Trust Me, I'll Protect You (taken)

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  1. The breeze smoothly brushed his blonde hair around his face as the figure directed his horse down the path. He'd seen the town earlier that day and didn't feel it was necessary to drive his horse any longer than he needed to. He was tall, just reaching the age of 18 the month before and qualifying himself to leave the servants academy to begin his service. He was tall for his age and well defined athletically, he didn't talk much with the others at the Academy unless he needed to. It was something that Raphael Broux would have to fix when he got to his new home. Or perhaps they would prefer if he was more quiet.

    Either way Raphael had come highly recommended, top of his class in all of his subjects, his passion was in the sword though. It was his one release in life. One that had he been under different circumstances might have earned him a title. But the life of a butler seemed to suit Raphael just fine. The academy had told him that a specific family had directly requested him. Something that was not unheard of at the academy but what was strange was that the headmaster had told him that his swordsmanship would be tested like it never had before. While they were trained in combat it was more for show than anything else, a way for the nobleman to test their mettle in mock combat and get better.

    Sighing he took a small paper heart from his pocket, his sisters scrawled handwriting practically bursting with excitement at the news. She had been accepted at the academy as well. Raphael knew that because of his success they would hold her to a high set of honor but his sister seemed so excited. Smiling sadly he realized that after this assignment, unless his new masters deemed it in their best interest he wouldn't be able to see his family for quite some time.

    Checking his pack once more and putting the paper heart away he checked his sword and straightened his black string tie around his neck. It matched his suit exactly. Black, with the traditional white shirt underneath. French cuffs with simple silver cuff-links. Around his belt was his sword, an ornate and beautifully crafted silver and steel rapier. It's basket twirled around the hilt of the blade like falling stars. He pressed his horse onwards as he entered the gates of the city.

    The villagers had not seen any young man so sharply dressed, his green eyes peering forward with focus as if he could not see the rest of them. Raphael was a bit nervous at the sight of so many eyes upon him. Shaking his head he quickly made it to the center of town where the giant mansion of the Prenauveault family.

    Knocking upon the door once the door began to creak open to reveal a young maid, "We have been expecting you... come in." She stood to one side as she held the door open, once inside he bowed kindly to her.

    "Thank you." He told her with a smile, she nodded and motioned for him to lead the way into the study. Taking a brisk pace towards the room he could feel someone's presence within. It was a kind respect and when he turned into the room he saw why. A large man, easily a half a foot taller then the already tall Raphael, though when he turned to face Raphael there was a gentle respect that both demanded his attention while helping him feel instantly at ease.

    "You must be Raphael," the door shut behind Raphael and he stood alone in the room with the man. The master of the house motioned for him to come closer. Raphael kept the brisk pace he had walking into the room and approached the man. "you came highly recommended from the academy. Not just for your knowledge but for your skill." Reaching out quickly the master's hand came to Raphael's blade. Just as quickly however Raphael's hand was already upon the hilt preventing access. It was simply a reaction which received a nod and a smile. "I can see why, thank you for coming."

    "It is my pleasure sir," Raphael bowed before his new employer and took his hand from his blade. "I take it from your interest in my skills you are in need of a guard?"

    A knowing smile came across the man's face, "Something like that... for now you will simply be among the servants. But please, let me get to know you a little..." He motioned for Raphael to take a seat on one of the couches.
  2. Back in one of the grand rooms touched with silk bedding and beige coloured red along with red strips, sat two women in front of a mirror. The older one held a brush in her hand and remained standing as opposed to the smaller girl, sitting on a chair, her hair occupied by familiar fingers. Amalia had plenty of maids and she could name all of them with ease, but there was one in particular that almost served like a sibling; a sister she'd always wished to have, if you will. The two spent much of their time in her room, simply discussing various things or, much like right now, Valerie was brushing the morning knots out of her hair.

    "Have you any information of this man?" Murmured Amalia, her usual smooth tone rendered the voice effortlessly sweet and seemingly innocent. Her father had spoken to her about hiring a butler that would be of much more use than simply serving; he'd be here to protect the family from rumored assaults deriving from enemy grounds. Truth be told, 'twas not what the rumors contained, but rather that they dared weave themselves in this very home. The idea of a possible traitor lied amongst the family, which was why the unique daughter dared to address such matter to her closest friend.
    "Unfortunately, I am not told any information; I am to obey orders, not receive information that could easily be misheard from another ear." Such words made Amalia understand that her parents' motives were deeper than they were letting on. Meaning that they were hiding something from her; were they afraid she'd fear what was to come? She was quite mature, at least she thought so, why not let her in on everything?

