Trusting security

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  1. Heyy,

    Thanks for reading this, to start with!

    Here's the idea (I'll play the female)

    I want us to be coworkers in Security. I recently joined the company and get assigned to a gruesome tutor to get to know my way around the company. You and I get along pretty well, but my tutor doesn't really like you and tries to keep us away from eachother. From just fooling around and thinking about eachother 'hey, nice coworker', things evolve a bit further, though my char doesn't want to get into it due to trust issues.

    There's more details I've in mind, but I guess I'll first see who responds :-) It's not overly romantic, but there is romance and sex involved.

    Some information about me:

    - I'm multi para-rp'er, I can't reply properly on anything less then two paragraphs.
    - I can reply often, even multiple times a day
    - I try the best I can with my grammar, but I'm not a native English speaker
    - The use of punctuation is a big deal to me, I try to use it correctly
    - The more intense my rp is, the better. I get a thrill out of the emotions a really intensely good rp causes
    - I'm great with making up new idea's, but not all the time. Please step up and do your part.

    There's probably more, but I like you to atleast be able to meet those traits of me :-)

    Let me know!
  2. I'm interested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.