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  1. First off I would like to tell you all, yes this is my first time leading a group rp, truth be told ive had this idea bouncing around in my brain for a couple of days now and just really needed to get it out there. To any who actually bother to read all that I put down Id like to thank you in advance, so ya know... Thanks~


    Lore, myth, folktales, pure unadulterated fantasy.... people have lived with these things for their entire lives, for generations.. but where did they come from? Dragons, elves, the undead, powers beyond imagining, why would we possibly bring such things to life? In stories, fables, and fairy tales we have kept the belief in such creatures alive... but why? Is there not some speck of truth to every story? Is there not at least a single shaft of light to illuminate the darkest reaches of history? Could such stories have a much truer meaning than an easy explanation for unexplainable happenings?

    Obviously. But this also raises questions. If such things did exist in this world... where have they gone? Why have they not shown themselves? And for that matter, why have they not sought to confront humanity's foolish ways?

    Well now... That is something that I can answer. I shall tell you the story as I was told, as it has been passed down in writing and word of mouth for centuries...



    ... As we all know, at the beginning there was nothing... the depths wide, empty, devoid of so much as a single shaft of light.... untouched by even the merest signs of life... but within the deepest depths of the darkness was something special, an untapped power. One that, eventually, would sow the seeds of all things... Magic

    Whether you call it that or something else, manna, the power of god, etc. the fact stands... it was and is the driving force in our universe. Creating, shaping, destroying all that is, was, or will be. In the time of the beginning it was an unstable mass balled up into a single unthinking purpose... but eventually, for reasons unknown, it began to change. It began to move, to spread, and to work upon the unending darkness.

    As its power flared it brought about the creation of many forces, time, space, eventually the boiling stars, the planets and other debris of space following behind.. But there was one mistake of that creation that was important beyond all others... at least to us. Life.

    This is the beginning of Gaea... or Earth as some may know it. And the beginning of the days of myth.. From the power of Gaea sprang forth the first creatures of magic, basic in their sentience, yet powerful in the use of their magic. These creatures of pure magic were nowhere close to peaceful nor were they civilized, as they grew they became jealous of one another... their wars spread across the globe. With each titan that fell their magic exploded, spreading its power across the length and breadth of the world, and life blossomed. With the release of such forces new life bloomed, plants and animals, fish in the oceans, and a myriad of mystical beasts.. each one attuned to the magic of this world.

    These creatures were the early start of the beasts and peoples of lore, individually their intentions far more peaceable than the elemental powers that birthed them. And so they spread, finding places of their own and, for the most part, living in harmony. Time passed, the races grew in power, intelligence, numbers... but still they found ways to coexist, mingling with one another as though there were no difference between them....



    But all things change, and life is an interesting development... on this world of magic grew creatures who had no connection to the elemental forces of the world. Sentient, ever learning, and prolific, this race grew and spread. They had no sense of place, wandering across all corners of the world they went...

    The old races of the world were intrigued by this development, sentient beings without the powers of magic? These ancient beings decided to wait and watch, constantly monitoring the progress of these strange new creatures.... Time and time again this new race proved its intelligence, its tenacious will to survive, and the other races of the world grew intrigued. Some found these new resourceful creatures a novelty, some found them pitiable, struggling as they were without magic, while others... others found them dangerous.... Yet many within the majority, comfortable in their many centuries of power, became entrenched in their lives, wanting to feel a small spark of this unusual race.

    With the contact of so many cultures came an inevitable transference of knowledge and so this wandering race learned to put down roots. To find a place and call it their own. For some even how to wield the power of magic. And so humanity grew, from the hunter gatherers of their birth, to the planet spanning race we know today.

    The Great War


    But as they grew, so did the mistrust of the creatures of magic, more and more turned away from humanity, receding into their hidden homes and watching as this race called man stretched its hand across the entire world. It was inevitable, the surge in tensions as those creatures who saw man as a threat began to stir, and those who saw man as an ally sought to protect them.

