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  1. The village of Blackpine lies to the far north of the kingdom of Azreon. It is several hundred years old, a center of trade and commerce for the North. It lies along the Widowfinger river, in a valley of the Karrack'Arr mountains. It is a wild place, on the outer edge of civilization, and barely under the king's rule.
    Officially, the town is governed by the Baron Blackmyste, but the Baron finds it easier to collect bribes and the king's justice is not dispensed fairly. Though it is a town of some twenty thousand, it has only two Justiciars who haven't even uniforms to their name.
    It is a mess, completely abandoned by most anyone who still has hopes and dreams. In the streets, the Vampires and the Lycans settle their differences with blood. Two rival Witch covens plot each other's downfall while the Fey and the Demons broker and uneasy alliance. For decades now, the town has been under the control of the supernatural.
    Things are suddenly changing.
    A Paladin arrived in town late last night. He rode to the cathedral and denounced the Paragon as a glutton, raising a pious young Devout to become the new Paragon. He rode next to the Baron's manse and issued a royal edict, stripping the Baron Blackmyste of his title and lands for his lax duty to the throne, instating a newly made Duke as the next ruler of Blackpine. He then removed the Justiciars of their titles and duties, posting instead a new proclamation in the town square that he would be taking over as King's Justice in the village of Blackpine, and that he would be hiring one-and-twenty deputies, who would become Justiciars if they proved themselves brave and honest and loyal.
    Next to this proclamation in a series of freshly built pillories reside the old Paragon, the old Baron, and the Justiciars, all sentenced to two days public humiliation as punishment for failure to perform their duties.
    This Paladin is quite determined to make a change, but he might not know just how much danger he's getting himself into.

    Rules of the Universe:
    All Vampires burn in sunlight & cannot pass over a threshold uninvited. All Lycanthropes cannot abide silver and must transform at the full moon. All Fey cannot abide iron. All Demons cannot stand holy water, the Eightfold Star, or hallowed ground. Witches derive their power from a familiar, which is an ageless (not immortal) animal- if their familiar is killed or abducted, they lose their power. Any other race must be run past me.
    All Paladins are knights before joining the order. No Paladins younger than twenty or any who are not fully qualified as knights. Females may not be priests but may be Nuns or Acolytes.
    No living creature may be so powerful as to challenge a god, or those gods are like to strike him or her down.
    Blatantly stupid characters are prone to being smote as well.
    NO STOLEN ART. If you cannot LINK credit to the artist, I WILL ask you to remove the photo. Art theft is WRONG and will NOT be tolerated.

    Optional character sheet, provided for your convenience should you care to use it.
  2. Lady Sabine's Characters| WIP

    Ser Ector Aquila

    Skills:Talented swordsman & horseman. A good tourney Knight, he has emerged champion of several jousts. He is also learned in both the Common tongue and the Holy Language, and has a good education in the supernatural.

    Personality:Ser Ector is a pious and serious young man, never one to joke around- especially about important things. He is a newly-made Paladin and still very devout and hardcore in his beliefs, absolutely certain that anyone who isn't human is evil and must be destroyed. Once he is set on a task he never quits before it is complete, and is well known for being stubborn and self-righteous even by Paladin standards.


    Ector was born far to the south, to a long line of proud knights. His ancestors, once upon a time in a different age, had been Paladins. He sought to restore his family's honor and reputation as slayers of evil and protectors of the innocent, and as soon as he was able became a knight and then applied to be a Paladin.
    He is his father's heir, albeit reluctantly. Lancel Aquila is the laughingstock of the king's court, known as a has-been and a drunkard. One day Ector will be expected to take his place, but he doesn't look forwards to the day and wants to make his own name first.

    Jaena Blackwatyr, "The Oracle"
    Innkeep/Barkeep/Ancient of the Rivermyst coven

    Skills:Jaena is a powerful witch from the ancient line of Blackwatyr- powerful enough to be the Ancient of the Rivermyst, one of the two prominent covens. Her specialty is foresight, hence she is known as The Oracle locally. Her familiar is a horse named Memory, an unusual animal that she associates with the unusual strength and power of her spells.
    She is also an excellent brewer, known for having the best ale, mead, and beer in town. Her bread and wine aren't half bad either, which brings in the business.

