of these characters, please follow the already named details on them, then elaborate on them here (a short backstory, personality, appearance, et al.).



    No specific setting; the world in which the characters live shall be created as the tale continues. For now, know only that their technology is the same as that of 13th century Europe, the climate and geography is reminiscent of Medieval France and England, the sociopolitical system is feudalistic and monarchical, and magic is effective but very low key; that is, magic is mostly ceremonial (grimoires, complicated magic circles), divinatory (card-reading, crystal-ball looking), or alchemical in nature, and very difficult to accomplish without the right amount of resources, knowledge, and skill.

    The characters start out at different locations. Madeline's posse begins in a tavern outside of her town. She just got rebuffed by both her town's local lord and its sheriff, and now she's looking for someone else to accompany her in her little quest. The Rat Pack and Clarence, meanwhile, begin in a small cave one to two days away from where Madeline is. Clarence is trying to convince the Rat Pack to let him join their group.

    (Ooh, forgot to mention this: Mythical creatures are limited to extremely few and usually rather legendary, and the only sentient and playable race (species) here is HUMAN. No elves, dwarves, orcs, or goblins; however, there might be an angel or two involved in the story)


    Player-Character (PC) Slots:

    Madeline O'Brea - Phi Chisym
    Roq LeCoq -
    Simon Le Bourgignon -
    Guy Careille - Lorchenne
    Perceval the Rat -
    Moon -
    Quince the Mouse -
    Clarence the Toole -

    The GM - RiverNotch

    Players may only play one of these characters. All NPCs shall be under the GM's control.
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  2. OMG, if this ball starts rolling, I'm in!

    Reserving Madeline O'Brea! I so love True Grit, but it would be rather fascinating to create a new version of Mattie! Love this!
  3. Awesome! That's one down, seven more to go!
  4. Seven more to go... I should advertise this more actively!
  5. Request a banner ad. That's what I'm going to do for another RP of mine when I'm ready for it.
    I've gone through the process once and it worked pretty well for me then. People do pay attention to them.
  6. I want in! Can I call dibs for Guy Careille?
  7. I will say that the Banner system will work pretty well. I've put in a banner, though, but it didn't recieve much attention, although I have spent many afternoons refreshing pages to see what banners there are.
  8. Hey River, do you want us to use a particular charrie template, or we can build one ourselves?
  9. Nah, just use yer own. But try to put in yer characters' skills and disabilities there.
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