    As I said.. it was inevitable. Humanity and many of the more civilized races banded together to fight those creatures that sought their destruction, composed mainly of those monsters that would be classified together as 'demons.' Thus began the war of antiquity. Centuries of death and destruction, a world nearly torn asunder, entire races snuffed from existence.... this is how the world nearly ended itself.... The powers of magic fought on par with each other, the humans slowly learning more and more with each battle, their numbers always higher than those of any other sentient creature they held their own... but the war was a loosing prospect.

    The creatures of myth saw far too much of the ruthlessness of humanity.. the tenacious spirit they revealed early on turning into a black malignant thing, struck a cord of fear in the hearts of their allies. Even so the most honorable, driven creatures would not falter, yet the war could no longer be won with battle alone, the enemy had become far too powerful.... And so the human Mythos alliance devised a strategy. Magics built, their warriors fought on, their people continued to die.... Until at last the magics were complete, a spell of devastating power and ambition, a spell to banish all those creatures with the blood of innocents, a spell to banish the enemies of man.

    With a crash of elemental force those creatures were sent reeling. Cast, body and soul, upon a different world, blocked forever more from their home and into a world of darkness.

    The exodus:

    The long war at last over, the surviving creatures of myth returned to ancestral homes to lick their wounds. The war had taken its toll, the mythos numbers slowly dwindling... while humanity thrived. For generations the humans continued to grow, their understanding of magic deepening, even as their numbers spread out across the world..... The mythos saved the race of humanity, and in so doing showed humanity the heights that they could attain...

    But the collective memory of humanity is short, their ambitions many, and their hearts fickle. Soon humanity turned from their mythos brethren, a misguided hostility grown of the mistrust of non humans, spreading like wildfire. It did not take long for the nations of men to turn against those who taught them the skills to survive.. the skills of war... Humanity's wrath was unflinching, unsympathetic, in their hate they brought low any who were found to be of another race, the old, the sick, the young. None were allowed escape...

    By sheer force of numbers the humans kept all other races at bay, methodically wiping them from the face of the earth... but the mythos would not go down without a fight. Their collective centuries of knowledge were gathered, the magic users of every species brought together to bring about their revenge on the petty humans who had betrayed their trusts....

    And what better punishment for a rebelling child than to take that which has been given? With the combined might of magic they recreated the spell that once banished their brothers to the world of darkness... With it they siphoned the power of this world, draining the planet to a mere husk of its former glory, they tore the power and knowledge of magic from the hands of men and brought it to a new world. A new home.

    The worlds


    It has been centuries since that time and man, in his ignorance, has lost what little they remembered of such creatures to the annuls of time and not one spec of true magic remains for the race of man. In its place humanity has born many new technologies, shaping their world as they see fit while remembering nothing of their past days of glory.

    The creatures of Marae still remember the betrayal of humanity, but have found that their new world truly does suit them better. Many have forgiven the indiscretions of man, in lieu of the new lives they have gained on this surprisingly fertile world. There are however a number of holdouts who think that humanity needs to pay for the destruction they caused.

    In the darkness the banished races have managed to thrive, their power only growing... as does their hate. The banished ones have vowed to return to earth and destroy those that cast them into this never ending hell of darkness... still there are those that prefer this world to the other and would rather not go to the trouble of revenge.


    The barriers holding the worlds apart is failing, magic is once more swelling within the bowels of the earth. The creatures of myth have begun to find themselves lost on a planet they have not seen in centuries, and find that little is as they remember. The human descendants of magi and witches are beginning to find that powers, locked away within their blood for generations, are growing by the day.... what could possibly be


    1. God modding is a no-no
    2. Id like for your characters to have some sort of power restriction obviously, else you might be too epically awesome yeah?
    3. I would like to have a bunch of cool races, whether its an original race or one that you picked up and 'modified' Id appreciate if you ran it by me first just in case.
    4. 2 paragraph post minimum preferably
    5. Remember, only a select group of humans have magic... and id prefer if the magic fit the char personality/history or some such.
    6. Ill probably add more rules as they come to me so... watch out >.>