    Personality:Jaena, like most of the Rivermyst coven, sees herself as a person first and a witch second. She believes that witches are humans who have been chosen as wielders of magic, and as such, she has no beliefs that witches are superior or inferior to regular humanity. Supernatural creatures are friends to her, except for Vampires which she cannot stand. She is known as a kind but stern woman, generous but not softhearted, and fiercely protective of her daughters Jaenyra, Jaevyn, and Jaesharyn.
    History:Jaena was born to two Elder witches, her mother a Blackwatyr. From youth she was raised to know that being a witch could not be allowed to come between her and living a regular life. This put her in constant danger from the rival coven in town, but opened up much of the human world to her. At just seventeen she was made an Elder, the youngest in living history, and by eighteen she had married a newcomer to town, a well-off young nobleman who started the Riversyde Inn & Tavern and got three daughters on Jaena in as many years, before suddenly meeting an untimely death.
    For a while Jaena was suspected of the deed, but it eventually became known that a local Vampire had been responsible for the murder. Ever since then she has kept up the Inn and raised her daughters completely free of the vampires. While she is tolerant of all other supernatural creatures, she cannot stand the blood-drinkers.
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  3. "The only difference between an animal and myself is... I can control my hunger."

    | N a m e |
    Geo Leonhart
    | S e x |
    | A g e |
    24 years old
    | R a c e |
    | O c c u p a t i o n |

    | S k i l l |
    Monstrous Strength and Agile Reflex same as a savage wild animal. Whenever the moon is full, he looses his humanity and becomes an uncontrollable beast attacking anyone that is hostile towards him be it friend or foe.

    | P e r s o n a l i t y |
    Geo is a carefree hunter whose motto is life is, 'As long as there's a good meal to eat and a place to sleep, then I wouldn't want anything else.' Geo has a humorous personality and has a tendency to comment on this in a friendly manner--though some would find this annoying, especially when things get a bit intense. He is friendly by nature and tends to cling on the people he likes. But when the moon is full he becomes distant and tends to disappear for days until he feels like showing himself again. Though people tends to worry about this side of him, but he would always reassure people that everything is alright.

    | H i s t o r y |
    Geo always resented the fact that he was born a Lycanthrope. He knew it wasn't his choice but if he had, he wanted to be human. Geo always envied humans and how carefree they were and that they didn't need to hide the fact that they were humans--unlike himself. He hated to hide. But since humans resented anything that is different from them and since his race was slowly near to extinction, he needed to hide or else he'll get killed.

    Although Geo knew the dangers outside his clans home, Geo wanted to be free--free from hiding, to being scared. But despite his clan warning him the dangers, Geo felt, he ran away with the resolve to show his clan that things will change, and that not all humans are 'monsters'.
  4. What is an acceptable age range for vampires? Are they allowed to use magic to some degree?
  5. In the common room of the Riversyde Inn, a cheerful fire blazed in the hearth, inviting travelers to gather around its warmth and stave off the chill of the mist outside. It hadn't snowed yet, but it wouldn't be long. The skies were grey and threatening, pregnant with the white powder they would soon coat the Earth with. Just by smelling the air Jaena knew that the night would bring a white blanket, but she peered into her magic mirror all the same. It was an artifact that had cost her more than the Riversyde itself, but she found it very worthwhile, though the images it showed were unreliable.
    Fire and smoke and snow, the howl of a Lycan and high-pitched shriek of the fey. Iron and silver and eightfold stars everywhere; Blackpine consumed with war and terror.
    Her lips curled back, and she set down the mirror, feeling disquieted. This paladin... would he definitely be the ruin of them all, or was this a fate that could be averted? She didn't know if she had the courage to try, but perhaps another would. Not her or hers, though. It was too risky. He was too powerful, and she had three daughters relying on her. Passing through the kitchens, she saw the middle girl, Jaevyn, just fifteen years old, sticking three loaves of bread into the oven. The girl was a miracle in the kitchen, which she was incredibly grateful for.
    The other two, fourteen and sixteen, were already waiting on patrons in the main room, pouring drinks and bringing out bowls of stew and chunks of bread. A young fey, glamoured just enough to look human, sung a ballad of love on a cold winter's night, making eyes at Jaesharyn the entire time. She would have to watch that one.
    Then the entire room quieted, and she knew who had just emerged from his room. Ser Ector approached like a gladiator come to do battle, his shoulders back and attitude more cocky than confidant. Why he had chosen to stay in her Inn was absolutely beyond Jaena.
    "Ale, if you would be so kind," he asked Jaenyra, and her mother noticed the way the girl's knees trembled. Fear, or something else? This was worse still.
    "We have stew and bread as well," The Innkeep chimed in, shooing her daughter back to the casks to get the man a cup. "You'd do well to eat something before the cold front moves in."
    "A cold front, you say? And how do you know this?" He asked pointedly blue eyes seeming to stare right into her soul.
    Jaena was not to be shaken. "Smells like snow. Even a child can tell you that," She replied brusquely. "Believe me or not, you'll need the warmth."
    "My faith gives me all the warmth I need," He replied brusquely, eyes roaming to the other patrons. And I don't trust the food here, his demeanor suggested.
  6. A storm is coming. And a strong one, in fact.

