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    A new wind flowed through the treetops, gently blowing the leaves in its passing. But it was no ordinary wind... It was tinged with the flavor of magic, newly returned to the world from whence it had originated centuries before. The forest rejoiced with its return and grew brighter, more vibrant, almost as if in welcome. Deep within a single creature perks up at the strange change in the wind, intrigued and yet more than a little baffled by the new development in the home which she had only just begun to try and understand...
    At the edges of that selfsame forest another person shivers in a sudden cold sweat, her body reacting to a force which she has no knowledge of. There is a smell in the air... a taste at the very tip of her tongue. Something primal, powerful, calls to her from deeper within the forests shadow. Whether she follows the mysterious call or not she can still feel that something is shifting... And she cannot tell whether it is for the better or not.
    Deep within the swamp the waters flow and swirl as they have for centuries, disturbed only by the passing of the native inhabitants making the rounds of their watery territory. The kings of the swamp, these two brothers have ruled by tooth and nail for decades. When their many scarred hides cut the water, all other creatures scatter and scramble to escape... But they had little interest in such sport today. They were summoned, and compelled to obey.
    They made their lazy way to a cottage, hidden deep in the reeds and dragged themselves up out of the water. Their normal perches were waiting for them, a space on each side of the door where years of scratches had worn the wood to the grain. They took up their positions and waited for their masters return...
    The streets at night are a dangerous place, filled with predators of all persuasions. Those who choose to walk those streets do so for their own reasons, but all should walk with caution... But just because they should doesn't mean they do so. A man swaggers his way down the street holding a look of mild disdain upon his face. As he passes the alleyways and street corners he can hear the occasional call of," Heya cutie... looking for a good time?" or ," How about giving me a whirl?" He ignores them though, used to them now and in no mood for fun. Something in the air has him restless, unable to settle, though he cannot for the life of him figure out what it is...
    Its late... but a true Journalist is more than ready to sacrifice a little sleep for a big scoop... and this journalist is certain he is on to something. In his small office he has slaved away the day, gathering and organizing reports of odd happenings and creatures which have been multiplying over the last month or so. Most of the other newspapers in the area had already dismissed these reports as superstitious locals or people looking for attention... and yet... something was off. The reports had all begun at nearly the same time, and many had multiple witnesses... Where other, larger newspapers were brushing it off, this reporter planned to pick up these scattered puzzle pieces and fit them together to form a picture of what was really going on in this town...
    A true journalist never rules out possibility... and as he read over the reports he had to smile. Especially when the story is as juicy as this one might prove to be.
    A whole world away another being reacts to the changes taking place... Though he feels them far more keenly than any other. The life and magic which normally flows in an unending cycle about Marae has begun to jump and start. To flow in entirely new directions and even disappear... That should not be. Magic is unending, when used and expended it merely returns to the flow of life, never should it disappear or be destroyed. As a Genesis of Marae it was his duty to find out what might be happening to the magic, the very life of his world, and find out he would.
    With determination he sets out to follow the flows of magic to the source of this strange disturbance.
    In darkness he stews... in madness he broods... his only companion the silent beast upon which he rides. The old mans thoughts wander, as aimless and directionless in their intent as his beasts padded and clawed feet. There is much he has forgotten... but hatred he will always remember. This dark world is not his home, nor will it ever be. The light of a world long denied him still shines in the back of his minds eye, and yet he is always separated from it by the shadowy tendrils of despair which creep up on him out of Junos darkness.
    Many of his brethren had long before acclimated themselves to this new world... but not him. He held on to a hope... a dark dream of vengeance yet to be wrought. He would continue on his own path, and one day, take back the light...
    Alright there we are. Everybody up... I'll go ahead and do my IC post and then all will be good XD (or so I hope~)​
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  2. The sun... a warm, radiant, life-giving entity, practically worshiped by many of the baser races on Marae... An anxiously awaited and yet worrisome companion to Kal'lyn, fourth son of Desevros. For with its rise marked the beginning of his mission, the chance to prove his worth to all his people, his family especially...