    Race Name: Gaetialas

    Sub Types: (4 Elements) + Epcae or Achos
    Power/Ability: Complete control of Elements to limited control, depending on their primary element and the secondary elements they are currently in with each season, as well as influencing miracles or catastrophes with a bit of will-power (Epcae - Miracles, Achos - Catastrophes) They have normal physical power and aren't usually seen with weapons such as swords or axes (anything having to do with melee combat for that matter) instead they've been known to use a mix of wands, staves, scrolls/books and fists as well as applying parkour to their lives as they travel constantly, they need to get to one place from another quickly and without delay because of something small. It is fully optional to take general magicks into their lives (you know, spells, incantations, sigils, runes, potions, energy, general magick) to increase their knowledge and ability to perform their balancing tasks. BUT. They are nowheres near as well handed as their natural elemental magicks are and are bound to fail periodically if not constantly practiced.

    Appearence: Gaetialas are very colorful, they can be an array of many different colors all at once that seem to mix beautifully together. It's easy to distinguish who is a Gaetialas due to this rainbowy mix to their skins, hairs, eyes, and birthmarks. However, there is a clear difference between who is an Achos or who is an Epcae Gaetialas. Achos tend to be darker colored (dark reds, blues, greens, blacks, browns, ect) shaded, though on the other hand an Epcae tends to be brightly colored and they can be an eyesore at times as they stand out painfully obvious with their vibrantly colored appearence. Even their clothing can be very colorful, or sometimes very dull depending on which sub-type of Gaetialas. Males have a wide vareity of different builds, sizes, just as females can be, but one thing is always for sure- they are humanoid in figure.

    Culture: For every Achos there is an Epcae, when the both meet there are sparks flying everywhere, depending on their primary elements they can get along swimmingly well, or not. When an Epcae and a Achos can get along fairly well is when chemistry between the two begins, the couple will usually have 1 child in their lives (of which, somewheres else in the world there will be another child born, being that newly borns opposite) balance is ingrained within their heads, their nature, their dna, there is NO running from this over compulsory disorder implimented into their lives from birth. When the children become old enough to live on their own and the parents have taught them all they could, they will go seperate ways to find their own lives. The parents will live on and continue to travel just as they have always done to maintain balance around the planet, just as their children will be doing so, so they are technically very nomadic. Gaetialas can dress anyway, anyhow, as long as it suits them and their personality and liking, they can look like anything as long as it is humanoid in structure, skin, muscle and bones, basically they're just Elemental Humans that live a very long time.

    Reproduction: Gaetialas live for 10,000 years at max, the average lifespan of the being is around 8,500 years of age and so veiw life at a leisurely pace. They will take a very long time in searching for a mate because when they do find one, they will stay bonded together for life. Pregnancy will last at least 30 earth years, just as the child will grow very slow afterwards, in this time they are allowed to learn everything their parents may teach them: proficiently, this can include a number of acrobatics, values, handyness, magical repression of their energy as well as the control of their powers to work efficiently- they finish their training around 700-1000 years of age . It is rare for a Gaetialas to fall for other races, they just don't spark a chemcial reaction for the Gaetialas as their opposite energy would (most times.) Mixed breeds are possible, but the child WILL take after the Gaetialas parent more often than not, they may just resemble the non-Gaetialas parent in appearence more so than the actual Gaetialas, but will have the elemental power. There is a very low chance for there being a "true" mixed breed having elemental power AND their non-Gaetialas parents power.


    A race of reptilian humanoids, they are cold blooded and, generally, swamp-dwelling.The Lizardkin are a race most other races do not meet all that often, making them a race others tend to be suspicious of. Their seeming obsession with spiders hasnt really helped their case all that much either.It didnt help that a bit that when they came to the new world they found swamps, filled to the brim with giant spiders. Which they soon started using for everything any other race was using animals for.

