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  1. This video was originally named 'Blood for the Blood God', but the person who uploaded it changed the name.

    Made me lel.​
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  2. You're just asking for trouble with that one.

    Totally seems legit though. Just need to add 'Hail Satan' at the end of it. >_>
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  3. Chaos Gods > Satan.

    But we'll let it slide.

    Honestly don't get the video though. Just voiceovers from a game. Could find a video on prostitution and rename it "Actual Hillary Clinton Stuff".

    And it still wouldn't be nearly as bad as the shit she's actually done. Least Trump's nose is relatively clean compared to even the lowest politician.
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  4. I'm an atheist heathen. I don't believe in God or Satan.

    But at least I'm not like my husband who believes in aliens. Had to cut him off of all Stargates for a while to get his brain cleared of that.
  5. Are we talking aliens as in life existing somewhere else in the Universe?

    Or are we talking the UFO, Anal Probing "Take me to your leader" kind?
  6. More like the idea that humans were brought to Earth by aliens type of thing. He watches wayyyyyy too much Sci-Fi shit.
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  7. Ah. I approve of the Sci-Fi diet then. XD
  8. That is one of the sci-fi tropes that I abhor.

    I also don't like time travel (because it's invariably done incorrectly or not to it's fullest potential) and multiverse theory (trying to imagine all the alternate universes hurts my brain).
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