    Its rays beat down on him now, their warmth filtered through the treetops and invading his modest room to caress his cheek and pull him slowly from fitful slumber. Throughout the night he had made preparations, packed supplies, practiced his arts, and generally fretted himself into a mess. At some point he had merely collapsed on his bed in exhaustion and awaited the sun... Now that it had come he could hear the lilting sound of birds singing in the distance... occasionally mixed in with the siren songs of many a mysterious creature.

    They were sounds that would normally bring a smile to the young Fey's face, but not this day. For below it all he could hear the buzz of activity throughout the halls of his family home. The echo of shouted commands from the courtyard below. Argument and cursing from the room down the hall, the room his family used for important discussion. That did force him to smile, albeit sadly. His brother and sisters were probably still trying to dissuade their father from allowing Kal'lyn to go on his own to face the world of humanity.

    He wasn't worried though. He and his father both knew... knew that the only one out of the four siblings who was completely expendable was him. His brother and sisters were needed here, on Marae, to keep the peace and research into a way to shut the rifts and fix the wall. Kal'lyn? He would be useless and ignored beside them, therefore the only job for him was the mission to Gaea. That's probably why, as Kal climbed from bed and began gathering his clothes and equipment that he had readied the night before, a soft knock sounded at his door.

    When he finally pulled on enough clothes to be considered decent he opened the door a crack and took a quick look to see who would call on him so early in the morn. The moment he did so the person on the other side shoved their way through and moved into his room, moving as swiftly and quietly as a soft fall breeze. Kal slowly regained his composure and looked the mystic, as surely they would be the only ones to wear such restricting and uncomfortable clothing in his fathers home, over.

    At the same time the mystic took quick stock of Kal and the belongings he had gathered for his trip. Without a word the mystic nodded and turned, giving Kal'lyn a gesture to follow... After a moment the young fey grabbed his bags and did so, albeit reluctantly. Through the winding corridors and long hallways they went, down several flights of stairs, and finally into the family catacombs where his father had paid artisans to immortalize the stories of the Gaea wars. To remind everyone of the horrors committed by all and to inspire the people of Marae to make Marae a better place than Gaea ever was. The images he passed, and the knowledge that he would soon be returning to his peoples ancestral world, made Kal shiver... Both with fear and excitement.

    Soon after they entered the main hall of the catacombs they turned down an obviously ill used passageway, one which Kal had never even seen before. It was only when they reached a small door that the mystic stopped and stepped aside, gesturing Kal onward... As he opened the door his breath caught in his throat, very nearly chocking him. Before him lay a cavern of unimaginable size, row upon row of stalagmites and stalactites stretching far into the distance... But what captivated him most was the single immense column standing before him, and the shimmering energy that seemed to open a hole in the very fabric of the world that sat in its center.

    This was it... this was how he was going to leave the only world he had ever known and trod upon the place where his people were born, the world they bled for, the world they died for, and ultimately the world they were forced to flee. An anxious smile spread across his face as he approached it, his pace increasing with each step. He would leave without a word to anyone, no fanfare, no posh ceremony... Maybe his father understood him more than he thought. At the last second he jumped, soaring into the rift... and left the world of Marae behind.
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  3. Dark. It was always dark, be it day or night, there was barely any difference between the two. Cerberus, his ride, didn't sleep at all, it didn't need to, so the old Fey couldn't deduce any form of time from it either. He'd just fall asleep whenever he couldn't stay awake anymore. It wasn't as if he should be scared of anything with such a large monstrosity underneath him, even if the majority of Junos wanted him dead rather than alive.

