Trump Rally Riot in Chicago

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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the Trump Rally fiasco in Chicago and now Trump actually has the nerve to call the protesters thugs! Pot meet kettle.

    I don't support the violence and threats that happened since I prefer non-violent protests and it just gives what or who you're protesting against ammunition against you (which Trump is using).

    My theory is this: Trump is becoming popular because he uses the exact same tactics SJWs and feminists use. Fear, xenophobia, and hate. And apparently if you protest against him or disagree with him, you're a thug. Sound familiar?

    Honestly both sides need a good kick in the ass or simply a good beating. This is NOT making things any better and it's just giving me more reasons to hate humanity as it is now.
  2. Donald Trump should really switch to using words to solve his problems. He has the best words.
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  3. Yeah if you like hate speech :P
  4. I bet the riots were yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
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  5. To be honest, I am proud of people standing up for what they believe in. Of course it was meant to be non violent. Their intention was to interrupt him every time he spoke with "Bernie" chants however, Trump got scared and ran away. So presidential of him. Good on Chicago for making it clear how many people disagree with him. Hopefully more will follow suit and he can drop out already.
  6. "Violence is bad unless it's directed at someone I disagree with, then it's good."

    "I'm proud of Chicago erupting into street fights over politics."

    "If a person is fearful of their personal safety they should remain safe, except when that person is someone I dislike, then their just being a coward."

    That's what you sound like.


    I have a dream that one day you'll be able to make a post without resorting to SJW paranoia.

    I'm sure people will call me an ass and all, but I'll make this point before our censors lock this thread;

    This stuff happens all the time, and the more you push against Trump supporters, the more they will push back. The more things like this happen, the more attention he gets, the more fuel his campaign gets. All the sensationalist resistance to the guy is just providing him with free propaganda material. You want to help stop the bigotry? Use facts, not insults. Explain in carefully worded statements what you believe is wrong about these stances and express your willingness to understand, get to the root of the issue.

    Instead I see this, fighting fire with fire.

    All that gets us is a bigger fire.
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  7. I have a dream that one day you'll stop thinking I'm being paranoid about SJWs when I'm using actual facts. Apparently you can't read.

    So you just want people to be silent and watch Trump spout his bullshit at rallies? Last time I checked, we have the right to freedom of speech and we have a voice (and right) to protest against Trump. Last time I checked, Trump even stated that his supporters should use violence against his protesters. So who's pushing against who? That's inciting violence. Trump DESERVES to be protested against and unless you want him to president, I suggest you stop being compliant and wishy-washy.

    Facts aren't insults. I know you think they are BUT they aren't. Apparently Trump thinks so though.

    How are we fighting fire with fire? We're responding to Trump's bullshit speeches. It's not our fault if some people get violent in the process. You're not saying anything to Trump's supporters though. Double standards much?

    Sorry but your post reeks of bullshit to me. I'm not the one who should get my facts straight here.
  8. If Trump drops out, the election will be one-sided as hell XD Just like the last one. Trump's a coward who hides behind his retarded supporters and wants them to do his dirty work (like incite violence against his protesters).
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  9. Chicago?!

    That beautiful city full of peaceful people with its amazing gun control and total lack of record setting shootings every weekend that's run entirely by Democrats?!

    Woooow soooo proud.. Surprised nothing got burned down and a couple stores didn't get looted in the meantime..

    All they've done is show people what they really are. People that don't want you to have a voice if they disagree with it.

    Also, @SacredWarrior .. You decry sjw and their tactics but you cheer them on when used against someone you don't like? Hypocrite much?
  10. Trump can't handle criticism at all, because he has no way to come back from it. Someone calls him a liar, he just goes on making the same claims even after his lie has been brought to light. Someone criticizes him, he makes threats (Apparently half the country is going to 'get it' when he's in office for talking trash about him.)

    The thing of it is, people are entitled to protest peacefully, and that is exactly what most people are trying to do. Sadly, Trump and his supporters do not allow anything to remain peaceful. I've lost count of how many times I've watched a video of Trump supporters resorting to violence against someone who was protesting peacefully. Someone holds a sign up at his rally, there is no violence there, nothing interrupting him at all, yet he has to throw them out simply because they don't support him.

    How is that going to work if he wins? What's he going to do when another world leader disagrees with him? He can't kick them out. He can't make threats against them without the result being catastrophic. Trump is not a leader. Yet, he's winning people over by stretching the divide that's already present inside the country. The U.S is pissed at their politicians, but it's their own fault. People like Trump are not the answer, but the majority believes that he is because he's not a politician. Sadly, they're not looking at the big picture. They're not seeing what it's going to be like when he's sitting in one of the highest seats of power in the world.

