True Life: I'm in Love with my Best Friend's Mom

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  1. Juneau's friend Aaron's mom is too pretty, so pretty Juneau isn't sure his heart can handle it.


    Name: Juneau
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student

    Height: 5’ 11”
    Build: Lanky
    Hair: Dark and long to the chin, always a mess.
    Eye: Dark brown
    Complexion: Olive
    Unusual traits:

    Personality: Shy, lacking confidence, and a bit uptight.

    History: Grew up as the only child in a strict household, mother and father were both very hard on him. This cause him to develop an anxiety disorder that has gone mostly uncontrolled. Currently studying to be a doctor, in order to make his parents proud. Though, he truly wants to be a veterinarian. He goes to the same school as (friend) who is much more of a social butterfly than him. He is now back on his final summer break of his undergrad.

    Name: Elizabeth
    Age: 44
    Height: 5’ 5”
    Build: Comfortable and decent for being a mom.
    Hair: Recently cut to about shoulder length, a lighter shade of brown.
    Eye: Hazel, with an emphasis of green.
    Complexion: Bronze medium
    Unusual traits:

    Personality: Relaxed, trying to adjust to the fact her child is no longer a 'kid', easy to smile.

    History: Has been mostly a single mother for a majority of her child's life, she is glad that he appears to be a very good boy. She hasn't heard much about him in a negative sense, and he does come home to see her and isn't embarrassed by her - much - that she figures she didn't do a bad job. Now that he does college and his own thing, she has tried to figure out what she wants to do. She doesn't work much any more, enough to pay bills, but nothing that holds her to a strict busy schedule. She tried dating a few but it didn't feel right, plus she doesn't notice her appearance anyway.
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  2. Summer should be a relaxing time for Juneau seeing he was away from his back breaking classes, but no, it just meant he came home to his back breaking parents. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his mom and dad, they just always expected more from him than he could handle. When he moved away to college with his best friend, Aaron he thought his anxiety would get worse. Though, it got better(not that he didn’t have an attack or several during finals week) when he came home they only got worse. His parents constantly berating him over grades, and taking summer courses, and finding a job. This summer, he said no to anything extra(well besides his job lifeguarding he had since he was 16) much to his parent discontent. Now, Juneau found himself with more time than he knew what to do with. Which lead to him over at Aaron’s house practically all the time, tonight was just one of the many nights he found himself at Aaron’s door.

    The lanky boy rang the bell, shifting awkwardly as he waited for Aaron. He didn’t see his friend's car in the driveway, which of course concerned him. He wasn't sure what he’d do with his evening if Aaron wasn’t home, especially since his parents will being more obnoxious than usual. Also, Aaron’s mother well--she made Juneau terribly nervous, maybe because she was so unlike his mother, or maybe because she was really pretty. Thinking about Aaron’s mom only made him panic more, he soon found himself breathing hard and considering running back to his car.
  3. Elizabeth was -for the lack of a better word - bored. For eighteen years she had been working so hard on raising a boy to become a respectable man. And now she didn't really have anything to do. While his son Aaron was at college, she almost went out of her mind. Since she didn't have as many things to worry about (like feeding her son who seemed to eat everything within seeing distance) her bills weren't as bad and she didn't have to work as much. Which meant more free time.

    And it was leading her into insanity.

    Lately, she has been experimenting with different smoothies and juices because it just wasn't worth cooking for one. So now when Aaron is home for the summer, she still has the habit of making smoothies for herself to drink until he gets home and then makes a meal. And it usually wasn't just her son, her son's friend joins them as well. She didn't mind; he was a nice kid. A very nice kid. Who grew up into a nice young man. But it always seems like he wasn't fond of her. Maybe she did something to offend him? She was debating if she needed to add more banana or just surrender for the day when her bell rang. She looked at the clock - it was too early for Aaron to be home. He had told her he'd be later today because someone called in and they couldn't get a replacement until later. Slightly confused, she walked over and opened the door.

    She smiled once she saw it was Juneau. She noticed his breathing was a litter heavier, but she pretended not to notice to be nice. "Hi, I wasn't quite expecting you yet. Come on in," she automatically stated. Elizabeth didn't think anything of it. "Aaron told me he'd be home late today because of work, so I thought you'd be coming later. Sorry about the mess. I was testing a new smoothing shake recipe thing-" now she felt as if she were rambling a bit. Young men don't think about stuff like that, right? "Would you like anything," she asked as she walked towards the living room.
  4. Like a lost puppy Juneau followed her around, biting at his lip trying to calm his nerves. What was he doing? Why did he just leave and come back later? Being alone with Aaron's mom was strange, even if he knew this woman forever. God, he couldn't even focus what she was talking about, so he just nodded awkwardly. He stood there in the living room looking around, clearly feeling out of place.