    And so, Cerberus continued its aimless wander, leaving behind trails created by his claws digging into the ground with every step. Even if they were easy to locate, should one pay attention, none of the other banished dared approach Sealamin "Fluffy" Taletreader aka "The Mad Fey". He was too experienced in actual warfare to approach, you'd have to be as crazy as he is to try and fight him. The inhabitants of Junos would call him Fluffy behind his back, as some sort of silent protest.
    Sealamin was amongst the few who still remembered Gaea, and was young enough to fight. Nearly everyone else on Junos was born on that dark planet, unknowing of the beautiful planet they were denied. Since none of them had ever seen Gaea, they shrugged it off as exaggeration of the old ones, and tried to make the best of their lives. They never knew any different from dark.

    Sealamin suddenly awoke. Not from the scuffling of his animal, or the "unnatural" light created by some of the villages. His slumber was disturbed by a great change in magic, a powerful force somewhere nearby. Animal and master had an opposite reaction to this occurence. Cerberus got scared, and instinctively turned away from this fearsome event, while Sealamin felt a calling towards it, and got angered when Cerberus turned around.
    "Foul beast! Turn around!" He said and kicked Cerberus in the sides, though it didn't listen. "I know this feeling. It is Gaea! I will not lose my only chance to go home because you're a terrified little pup!" He yelled, and kicked the animal again in frustration. But again, no response from Cerberus. "Very well."
    The Fey placed a hand upon the beast's head, and a cloud of dark-purple smoke appeared from his hand, then entered the beast's head. Shortly thereafter, Cerberus turned towards strange thing.

    From up close, Sealamin could make out what it was exactly. A power so immense the universe could not hold it, and was ripped open before him. He turned his head towards a faint light in the distance. "You wished to stay here. Then stay here, while I return to my fantasy world." The word fantasy was filled with the most malice he could conjure, putting a frown on his face simply by speaking it. He spat on the ground, then ordered Cerberus to jump in. "I hope you all die an excruciating pain."
  4. The sun cast dimpled patterns on her flank, and the sound of a songbird chirping floated lazily in the air. The air held a warm, lazy atmosphere in it. Really, all would feel right with the world; that was, if it was her world.

    Bleary eyed, the Ochre pulled herself up. Her eyes felt heavy, and there was a dull aching in the back of her head. Honestly, she could not even remember falling asleep, let alone where she was. Dismissing this disorientation as the after-effects of waking up, the girl rested her front shoulders against a particularly scrawny tree, covering a yawn with one hand. She would rest a bit, wiping the sand from her eyes and giving her mind some time to wake-up fully.

    As similar as the grass felt under her hooves, or the sun felt against her skin, there was something wrong. The air had the faintest smell of smoke to it, and it the plants seemed to dance just a little bit differently. Ansley could tell that something was wrong, but she just couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was. There was unease forming in her mind, the slightest tingling of fear running up her back. All around her, trees stood almost like sentries, and the cries of birds and insects could be heard through the air. If anything, it was an idyllic, if not young, patch of forest. In fact, it was lovely. But the young trees were far different from the aged and gnarled trees that the Ochre took care of, and the call ringing out from the trees were the cries of strangers.

    She could be sure of one thing; the forest that she was currently in was definitely not her own.
  5. Mark huddled at his desk. He knows that what he's doing is completely irrational. It just can't be possible, but his intuition never felt more correct. There's something supernatural going on around here. It's been eating at him for weeks, but he's yet to nail solid evidence of it. He has to find something. He searches through all of his notes, all of reported sightings. He felt crazy, and to everyone else, he probably was.

    It's good that he doesn't really have any solid relationships with anyone, because if he did, they'd probably have been destroyed by now. He toils endlessly trying to piece together pieces of this puzzle. Maybe he's just thinking too narrow, he might not be able to see the full picture. He decided that he'd go out on the field once more. He grabbed his camera, his notebook, and his jacket. He walked out of the office, knowing that he'd get something this time. His destination was the forest a few miles out of town. Something wierd was going down in that area, and there was something pulling him toward it.

    He hopped in his old pick-up and drove off towards the forest hoping to find something, anything.
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