    In a way, their cities reflect that. They usually build them on the sides, or between the large trees of the swamps, often using the spiders' webs to support their buildings, and even use them as walkways.

    Due to their habitat being filled with all sorts of poisonous things, and the before mentioned obsession with spiders, the Lizardkin has built up a bit of a natural resistance towards a great many poisons and venoms. That, combined with their lessened need to sleep and eat, they make fine warriors, often using said poisons against their enemies. Yet they have are a relatively small tribe, unable to spread across the world as they need heat to stay alive. If they get too cold, they'll start hibernating, eventually their bodies shut down completely and they die of hypothermia..

    Char sheets

    Name: (Youd like a name right? Unless you want me to do it... how do you like fluffy?)
    Appearence: (What does your character look like?)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Race: (As I said, create one, tweak an existing one, or just find ya one you like)
    Age: (Obviously if your a human your not gonna be all that ancient... the others though....)
    Height: (Tall? Short? Average? Numerical number preferably)
    Weight: ( Fat? Skinny? Numerical number preferably)
    Abilities: (Magic affinities? Fighting skills? You name it bro.)
    Job/Role: (Whatcha doin?)
    Weapons: (Swords, axes, whips *Oho*, etc.)
    Personality: (Whatcha character like?)

    Bio: (Tell me bout 'em!)

    Now for all those who actually read all of what I wrote down, I thank you. You must be one seriously stubborn person to bother with all that... or you actuall liked the idea.. either way im flattered. ^_^
  2. Breka LeClaire

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 26

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 135 lbs

    Abilities: Healing, Divination, Necromancy

    Job/Role: 'Authentic voodoo priestess' i.e. tourist scammer.

    Weapons: pocket knife

    Personality: A true wild child, Breka is sneaky, sly, and self-serving. Breka does what's best for Breka and usually couldn't care less what happens to those her behavior affects. After all, she isn't hurting anyone with her schemes, right? It isn't her fault if stupid tourists want to pay her to wave around herb smoke and draw chalk lines on the ground. She likes physical pleasures, and spends much of her earnings on substance use and other hedonistic activities. She is confident and sassy, not afraid to use what she has to get what she wants. Beneath it all, she does have something of a conscience, and can probably be counted on to do the right thing (albeit begrudgingly.)

    Bio: Breka has spent most of her life on the party circuit. Skipping school whenever she could and sneaking out of the house when she got caught, she spent little time actually learning anything, though she was clever enough to do well if she'd bothered applying herself. Resisting all efforts made by her parents and teachers to get her to behave herself, Breka dropped out of high school at the earliest opportunity and made a surprisingly decent living dancing in gentleman's clubs. She discovered how much tourists would pay to have their fortunes read and took up practicing 'voodoo' to supplement her income.
  3. Ja'Ne

    (Jay since "jah" "nay" could sound very close to a combo of "Jay")

    Gender: Female

    Race: Gaetialas - Epcae vareity (Peace)

    Age: 140 years old (looks 14, her race ages slowly; they can live to be up to 10,000 years of age.)

    Height: Tall, 5'8" and slender

    Weight: Light, 110lbs​


    Jay is a spunky, young looking humanoid girl with an awkwardly stickish figure (110lbs), she is tall (5'8") and has dark, midnight blue freckles along her cheeks and arms. Her skin is primarily light peach in color with very soft, white and green hues flaring up around her freckles. Jays hair is light brown with royal purple highlights that seem to shimmer when she is in sunlight, the purple seems to turn to a washed down moon color when in the moonlight. Jays eyes are a brilliant firey orange that seem to flash yellow at times. Her clothing is rather limited, but it gets the job done, as she wears a colorful assortment of clothing on her person which oddly enough doesn't seem to clash on her. Though one thing is for certain, no matter how many colors she wears there is that ever revealing pure white symbol on her forehead, appearing to be from an ancient text long forgotten and quite possibly destroyed. Even Jay doesn't know what it means, nor did her family.