    Was the very thought of a certain Geo, a young hunter in the woods. He was about to head home after he had successfully hunted his prey--a wild boar, as he was finishing tying both of the boars back legs together to keep it from running away from him. He could tell by the sheer smell of it and the way the hair behind his back stood that there was a storm coming and it was big. Quickly he stood and despite his lean figure, he was able to lift the wild boar up to his shoulders and had the boar settle there like a breeze. And to think, it was the biggest boar he had hunted thus far. After having the boar settled comfortably on his shoulders, he quickly made hase towards his little cottage deep within the forest. He wasn't about to want to battle with the forces of nature with an empty stomach now will he?

    Geo Leonhart, at first sight, appeared to be human in retrospect but he had a dark secret. He was a Lycan. For the time before the moon is full he appears human. Cheerful and carefree. But by when the moon is full, he becomes a full pledge wolf. Strong, fast, dangerous. And it scares him. Funny, the one thing that he is most afraid of was he himself--how pittiful could he get, but he'd have to bare with it. Even if he had to bare with it for the rest of his life.

    But enough about Geo's pitiful life, he had more pressing matters to think about. His dinner.
  7. When the paladin had been served his drink and Jaena was reasonably sure he wasn't going to start attacking anyone soon, both manage to relax a little, and listen to the music. The fey player was quite talented, with a voice like silver and starlight that wavered just enough to give the music some vulnerability, a fitting choice with the storm moving in. Fingers flying across the strings of the lute slowed as the singer began on a sadder song, one that brought the room to silence soon enough.

    And who are you, the woods witch asked,
    to ask me to lay low?
    Just a friend, the werewolf said,
    just thought you ought to know.
    They cannot come, the witch argued,
    'tis too far and too hidden here.
    Well I know not what the lordlings do,
    but I hold mine own life too dear.
    You know these woods have hidden me,
    for many thousand days and nights,
    and you know that I am powerful,
    a sorceress versed in all the rites.
    Aye, that you are, the wolf agreed,
    but you too fear the pain of death.
    And if you leave this place tonight,
    I'll find you a place to rest.
    Oh that you will, my lover dear,
    but this night is too cold.
    I am a woman blooded and grown
    and was ever far too bold.
    Oh in the morn the knights came in
    and they brandished awful swords,
    but the witch she fought them
    with spells and curses and words.
    And when the dust had settled down
    there was no living soul in sight,
    for when they dance with magic and steel
    there's no one to win the fight.
  8. [Profile: Ria Viridian]

    "Me, look for trouble? Never! It finds me - I don't go looking for it!"

    Appearance Reference Link:

    ::Sex:: Female
    ::Race:: F a e
    ::Age:: 20
    ::Occupation:: Healer, part-time musician

    • Earth and Healing Magic (specializations)
    • Fire, Water and Air Magic (basic)
    Outgoing and down-to-earth, Ria is very sociable and can get along with just about everyone. At the same time, she is quite playful and 'often looks for trouble' (in which she completely disagrees - trouble finds her, or so she says). Mischief and playfulness aside, she can be serious when needed. She is also quite feisty and unpredictable, fearless in standing up for her ideals.