    Everyone needs to ask themselves, if this is how things are now when he's only running, what is the US going to be like if he's president? He's already inciting violence. Do you think that's going to stop when he becomes president? What do you think is going to happen to our freedom of speech and our right to protest? I see another Kim Jong-un in the making. Anyone who speaks out against him will end up behind bars for some reason or another. Anyone who criticizes him will be stomped by his supporters and somehow they'll be the ones getting into trouble instead of the person who assaulted them. Maybe it seems like paranoia, but I don't see Trump winning the presidency in the best interest of our country.
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  11. Also, this. WHICH ONE IS IT?! Resort to physical violence or peacefully protest?
  12. [​IMG]

    Someone fucking gets it!
  13. Trump supporters don't allow peaceful protesting. 9/10 times they're the ones instigating the violence.
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  15. @Nydanna already said it. The violence is being caused by Trump's supporters. Not the protesters. If the supporters get violent, the protesters have a right to defend themselves. And vice versa. Peacefully protest and if your life is put in danger because of it, defend yourself and fight back.
  16. If Trump miraculously drops out, I'll gladly look forward to 4-8 years of Rubio or Kasich.
  17. I don't give a shit who gets into the White House. As long as it's not Trump
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  19. Ok, so maybe the wrong tone for me to start out there.

    I highly suggest you take a deep breath, go outside for a second, and then read the rest of this. I'll attempt to be a reasonable as possible despite it being outside of my range for someone who just called me a lair and full of shit.



    Let's start at the top;

    Maybe I'm wrong, but there have been people spouting Trump's ideals in the past. Every-time there is some massive movement against the guy, he only gains momentum. It's not about being silent, it's about being precise. Your post up there? That's an example of hot-headed reactionalism that will only fuel a greater divide between people. All the media coverage, all the offended millenials, all the fucking tweets. Your playing right into the dude's hands.

    Correct, never said you didn't. But do we have a right to beat up anyone we disagree with? This isnt about protesting, this is about protesting intelligently.
    Exactly! This is what the fucker wants! Can't you see that? This is giving him power, support. It's mobilizing all those people who never voted before. And by giving him violent protests, these people are eating out of Trumps hands.
    Agreed once more! Its easy to find similarities when you slow down and read someone's post like this. But I also think that anything deserves to be protested against if you believe strongly enough. People are legitimately scared of Bernie and Clinton, and they should protest against them too. Should they main and insult supporters? No, I don't believe so.
    Aaaand here's where you lose me. This topic isn't about me, and I'll do my best to keep any personal attacks out of this in respect for your opinion. I'm neutral, I have strong beliefs on both sides and I'm cursed with sympathy for right and left wing ideologies. You call it compliance, I call it cool-headed thinking and long-term resolution. To me, a negotiated solution is better that building up walls, creating rifts, and encouraging violence, at least when my own countrymen are concerned. It's great that your passionate, but those Trump supporters are passionate too.
    Never said that, and if you read my post again, you'll see I encourage facts, and discourage insults. In a post above you just called Trump supporters "retarded." That sir, is an insult, and that gets us nowhere. Last year I had my standing on the Confederate Flag incident changed by someone here posting facts, not by all the people who called me a racist, ignorant, and uneducated. Show a human side to someone and you can hope they will show it back. If I made this post dedicated to calling you an asshole and belittling you, do you think either of us would make any ground in understanding each other and solving the problem?
    Let's say Trump is an arsonist, his ideals are combustible and the heated rhetoric his supporters are using is causing it to light. Media, and heated reaction to those ideals only spreads the fire. Logic, understanding, and facts are what I consider to be the water where. But people opposing Trump, what are they doing? They throw insults at his supporters, they call them "retards." To me, that seems like fire with fire.
    If there were open Trump supporters here, I'd have plenty to say. But this is not the kind of place you'll see them prosper. If you want me to express my concern for Trump supporters, give me a PM and I will gladly return it. But I wasnt adressing the Trump supporters there, I was addressing you. I don't see that as double-standards.
    And there we are again. All I can say is that what I posted had nothing to do with fact, it was my opinion. Just as I never called any of your facts or opinions into question, (or at least I tried not too.) I'm just a veteran, college drop-out, and labor-worker, I'm likely not as educated or wordly as you, but I try my best to see all sides of the conflict. I have no bad blood towards you and I hope you can return the gesture.

    I'll leave you with a picture of my puppy as a token of hopeful friendship.

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  20. Kasich is my homeslice, but I know better than to dream of him making it.

    I'm confident that President Clinton's term will be identical to Obama's.
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