    When it is Winter, the symbol on her forehead will turn a dazzling crystal blue that will shine out as a regular light would. Though when this does happen, she tries to wear a bandana on her head at all times to cover up the light. Actually, she tries to wear alot of clothes that will hide her skin or body when she is in populated areas, though she has little clothing, it works out to cover her body (such as a long sleeved blue shirt, with ragged, loose looking tan colored pants without zippers or buttons, a small random brown patch seems to have been sown on the knee area, a leather belt which is just barely holding together, finally an oddly shaped over shirt which appears to be foreign and made mostly out of colorful sashes and buttons.


    Elemental magic (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) Only one element can be used during a certain season, Earth is Spring, Summer is Air, Fall is Fire, and Winter is Water but for all these elements there is an energy that is absolute which guides and affects how she will act- she is a Light energy, not meaning "Sunlight" but rather holy or good energy. She is a primary Water element.

    With each season she can control only one element at a time, and on her primary element she is strongest, as she rotates between elements her abilities get weaker and weaker to make up for her strongest and her absolute weakest. (To put it simply, she is at her strongest during the Winter being water, she is balanced during Spring (earth) and Fall (fire), but she is at her weakest during the Summer when she is air.)

    Spring - Earth (Balanced- declines)
    Summer - Air (Weakest)
    Fall - Fire (Balanced- rises)
    Winter - Water (Strongest)

    Job/Role: Peace Maker, she will attempt to balance out the chaos happening around her if there is any.

    Weapons: Small Wand made from an old oak trees branch, 14 inches long with wittled designs of power written thoughtfully out for the best way to channel energy, infused with crushed minerals and plants of her former home and finally blessed and consecrated by her father. The wand is secret, and is only used for great emergencies as sometimes when she is in her weaker seasons it is hard to focus her own energys, the wand which she made herself helps channel her energy out- maybe not as strong as it could be, but it is an emergency tool.

    Personality: Jay is.. Well Jay is a kind girl that is all smiles and hugs as well as love and cooperation. She is willing to help in any way she can, but at the same time she has this overly compulsory disorder to keep a balance in all she does. So if, in theory, she were to give a homeless person shelter, she would in turn feel compelled to harm something, someone, or be plain nasty and rude. Though to balance out her good deeds, she only needs to perform 1 small bad deed, which can be repeatedly done over and again and again to make due for balance. Of which, she feels very sad if she harms other people, and so will instead harm herself, being an emotional water sign- there are loopholes in the Water Epcaegaetialas.



    Eteren "Adam"

    (Adam is an Earth name he's adopted.)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Gaetialas - Achos vareity (Chaos)

    Age: 2,600 Years Old (Looks to be about 26 earth years)

    Height: 7'11" Lean

    Weight: Average, 240lbs​


    Adam is very lean and lightly muscled, he is also very tall and dark looking- now, not in a gothic, death, death, kill, kill, devil, devil, evil, evil way. His skin is normal for the most part, a deep tan with darker shades around his joints, whilst a light black hair covers his body (mostly his chest and arms, but it's much thinner on his body, you wouldn't be able to tell right away even if you were personally up close to him) while a shaggy mess of black curls cover his head in waves. Adams hair is not very long for the most part, it stays closely cropped to his head but there are a few stray braids or two that are longer than the majority of his hair, one is thinly braided, the other is thickly and on the same side. Now whilst you're thinking, he is a "Gaetialas" shouldn't he be all colorful like the Epcae are? That is where your ideas are wrong, Achos tend to be darker, but.. normal looking than their peaceful counter parts. Besides the height and his unusually heterochromic eyes. He looks all around normal and is very comfortable with humans when they don't mention his overly large stature.

    Instead to signal which season/power he is in/has, his eyes will change color. Going from right eye, to the left in this order with seasons.