    "I wouldn't fret over it, darling." Valerie suggested, setting the brush down on the desk attached with a large mirror. With highly skilled fingers, Val began dressing a section of Amalia's hair into a braided crown she'd then let hang loose around the circumference of her head. It was nice, how it gave the illusion of a waterfall cascading down her dainty rose coloured strands.

    The quiet moment was interrupted by the sound of knocking on the main door. It had to be him. Luckily, the maid had just finished the style and was soon excusing herself, knowing she had to go and prepare some sort of warm breverage.

    As for Amalia, she trailed Valerie's steps until she stood at the top of the staircase, more than a little curious as to what appearance he sported. Unfortunately, by the time she had reached the steps, he was being directed to the left hallway and was out of her sight. Curling her hand around the railing of the stairs for a brief moment, Amalia let go and returned in her chamber as quietly as she had come out.

    *** *** *** *** ***

    "Tell me, boy," The man's deep voice sounded grovelled with fatigue as well as natural huskiness. "Have you any family? Lover?" He paused, drumming his strong fingers against the mahogany desk he was currently leaning on. "You are aware of the consequences that could potentially be as a result of having accepted the offer, yes?" Christopher was only expecting one answer that would give him permission to go on.

    The safety of his family currently weighed down on his shoulders and everything he chose to do at this current moment was all in benefit for his beloved family; they were all he had left -- his beloved wife and only daughter. He was a burly man with an extremely kind heart. "I ask this in order to be able to contact your family myself if anything were to happen to you -- worst case scenario, that is."
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  3. Were to happen to him? going back to the academy he realized the oath which he had taken to protect those her served would now be in effect. There was nothing to learn in the classrooms any longer. No one to hold his hand. No one to give him exactly what he needed when he needed it. It would be his service from here on out. It hadn't actually dawned on him until that point. Now this man, his employer was questioning him. "I have a mother and a sister my father died shortly after my sister was born, I only knew him for a short time. They are the only loved one that I have. No lover." Looking down for a moment he smiled seeing the paper heart in his mind's eye. "My sister has just entered the academy. I entered the academy to support both of them... my mother lives in Esten."

    Christopher seemed to nod as he looked at Raphael, he could tell that Raphael's life had been a level headed one. He apparently cared deeply for his mother and sister to be able to leave them a go to the Academy. He was very mature for his age. All in all the boy was shaping up to what Christopher needed all there was left was a matter of trust.

    "To be honest about the nature of this employment my headmaster was silent, only stating that my swordsmanship would be tested like it never had been before." Looking across to his lord Raphael could see the look of slight shock, "However," Raphael began looking Christopher dead in the eyes. "I took an oath when I entered the academy. I will not rest until my task is complete and my task is the protection of those I serve. Even if that means my death." A cold determination set into his eyes which caused a smile to set onto Christopher's face.

    "You have answered well... my family is very precious to me as well. You have come recommended as the best that the academy has to offer which is what I hope you will give to the protection of my family. I cannot go into details but there will be those that might wish to harm myself or my family. I have seen the determination in your eyes and I feel that you will serve well. I demand your best however..." matching the determination in Raphael's eyes, "if I do not you will return to the academy."

    "You will have more then my best, it is my duty to protect your family as if it were my own." Raphael stood and bowed to lord Christopher as if sealing the deal.

    "Well now that that has been handled!" Both men jumped a little which was met with a melodic laugh, lady Catherine stood at the door of the study with a tray of fresh tea and scones. Raphael looked upon the woman, he'd never seen a woman so beautiful before. Her hair was a soft pink and her face looked as if it had been carved from marble. Her eyes sparkled like gems and she seemed the very essence of natural beauty. She made her way to the table between them and set the tray down.

    Christopher smiled with pride as he looked at his wife, took her hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "This is my dear wife Lady Catherine." She smiled at Raphael and nodded, "You do not have to make tea and bring it, we do have a few servants around to do things like that."

    She laughed once more, "You know I make tea and scones better then anyone here. Besides I wanted to meet this new butler which you have been talking about." She motioned for Raphael to sit and to have a cup of tea. "I wonder where Amalia is... Valerie? Could you bring our daughter here so she can meet the new butler? I feel he should know those he'll be serving."
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