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  1. What, in your opinion, is true strength of character?
    What does it mean to have strong character, what actions characterize it, etc.?
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  2. I believe that strength of character is defined by no one other than oneself. Courage, conviction, awareness, assertiveness and a willingness and ability to protect and serve your family and community are what I personally constitutes strength of character, if nothing more than the strength of my own.
  3. True strength of character?

    Willingness to sacrifice, and wisdom. Those who are willing to pay the price in blood, sweat, and tears to achieve their ends, and who are wise enough to know to create rather than destroy, create the future. A loss of either faculty brings with it travesties, selfishness, and ignorance. All other characteristics one could ascribe positively (bravery, determination, intelligence, confidence, compassion, tolerance, et cetera) are expressions of one or both of those traits, working in tandem.

    Life is merely a series of choices. Learning to live with the consequences, learning to take control of your life--that's wisdom. Learning how to mold and shape your life, how to let go of pain and give of yourself to make life better--that's a willingness to sacrifice.
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  4. True strength of character is being true to yourself despite resistance from the outside, and despite expectations from yourself and others. If you can be "you" in spite of everything that goes against it... that's truer then true.
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    1. Rational Loyalty (As in, you're loyal. But you won't blindly follow someone if they are doing something truly objectionable)
    2. Honest
    3. Caring towards the fellow man
    There are other characteristics I could list that'd be preferable for someone to have, but these for me are the core three. If one cannot be loyal, what can one say for their principles, who they are or what they care for? If one cannot be honest what can one say for anything about them? Without honesty you become a spreader of false information for self benefit, and that does nothing but harm everybody in the end. And then ultimately, caring towards the fellow man. We are stronger and better when united, but if we become too divided and uncaring it will spell the end of mankind.
  5. True strength of character I find is in a person who can think rationally and stand up for themselves even when the tides seem against them. Someone who can put their foot down yet at the same time not hurt others in the process. Someone who will do what's right despite opposition.
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  6. I have a rather amoral view of what constitutes strength of character. I say it comes down to self-control and conviction. If you act with purpose and stick to that purpose despite people or events that would determine you, then you've got strength of character. It's nothing to do with honesty or good will, it's about enduring hardships and obstacles without giving up. To take the extreme example, Hitler had strength of character. Possessing it is neither inherently good nor inherently bad, it's just a personality trait really.
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  7. Strength of character I suppose I would define as being true to yourself and not compromising your values, standing up for yourself and your well-being, etc.

    There's a different kind of strength in being selfless and compassionate, but "strength of character" I would define this way.
  8. To me, strength is not a matter of physical build. It takes a lot of strength to admit something, and try to fix it. Many people in my life I have seen outright lie or stay silent about an issue they created because they didn't want to own up to what they've done or didn't do. They make up excuses as to why they did or didn't do it, and dodge the responsibility of owning up to their actions or lack thereof.

    I've seen strength in someone on their last legs, who are ready to give up and throw it all away only to have some sort of rallying cry from deep within their person and pull through. Their will suddenly awakens, and you have no idea how they could have stood up again after being hit so hard. Seeing someone able to pull themselves up, with aide of no other person, to me is a sign of true strength.

    Holding compassion for others when you hold none for yourself. This one isn't really all that good I guess in a way because one should always try to treat oneself better than they believe they deserve. We are often times our own worst critic. But I've seen a person so driven to making other people's lives better and forgetting their own because they know what it's like to be alone. It's an odd form of strength and it's rather destructive but it's a strength to me nevertheless.

    It's moving on when you cannot see ahead of you. All those insecurities, fears, and walking on.

    A strength is in content of character, not what we see on magazines.
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