    Spring/Earth: Light orange, dark red
    Summer/Air: Gleaming silver, bright gold
    Fall/Fire: Dark purple, light blue
    Winter/Water: Black brown, light brown


    Elemental magic (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) The same ability sequence applies to Adam as it does to Jay.

    Spring - Earth (Balanced- rises)
    Summer - Air (Strongest)
    Fall - Fire (Balanced- declines)
    Winter - Water (Weakest)

    Job/Role: Maker of trouble

    Weapons: an ornately decorated shortsword that seems to glow rather darkly [Simply induces fear that are near it and are impressionable, it is mostly used for arcanic rituals instead of physical combat- very much like an Athame] and a staff with many designs, feathers, and a skull attached to the top of it [along with his sword, this item will only induce a calming effect to ones mind, much like some tribal magic would do] (though on Earth he has to keep them in his home and mostly relies on what general magic he knows, as well as the elemental magic, and in case of an emergency that would call for his 'weapons' he can perform a small summoning spell, which has coordinates locked on the area of his tools.) However, for safety issues he may have on Earth, he carrys switch-blade in his pocket with runic designs inscribed by him onto the blades length- denoting magic for chance, strength, and luck.

    Personality: TBA


  4. Name: Slythsiserras

    Appearence: Syntherian.jpg

    Race: They are called Syntherian. They appear as a humanoid with a live snake wrapped around their body. Most, when they first meet a Syntherian, are under the impression that it is the humanoid in control of the snake. In truth, the humanoid body is a husk, housing a partial consciousness of the snake. Strong Syntherian are able to have numerous husks to use in conversation, as most species do not understand snake-tongue, and battle against those that would wish the snake harm.

    Syntherians are generally disliked and distrusted by those who know what they are, as they're know for killing people with their poison to claim their body for their husks. The husk under control of the Syntherian are able to use their inherent abilities, though no where near the experience that they had before.

    THE CURRENT HUSK: Slythsiserras' husk is that of an angelic host

    Age:112, barely more than a child. The husk appears to be in his late 20's

    Height: From the tip of his nose, to the end of his tail, Slythsiserras is a good 10 feet long. The current husk is 6'2".

    Weight:For how long he is, Slythsiserras has a fragile bone structure akin to all his race. As such, he is thin, and weighs only about 64 lbs. The current husk weighs 127lbs.

    Abilities: As a Syntherian, Slythsiserras is able to reanimate and sustain a recently dead corpse by placing a part of his consciousness inside. He can control the movements of the newly made husk, speak through their voice, and has limited control of their abilities.

    With his current husk, Slythsiserras is able to unfurl the wings of light from within their body, giving flight (though he has difficulty steering) and radiating a peaceful aura, which draws in people and animals alike.

    Most, if not all, Syntherians has a venomous bite.

    Job/Role: Wanderer (unemployed)
    Weapons: A straight, narrow sword, with intricate designs of angelic language etched into the metal of the blade. The handle swirls and twists around the hand in elegance.

    Personality: Slythsiserras comes off as cold and uncaring to most people, as he doesn't empathize the same way most sentient creatures would. He's still primarily driven by his instincts, and most, if not all he does, is in the pursuit of furthering his existence. There's a wicked intelligence in his mind, able to work around most any obstacle. Slythsiserras would be called emotionally stunted by many, but he does feel basic emotions. Anger, happiness, sorrow. He also never forgets a wrong done to him. While he may not actively seek revenge against that one person, if the opportunity arises, he will not hesitate to cause them harm.

    Bio: Slythsiserras has spent his time simply existing, his mind locked in the simple thought of survival, sentience not developing in his brain until he was about 60 years of age, as is the norm for young Syntherians. As his thoughts began to elevate, becoming more aware of the world and all its wonders, the snake's ability to control simple creatures he killed. In the year he turned 100, he took control of his first host; a young shifter who had wandered into the forest and startled the white snake into biting her. It was a clumsy first attempt, the little body staggering back into her small village, the white snake following behind her. His control didn't last long as he kept hidden, the girl dropping as soon as she moved six feet away.

