Truth or Dare

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  1. The classic party game- forum version!

    Here's how you play:

    The person above you will write a truth and a dare. You choose ONE, and post your response. In the same post, you'll provide a truth and a dare for the next person.

    If you do not like either options, don't complain. Just wait for someone else to respond :P


    Truth: Have you ever thought a family member was attractive?


    Dare: I dare you to make a post in the general chat asking people to show pictures of their toilets!

    I'll start things off...

    Truth: What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?


    Dare: I dare you to... make a post in the general chat asking people to show pictures of their toilets!! XD
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  3. Truth: Have you ever had a sexual dream about someone that you wish was true?

    No, no I have not.

    Truth: You have ran from authority in the past?


    Dare: I dare you to put your avatar as this for a day:

  4. Truth: Nope. Never.

    Truth: Have you ever cheated or thought about cheating on a significant lover?

    Dare: Stalk Diana (the adminstrator of Iwaku) and give her random ratings on the last 50 things she's posted to make her feel uncomfortable.
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  5. I did the dare. I dunno about the last 50, but I went around and looked at a ton of stuff and just liked everything.

    Truth: Admit your greatest emotional weakness?


    Dare: Write a creepy love confession letter to one of the staff. (I edited this to make it open to all sexualities :] ) (Make sure at the end to state it's a joke! <3)
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  6. I did the dare to Fijoli.

    Truth: What is the story behind someone who broke your heart.

    Dare: Take a picture of yourself on the toilet doing "business" and post it in the Pictures Thread in the General Chatting forums. It must be obvious you are sitting on the toilet to void your waste. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'RE WELL COVERED AND YOU FOLLOW ALL RULES OF IWAKUROLEPLAY.COM. AND DON'T BE GROSS. UGH.
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  7. <3 If you look on my profile you can see what Diana wrote on my wall! XD
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  9. WHY DIDN'T YOU POST IT IN MY 'TOILETS' THREAD!? *sigh* anyways...

    Truth: No, I haven't (picking the easy way out because I don't feel like writing a blog entry XD)


    Truth: Have you ever soiled yourself in public? If so, how and when?


    Dare: PM a random member and say 'I'm watching you... >_>' If the conversation turns out interesting, screenshot it and post it here. Of course you can't do so without the permission of the other, and you have to reveal that you've been dared to do it after a while because otherwise it would be genuinely creepy.
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  10. Since there's no perfectly random way to do this... well, it was slightly random, so we'll see what happens.

    Truth: What is the most embarrassing thing you've done in a job interview?


    Dare: Take a picture of yourself walking across a field of spilled LEGOs barefoot. Alternately, if you lack LEGOs for this purpose, work the phrase "I HOPE YOU STEP ON A LEGO BAREFOOT!" into a reply on Iwaku.
  11. Truth: (Not really for a job, but still a formal interview for something very much like a job, so yeah....) I freaked out. I was, in essence, a child breaking down; half of the answers to the ore complicated questions I forgot, and the simpler half I just found myself incapable of properly answering. It broke my spirits so much that I ultimately found myself incapable of pursuing said, well, thing.

    Truth: What is the most....inappropriately sexual dream that you have dreamt?
    Dare: Change your siggie to a picture of your, er, tongue. Yeah, I think that's good.
  12. Truth: In my dream, some guy I don't even know (who was kind of attractive, may I add) comes into my bed and then kisses me. Surprisingly, my dream self didn't push him off. And, then somethings led to another. I don't remember much but knowing me, I think it was really dirty since I'm a bit of a pervert . But, I know one thing, it seemed kind of real. Honestly, I've not had my first kiss yet, but everything from the kissing to that felt real, I thought I wasn't dreaming. Heck, I thought I could feel his tongue rubbing on mine. Then, I somehow had to wake up :< I told my friend and being the mythical believer she is, she was like "...Incubus O.O"


    (I couldn't think of anything good for this two.)

    Truth: Have you ever met anyone online in real life and became good friends with them after that?


    Dare: Post "I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way." on a random thread in the General chatting forum
  13. Truth.

    I have met a lot of great people on the internet... many whom I consider much closer to me than the people I know in real life. And, a lot of these people are right here, on Iwaku :)

    Truth: What are some things you would do if you knew the world was going to end the next day? Well, besides sulking around and panicking.


    Dare: I dare you to draw a picture of how you think I look in real life and post it in this thread :P
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  14. Truth: I would just do what I do every day, I knew one day everything would end, why worry about it?

    Truth: if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    Dare: I dare you to make a random blog about gorilla's on skates.
  15. Truth: to teleport. Cause I hate commuting. That and so I could visit other places in the world cause I love traveling.

    Truth: Have you ever spied on someone to see them naked? Such as the locker room or snuck a peek through a door while they were changing clothes?

    Dare: Take a picture of your best Miley Cyrus twerk and post it in the Pictures Thread in the General Chatting Forums.
  16. Truth: Yes, all the time, my other half. He just doesn't know this.

    Truth: Do you have any regrets in your life?

    Dare: (this must be done with another person) I dare you to make a 5 post roleplay that has the following in it: romance, battle, peanut butter, and superman. The thread is completed at the fifth post. Link it here.
  17. I choose Truth: I regret almost everything my younger self did. One time, in either Kindergarden of Preschool, I ate another kid's lunch because I forgot my mother gave me soup. Oh lords was I embarrassed when I found out. I'm lucky time travel doesn't exist. I'm lucky I wasn't so sassy four years ago. Fifth grade bullies, beware. I have so many snarky/sarcastic remarks I would have made, had I been like Present!Me back then. >:( [Of course, then I'd be even more of a smarta** today. >.>]

    (I apologize for the bad choices. I'm new to this. <_>)
    Truth: Do you have any traits that seem to run in the family, like my RL snarky b**chy-ness?


    Dare: Tell us a story about the craziest dream you can remember.
  18. I choose truth mainly because I'm not sure this is a trait (Physical Trait :P) that seems to run in my family. My Grandfather did wear size 15 shoes, my Father wears size 15, I wear size 16 and the people I go to for my flat feet say that they aren't done growing. My brother wears a size 10 and he is only 13 years old. So...I think my family trait is big feet. Oh! I almost forgot my Older Brother who wears size 14 shoes.


    Truth: Have you ever done something that haunts you even till now?


    Dare: Ummm. Errr. Do what Starnight said >.>
  19. Dare: I had a dream once that I was walking home through a neighborhood that I don't live in and I was suddenly kidnapped, stuffed into a box in the back of a truck, by a ninja man who forced me to do his bidding. He took my clothes and gave me only an oversize white t-shirt to wear, and it didn't even really cover my butt.... I kept getting wet.. the shirt became see-through... At the end of my dream, I was in a cemetery at the foot of an angel statue having sex with the guy. I never saw his face because he wore a mask. He made me call him Pi.


    Truth: Have you ever had a wet dream?

    Dare: Pick an admin and post a weird/funny picture on their wall and link us here so we can laugh at their reaction.
  20. Truth: If by wet dream, you mean peeing oneself, yes, I have had two wet dreams. Both times, I dreamed I was going to the bathroom, and for some reason my dream-exertion translated to real world exertion. Neither time was really bad, but the second time, I realized what I was doing before it got bad.


    Truth: Have you ever found yourself saying something similar to, but still different from, what you meant to say. Example: Instead of saying "I'm going to sweep the floor," You say "I'm going to shred the floor," This example comes from me. I do this a lot.


    Dare: Do you ever look back at something you've done, such as post on a forum, and cringe? Why do you cringe? To sound redundant, what makes it cringe-worthy?