    The earliest thing she could remember was waking up in an unfamiliar cottage, covered by a blanket and being taken care of by a male whose name till this day she does not know. According to him, if he had not been there that day - she would have died.

    As soon as she recovered, however, she was brought to the main home of the faes. The male left her there, explaining that he could not teach her what she needed and it was there that she lived for many years - learning about her race, new skills and more. Ria found out that she was a natural at music and greatly enjoyed it as it became a passion of hers.

    Eventually, she became restless. Feeling as if she was missing something, the fae decided that it was time for a change. With the reluctant blessing of the others, she shifted to the town of Blackpine. It has been some time since then and she is happier - but she can't help but feel that something is still missing...

    [Profile End]

    'This is getting depressing', the jade-eyed fey mused to herself as she finished the last of the song and the room fell silent. Truth be told, she had no idea why she had chosen that particular song to play. It had simply seemed fitting, somehow.

    Ria could practically feel the annoyed gaze boring onto her back - annoyance at her performing something sad instead of something more optimistic. Briefly, she wondered if she should play a small prank but quickly dismissed the notion. She did want to be paid, after all. Letting out a small sigh, the fey smoothly started another song on her lute; this would be shorter than the previous one. A slow but light and melodious tune began, gradually filling the room.

    My dear friend, do your troubles still lie
    upon your shoulders like a burden of a storm?
    My dear friend, do all the pain and lies
    haunt you, visit you in the night?
    Let them fall away in the coming rain
    My friend, you are not alone in the pain
    Not the only one who has suffered the same fate
    So hush now, let your worries drown away
    Peace be still in your heart
    Also be filled with joy and warmth
    Whatever that is in the coming days
    Unknown worries, fall away
    My dear friend, do your troubles still lie
    upon your shoulders like a burden of a storm?
    My dear friend, do all the pain and lies
    haunt you, visit you in the night?
    Do not worry, do not fret
    Let your worries drown away
    As the song finally came to a close - her set completed, the fey straightened her posture and thanked the crowd. Ria made her way to the back then after ordering a drink - chatting and conversing on the way. Out of the corner of her eye as she seated herself at her usual corner, she spotted the rather familiar figure of a paladin whom many had been talking about but kept calm.

    She was quite thankful that her glamor was still on. Feeling her magic internally, relief flooded through her as she discovered that her glamor could and would last for several more hours. Her drink arrived then. The fey murmured her thanks and took a sip, humming appreciatively at the taste. It never got old.​
  9. "Interesting choices of songs tonight, Ria," the innkeep commented as she set the girl's drink down. It was a honey-cider-berry mix, too sweet for her tastes, but a favorite of most of the resident Fey. There was a bit of magic put into the brew, just enough to please the tongue. After all, there wasn't much point in being a witch if one couldn't put a little hint of enchantment in her business, was there?

    "You should play The Ballad of Ser Sarram the Strong," Jaenyra suggested as she walked by. Jaena shook her head at her daughter's obvious infatuation, casting an uncomfortable glance at the paladin, who studiously ignored their conversation.

    "Finish your drink," The older woman decided. "If you can draw a bit more a crowd tonight, I'll see if we can spare you some dinner."
  10. "Thank you," The fey acknowledged the innkeep's compliment with a slight smile of appreciation and thanks as she took another sip. Ria found herself gradually relaxing - being eased into the easy and amicable atmosphere of the inn despite the presence of the paladin. Still, the fey kept her defenses up - just in case. One never knew what would happen, after all.

    As Jaenyra passed by with her suggestion, a half-smile crossed the fey's lips, "We'll see." She commented - not promising anything.

    Ria perked up at the mention of dinner, the half-smile becoming a full one. While she could provide for herself - if dinner was provided, she wouldn't have to do anything. Simply put, free. It was an offer she definitely didn't take for granted.

    "Alright," Ria said amicably as she finished off her drink and stood. "Time to get to work." A playful smile curled upon her lips as she saluted Jaena and made her way towards the stage, running song choices through her mind.
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