    For the next 12 years, Slythsiserras practiced his control, biting and using anyone he could, learning how to interact with people, and generally terrorizing the village with his actions. They reached out for help, and a rookie seraphim came to find the problem. He was bitten by the snake, and used to leave the village, assuring the villagers that the problem would leave with him.


    Name: Mathiel
    Appearence: Reality bender.jpg
    Gender: Variable

    Race: Genesis

    Every living thing borrows life from the collective energy that resides in a separate plane. Without this life energy, there would be no life in Earth, Marae, or Junos. Genesis are the conduits of this life energy, moving it from the faraway plane, into the other worlds, and once its been released again, send it back into the faraway.

    The amount of energy passing through their bodies leaves residue, which has altered their biology. The cells in their hair and skin have become luminescent, and change in colour as they react with light. The "wings" on their backs act as the collection and distribution of the energy.

    Genesis do not control where the energy is distributed. They can not prevent the energy from giving life to a newborn or take the life from a living thing via stealing their energy.

    Age: 1239, though can appear any age

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 96lbs

    Abilities: Genesis can siphon extra residual energy that collects in their body to create small life-forms (most times colourful insects) These creations are almost always peaceful. A Genesis MUST create a creature at least once a week, or else the accumulation of energy will break their bodies.

    Genesis are immortal in the sense that old age will not kill them. Excessive physical harm will still kill them. A Genesis will live as long as needed. When a new Genesis is born, which is a very rare occurrence, one of the eldest Genesis will choose to die, accumulating energy until their body shuts down, and their energy returns to the faraway plane.

    Job/Role: Mathiel works as a chef in a local tavern

    Weapons: Bladed boots

    Personality: TBA
    Bio: TBA
  5. Interested as well. ^^
  6. I'll reserve a spot. I'll get to making up a CS soon. :)
  7. Name: Hydra Tritons

    Appearance: Eye-Make-Up-For-Blue-Eyes-And-Blonde-Hair-1.jpg

    Gender: Female

    Race: Water Guardian- A guardian is a humanoid creature that represents an element. They are responsible for taking care of their element and keeping it in supply. They usually have gills and blue eyes as well as blue portions of skin.

    Age: Hydra appears to be nineteen, but she's actually 321. The lifespan of her species is 2,200 years.

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Abilities: Hydra can manipulate water, breathe underwater and walk on water.

    Job/Role: Former military general

    Weapons: Trident_&_Trog.jpg

    Personality: Hydra is very wise and motherly, but she tends to get impatient and overly cocky at times. She's very skittish around humans and will usually kill and then ask questions. Her temper will often get the best of her if she's provoked.

    Bio: During the War, Hydra was just a child. Her parents were field medics who secretly helped both humans and other creatures. However, her parents were ambushed and killed. Hydra strived to become a great leader of the military, and she met her goals with ease. Now, she's a retired general because of her PTSD affecting her line of work.
  8. Name: Sin Iliox

    Appearance: Normal:

    Insane: (Light Form).bmp

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 26

    Height: Average

    Weight: Skinny

    Abilities: Heavily skilled in dark magic. It is very powerful, however, every powerful spell he does takes a toll on his mind. Once it reaches a breaking point, he changes to a more powerful, yet uncontrollable form- so he usually resorts to sword fighting.

    Job/Role: Dark Mage

    Weapons: Steel sword, Forbidden spellbook, and, of course, the almighty pistol.

    Personality: Quiet, lonely, keeps to himself, but even so, he is very helpful. Well, at least when he's sane...

