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  1. Zayn Malik unlocked the door to the house he shared with the guys, and he called out as he entered, “I’m home!” He dropped his backpack on the table by the door and headed into the kitchen where his four boyfriends were.

    Yes boyfriends, as in plural. You see, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis, and even little Niall were all together. They all had their roles in their five part relationship that had grown from friends, to best mates, to soul mates since they met at x factor. But after spending time together 24/7 and getting to know everything about one another they realized that they would do anything for one another and were quite in love.

    As Zayn entered the large kitchen, he heard Harry chattering on excitedly. "I know what we should get while we’re in London! Guys, can we get a k-”

    “No, Harry Edward Styles, we can not get a kitten.” Zayn told his curly haired lover for what seemed like the 50th time.

    “But, Zaynie…..!” Harry said his eyebrows pulling together in sadness.

    Zayn’s gaze softened, looking at Harry lovingly he sighed, “Hazza, I know you want a cat but we can’t get one, because we aren’t here often enough to take proper care of it.”

    “Fine,” Harry grumbled as Zayn chuckled watching the youngest stab his bacon angrily.

    After a while, Zayn turned to the unusually silent blonde on his right, “Nialler, baby, are you okay?”
  2. Louis was out with a few friends, missing the other four even when he was gone for a few hours or so. They all brought different things to the relationship, and his immaturity always made them all laugh.

    Liam tried to be the voice of reason as Harry desperately demanded that they buy a kitten, rolling his eyes and ruffling the boy's hair. "We've been this before, it just isn't possible." Though he wouldn't mind buying a turtle, sounded cooler than a cat.

    Niall was picking halfheartedly at his plate of scrambled eggs, expression glum until he was spoken to. "Yeah, I'm good." He mumbled, forcing a smile.
    He always felt as though he was the unwanted member of the group, useless and hated by fans and the other members of his relationship.
  3. The caramel-skinned lad's eyebrows furrowed. "Babe, are you sure? You're not eating." He noted with concern. He carded his fingers through the blonde hair that belonged to his younger lover. "You never leave any food uneaten, so talk to us. Please?" He asked gently.

    "But I'd look after it, and I'd make sure it gets exercise, even when we're on tour." Harry pouted, giving Liam his best puppy dog eyes look. "Please, Li-Li?"
  4. Niall wasn't interested in sharing. He felt vulnerable and concerned, positive that Zayn just wouldn't understand. "I'm just feeling a bit under the weather, no big deal." He mumbled, pushing his plate away and then standing to clean it up.

    Liam very nearly surrendered and gave in to Harry's desires, he was so cute. But he couldn't. "Haz, it couldn't get exercise on tour. Animals don't do well when they're always travelling, they get sick and sad baby. I'm sorry." He pressed a kiss to the boy's head.
  5. "Alright." Zayn reluctantly said, letting the subject go. "Well, I was thinking of planning an anniversary surprise for you and the lads for after the Brits ceremony, but I'm having trouble coming up with a good idea, so could you pretty please help? It would be our surprise to them?" He asked hopefully.

    Harry's lower lip quivered. "But we could have a pet mascot! How about a turtle then?" He brightened up. "You like turtles, don't you? And we would be able to have a terrarium on the tour bus to keep the turtle in.
  6. Niall liked that idea, maybe the closeness between them would reassure him that he really was wanted. "Um, maybe we could have a party? But only invite our families and a few friends. We could have dancing and food~ but most of all food."

    Liam couldn't help but grab Harry's waist and tug the boy onto his lap; puzzling his neck gently. Harry really knew him like the back of his hand. "Hmm. I do like turtles. But are you sure you could take care of it? It might be a little tough babe, especially when we're so busy. Do you think you could handle it?"
  7. "Yeah, that's a great idea." Zayn nodded appreciatively. "How about after that? I'm thinking about something more intimate, more just between us five, because it will be our three year anniversary of being together as boyfriends?" He reached out and pulled Niall into his lap with a smile, so their positions mirrored Liam and Harry's, across the table. "How are you so perfect?" He mumbled, as he kissed along Niall's jawline. "You're like perfect personified."

    "Yeah, I could handle it. I'm twenty now - I can handle looking after a turtle or two. Besides, I'd have help from you guys." Harry smiled, and wriggled his bum back on Liam's crotch cheekily.
  8. Niall couldn't believe that it had been three years since they'd started this life-changing relationship. They were everything Niall lived for, his entire universe. "I'd like that, it's a pretty big deal right? It'll be fun, whatever we do." A small smile formed as he settled on Zayn's lap, porcelain cheeks flushing bright pink. He squirmed at the kisses peppered along his jaw, eyelids fluttering. "I'm the furthest thing from perfect in the world, Z..." He breathed.

