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  1. Every person is born with a fair mark somewhere on their body, each mark is utterly unique in colour and shape and there is only one person with a match and that is your meant to be. As you go on in life the mark becomes brighter in colour and more visible the closer you get to meeting that one person. The day you meet them your mark will glow so bright that it will catch the eye of your one without fail

    There are the fair times, however, when someones mark never brightens and that either means that their one has someone else or just isn't around and the only time their mark ever glowed was if that changed or they met them. Clover was one of the never-glows.

    Clover was a sharp tongued, intelligent and fearless 18 year old that refused to listen to idiots. Most people thought the red head was scary and horrible when in fact she was only like that because it meant people didn't try and mess with her if she stepped in to help someone.

    Clover checked the flower shaped mark on her hand as she did every day and shook her head every time it was the same as the say before then headed out to college. Another boring, uneventful day, what utter fun.
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  2. Brendan was a fun loving, conflicted, yet easy to talk to guy with an eye for detail, and always had good advice.
    Not very interested in others, but always there when you need him.
    He never asks for much, and always gives more than he probably should, but that was alright, he knew that one day there'd be someone out there that would catch his eye.

    He looked down at his mark and sighed, he looked out of the window of his appartment, and mumbled "Whoever you may be.. Please come soon."
    He walked over to the wooden table in his living room and looked at the college papers. "Maybe I'll go after all.." He looked around and started feeling anxious, he sat down and took a deep breathe. "Tomorrow." He whispered.
  3. Clover walked down the street slowly, listening to her music as she smiled softly while appreciating the warm summer sun but she failed to notice the mark on her hand growing in colour slightly. The girl sighed though when she heard people whispering about seeing her smile, she was well known in the small town for being an ice queen and anything she did that said otherwise got whispers at.
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  4. He sat for hours, staring at the wall, not noticing his mark or anything around him. He was drowning in thoughts about the desire of finding someone and having a better life. He closed his eyes, took a deep breathe and decided to get up. He grabbed his jacket and started making his way outside. When he got out he walked through the streets, still with his head in the clouds.
  5. Clover glared at some of the people that walked and she tried not to feel too annoyed at all the whispers that could be heard around her.

    A man quickly ran up to Brendan and grabbed his arm to pull him to a stop "you should watch out where you're going mate" he said quickly and pulled him to the side as clover walked past "that's not someone you want to get angry" he said and nodded at the girl.

    Clover didn't hear it though because she saw a faint glowing and she gasped as he looked down at the glowing mark on her hand. The teen looked around for a matching glow.
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  6. He looked down and noticed a glow, he looked at his mark and pulled away as he looked at the man "you see that? It's glowing. She, she's somewhere near." He started walking towards clover, not looking where he was going, but staring at his mark.
    He suddenly bumped into her, he grabbed her arm to stop her from falling over "I'm so, so sorry, I was.." He looked at her hand, and paused for a second, he looked up "show me your hand!" He said with a slightly raised voice, he surprised himself and lowered his voice "please?"
  7. Clover stared at her glowing hand and swore loudly when she was almost knocked over "yeah you better be you idjit" she snapped then frowned and rolled her eyes "you don't need to shout" she muttered then held her glowing hand out to him "why do you want to see my hand?" she studied the lad in front of her closely in curiosity
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  8. His eyes widened as he raised his arm and showed his mark "I think.. That we should talk." He looked down for a couple of seconds, then looked at her. "I'm Brendan, and I am very glad to meet you."
  9. Clover stared for a moment and she was sure her heart had stopped before smiling brightly and nodding "yeah, I think we should too. The pleasures all mine Brendan, I'm Clover"
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  10. He offered his hand for her to shake and smiled "Again, I'm so sorry for bumping into you, I was just excited about my mark, and I wanted to find you.. And I just.. I'm sorry. I talk too much."
  11. Clover giggled softly and shook her head as she took his hand and shook it "It's ok, most people around here like to bump in to me jsut to see if I'll yell at them or not" she said with a shrug "and you're rambling yeah but it's cute"
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  12. He blushed and smiled "Well, I rather not have you yell at me." He took a deep breathe "I don't suppose that.. Well.. You'd wanna go for a coffee or something?"
  13. Clover nodded then looked around then quickly ducked her head at the crowd of people watching them "Yeah, that's sounds like fun" he said almost shyly, she had never thought this would happen to her of all people
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  14. He smiled and opened the door to a small cafe behind her "I know it's not high class, but it looks like you're trying to hide, we can lock the door and close the blinds if you want."
  15. Clover walked in and smiled at the thoughtful offer before shaking her head "thank you but that's ok. Most people around here just have nothing better to do than gossip" she said and talked over to her susal seat "I'll go get us something to drink. Any favorites?"
  16. He closed the door behind them "if you're sure, and yeah, I guess people talk." He walked after her and looked at her. "Uhm, I'll just have a coffee, I need to wake up a little more." He couldn't look away, she was drawing him in without even knowing. He so hoped this day would come, and here it is.
  17. Clover nodded with a smile and went to the counter, lucky for her this cafe was a favorite of hers and she loved it there. The teen came back a few minutes later with the drinks and sat opposite the lad "so Brendan, tell me about yourself" she said then laughed "wow that sounded cheesy"
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  18. "Thank you." He chuckled and shrugged "well, what would you like to know? Because I have no idea what exactly tell you, except for.. I've been waiting for you."
  19. Clover smiled softly and nodded "yeah me too, I never thought it would happen to be honest though. It stopped changing when I was like 16 so I just gave up" she said with a shrug "Do you go to college or something?"
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  20. "Me too." He looked down "I guess that thought kinda scared me." He smiled "I was going to go tomorrow.. To enroll, I'm not sure if I should though. I've never been the smart guy. How about you? Do you go to college?"
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