    Bio: Sin had never met his parents. He was told they died in a fire a week after he was born. Instead he was raised by an abusive uncle, who did nothing but give him a place to sleep and drunkenly attack him. So he basically survived on his own. One day, in an old building he found at age 12, he found an old book. Not any book- a spellbook. From then on, he practiced the dark magic secretly. When 14 one day, he found his uncle's old journal. After reading it, his uncle came in and stared yelling at him. When his uncle came close about to hit him, Sin turned around with a smirk that could scare the life out of anyone. After saying he found out his uncle killed his parents, Sin used a forbidden spell to kill him.

    Ever since then, he lived by himself, wandering the land of Earth.
  9. Name: Ar'Zle Joz'Ly
    Race: Lizardkin
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall. Green/brown scales. Some small horns on the back of his head. Looks a lot like a lizard on two legs.
    Age: 120, with a average lifespan of 1000.
    Height: 8'2"
    Weight: 330 pounds
    Abilities: Acrobatic and at good terms with spiders
    Job/Role: Spider-tamer, with some thievery at the side.
    Weapons: A scimitar and a pet spider.
    Personality: Mostly a laid back and friendly fellow. Just don't hurt his spiders.

    Bio: Ar'Zle grew up in a quiet village on Marae along with his brood. His father had found a rather lucrative business of training the local spiders of the area, as they were quite a bit larger than the ones back on earth. Large enough to use both as mounts and work-animals. And since they were both quick and able to climb most walls, the Joz'Ly family became quite fortunate. And Ar'Zle followed in his father's footsteps. He always felt that the humans banishing them to the new realm was a blessing, as that was what brought fortune to his family.

    The Lizardkin, a race of reptilian humanoids. Cold blooded and mostly swamp-dwelling, the Lizardkin is a race most other races doesn't meet all that often, making them a race others often are suspicious to. Their seeming obsession with spiders doesn't help either. Even less so, when they came to the new world and found swamps filled with giant spiders, which they started using for everything any other race was using animals for. And in a way, their cities reflect that. They usually build them on the sides, or between the large trees of the swamps, often using the spiders' webs to support their buildings, and even use them as walkways.
    Due to their habitat being filled with all sorts of poisonous things, and mentioned obsession about spiders, the Lizardkin has built up a bit of a natural resistance towards a great many of them. That, combined with their lessened need to sleep and eat, they make fine warriors, often using said poisons against their enemies. Yet they have no chance of taking over the world, as they need heat to stay alive. If they get too cold, they'll start hibernating, and eventually die.
  10. Hmm... this sounds really cool :3
  11. Welp your welcome to join ^_^
  12. Name: Prince Arrendir Nightshade, The moonlit lord
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fae
    Age: 716 (looks about 23)
    Height: 6'1 in human form 2 in in soul form
    Weight: 188 in human (Fae bodies weigh far less than normal humans) About 3 grams in soul form
    Abilities: The prince has a particular affinity for summoning and gating magics.
    Job/Role: The banished prince, a lord of the Dark court of Junos
    Weapons: A pair of swords which he keeps strapped at his waist.
    Personality: TBA

    Bio: TBA *Seriously ill get around to it eventually <.< ... >.>
  13. I'll get an app up tomorrow :3
  14. Name: Romi Branwenn

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half Faery. Half human, half Faery

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'8''

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Abilities: Romi specializes mostly in earth magic and has the ability to speak with animals and even plants in theory.
    Because the magic he possesses is faery magic (he hates faeries out of jealousy) he doesn't use it too often and has instead been practicing fire based magic due to it being usually opposite of nature.

    Job/Role: Traveler

    Weapons: Lance or a spear if he has it with him. Otherwise he just uses fire magic.

    Personality: Romi is a very shy and keep tp himself sort of person. He was was born half faery, half human and has a lot of the qualities from each except that he has no wings like every other faery does.
    Because of this he tends to be a very self loathing and rude sort of person, believing himself to be cursed and hated simply because he never got the wings he's always wanted.

    Bio: Romi keeps to himself enough that he won't talk about his past or his family and doesn't like to speak about humself hardly at all.
    He dreams of flying and hopes that one day he'll be able to get his wings so he can soar like the birds can.