    Liam chuckled, the melodic sound cut short with a soft gasp. "God, Harry, you're such a tease..." He panted, quickly giving in.
    "Fine, you've got a yes from me~ but your have to get everyone else in on it."
  9. Zayn stopped, and cupped Niall's cheeks, making their eyes meet. "Niall Horan, you are perfect to us. Did you know that every night before I go to bed, I watch you sleep, because it's so angelic, and perfect?" He kissed his boyfriend's nose. "Trust me, you're perfect. I'm not, but you are. You have absolutely no flaws whatsoever, and you're totally loved."

    Harry smirked, and got down from Liam's lap. "I know." He grinned wickedly, and carried his empty plate to the sink. "You know this break has been incredible - just no rehearsals, no interviews, nothing. We can just spend it together. After the Brits on Saturday though, we'll be back into the limelight, and we'll have to start rehearsing for the Where We Are tour."
  10. Niall nuzzled closer against him, struggling to believe that he didn't have any imperfections at all. "I snore when I sleep, that's one imperfection right there Z. But...thanks, that's really sweet." He breathed, leaning forward to chastely press their lips together. Zayn's words did make him feel less worthless, but when he looked in the mirror he just saw ugliness.

    Liam smirked in his direction, agreeing completely with the younger boy. "Hm, I like being all lazy and chilled out. But it'll be good to start getting into work again,"
  11. "Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections..." Zayn softly quoted. "Nialler, I absolutely love your snore. It's like a little whistle, and it's adorable. See? What you think are flaws, I think are signs of you being perfect." He kissed his lover's head. "Want to go upstairs and have cuddles for a while, just the two of us?"

    "I'm really not looking forward to something about this year though. Management's making Zaynie get married to Perrie at some point." Harry frowned. "It's not fair - we're his boyfriends." He had nothing against Perrie personally - she was a lovely girl - but he wanted to come out with his boys someday.
  12. Niall arched his brows in pure fascination, pale cheeks flushing bright red. "Aw, Zaynie..." He breathed, moving to run both dainty hands through Zayn's dark hair. It was wrong, but he felt a true deep connection with Zayn more than anyone else. He felt safe in his lover's arms, contented and happy. He wasn't coping well with Zayn's upcoming 'marriage'~ it was destroying him
    "I'd love to."

    Liam flinched at the concept of his boyfriend getting publicly married to a woman. Perrie was actually very pleasant, but when did that matter? Regardless of who Zayn was marrying, it was wrong! Zayn was already in a relationship.
    "Urgh...I know..."
  13. Zayn chuckled, and gently ran his thumb over one of Niall's blushing cheeks. "You're adorable, you know that." He smiled and stood up, scooping up his boyfriend into his arms bridal-style. "Are you sure you're not hungry?" He checked.

    "Hopefully Zee'll be able to put it off for as long as possible, especially since we have our stadium tour this year, and then Simon's planning us an Aussie tour for next year, so there wouldn't be any time to plan until at least next summer." Harry sighed with relief. "Li, I just really want to come out now. I want to scream it from the mountain tops that I'm as gay as a rainbow flag and I'm in love with four guys."
  14. Niall looped his arms comfortably around Zayn's neck, pressing his face against his neck as though trying to hide away from his problems. "I'm sure Z, don't worry." He encouraged softly, the colour of his cheeks not fading.

    Liam sighed, desperately hoping that Harry was correct. "I hope so, I don't know how I'll handle seeing Zayn actually get married. Real or not, it won't be good. He's already ours." He breathed, a sad expression on his face.
    "Me too Haz, me too."
  15. Zayn carried Niall up to his own room upstairs - all the guys shared one big bedroom usually, but they had separate bedrooms as well - and he lay the Irishman down on the bed, hovering over him. "Ni, can I ask your help with somethin' important?" He asked hesitantly. "I want to come out to me mum, but I don't know how she's going to react, or if she'll tell me dad about it. I don't want him to know yet."

    "You're too obvious about that though, Li. Any time the Zerrie engagement's brought up in interviews, you instantly frown, and people notice, because you and Zee are meant to have the best bromance besides me and Lou, and people notice that you're not happy about it." Harry pointed out gently. "Just do what I do, and imagine it'll be you walking down that aisle and getting married to him."
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