Truth is Fantasy! [Updated!]

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    Over at Truth is Fantasy, we've updated! Now with a new layout and more information, we're hoping to secure a bit more interest in the OOC Thread so that we can finally start some RPs and get things rolling along.​
    But what is it?
    While the plot might seem long at first, the premise is simple: All those legends and myths humanity has had to have stemmed from somewhere, right? Otherwise why would concepts like the undead and dragons cross almost all cultures? The answer is simple.

    Originally, the world was very different. "Mythological" creatures from today's stories, as well as some beings that were lost to time, roamed the earth long before humanity. When the humans came, they made quite a pest of themselves, and after years and years and years, war finally broke out. Some of these races where banished to Junos, a dark and hateful world, while some escaped to Marae, a fertile and successful new world. This left humans, devoid of magic, stranded on Earth, which has resulted in the world we live in today.

    Except, that wouldn't be very fun if it just stopped there, would it?

    On Earth, some humans have started to develop magical powers lost to the ages. And even more troubling, rifts and portals from the other worlds have surfaced, resulting in a wide range of intruders that are completely alien to humanity....

    And the rest? Well, that depends on our players....

    In any case, we've got some very creative and friendly minds on board, and we're quite excited to expand and make some new friends. So please, hopon by and check it out! We'd be more than happy to have you.​