    Finally, he spoke clearing is throat as he did, "I can--uh leave, I'll just come back when Aaron's around." It almost felt like it physically hurt him, he wanted to panic. Instead he stood there shifting foot to foot nervously.
  5. Elizabeth turned to him with a smile on her face. Oh, did she do something wrong again? "No no, it's fine. He should be home soon. Go ahead and sit down! Get comfortable."

    She opened her mouth to say something else, but then decided against it and then just smiled once more and turned away. "Did-did you want anything? While you wait? You know you're more than welcome to watch TV or something." It just hit her that she had never been alone with Juneau before, and she could not help but wonder why. She wiped her hands on her pants - a nervous habit - then turned to face him again. "I did you want to try a smoothie that I made? It's mostly like fruit - bananas, orange and milk? Or anything else really..."

    Why was she a little nervous? He was a nice kid - a VERY nice kid. From what she heard, his parents were a little too hard on him so she tried to make him feel comfortable here in her home. He is her son's best friend, and they stayed friends for so long for good reasons. She shouldn't invade his privacy or anything.

    "Do I make you uncomfortable?"

    There goes that idea. She held up her hands as soon as she realized what slipped out. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Let me just see if we have some soda still here or something. Go ahead and watch some Tv sweetie." She went to retreat into the kitchen. Oh my God, what did she just do? She started hoping that Aaron would come home soon so she didn't embarrass herself more. "Way to go Liz, make the kid feel worse... idiot," she muttered to herself.
  6. The already nervous Juneau became even more terrified when she asked if she made him uncomfortable. It only made him more aware of his sweaty palms and blushing face. Does she know that I thinks she's totally pretty? He swallowed hard, and after a moment of debating he decided to be brave. Facing his fear was something he was working on, he read somewhere that it would help his anxiety. Really, he only felt like it would make him panic more, but what did he know.

    The lanky boy stood in the door way of the kitchen and after a long moment he spoke, "you don't make me uncomfortable--no- I mean everyone makes me uncomfortable. What I meant to it's not just you". As he spoke his face grew redder and his voice got quieter and quieter, to the point that it was almost a whisper.
  7. Elizabeth had her face hidden behind the fridge door, but a smile of relief spread on her face as well as a light blush. He actually replied! Though he got quieter and quieter... at least she knew that it wasn't just her. And for some odd reason, that brought her a lot of relief. She finally stood straight and offered the now red boy a drink. Oh goodness that really took a lot of effort on his part. That was really sweet that he tried so hard to make sure she didn't feel bad about it-

    Okay, maybe she was reading way too much into it but it is a nice thought. She can dream.

    Wait - why is she dreaming about him making so much effort for her? Ah it must be because she is his best friend's mom. That makes perfect sense. Right? She didn't realize it, but she lightly bites her lower lip when in thought. It is an old habit that she had believed to had broken, but it does pop out from time to time. "Thank you," she finally stated. "That actually makes me feel better. For a while I thought I did something weird that make you nervous about me. But now that I know I haven't offended you, I-" she cut herself off. There she goes again. Man, she really must lack human contact. She just wanted to ramble.

    She was acting as if she were a teenager. Not good Liz, she berated herself.
  8. The young man was always one to let others speak, mostly because it allowed him not to. He as always the quiet one, the one who people considered a 'wallflower'. He leaned back against the wall trying to figure out what she was trying to get at. Biting at his lip he averted his eyes, it was it weird that she made him nervous? Not in the way others did, but in a fluttery way. Letting out a deep breath, he finally decided he could speak.

    "Uh- what else were you going to say? About not offending me?" he asked awkwardly, his face blushing an embarrassing shade of red.
  9. Elizabeth offered another soft smile. "Nothing. Just a mother's ramble," she said with a sigh. "I miss having you boys around. I get lonely here and I don't realize it until you guys are gone or as soon as you come back. Just - empty." She was not going to admit it but it slipped out. But it is better that it ended up being with this kind boy instead of her son. Aaron might worry a little or make a fuss about it. And she didn't want that to happen. But with Juneau, it felt okay. Like it was a different situation with him.


    She shook her head and lightly giggled. Sweet kid. She lightly patted his arm as she walked by toward the Living Room. This time she would actually turn on the TV. She normally did it as background noise and now she was using it to make sure she doesn't keep just rambling. "What do you want to watch hun? Anything in particular?" She turned it on and it was on a channel that happened to be playing a romantic comedy. Now that she would actually watch.

    And she wanted to stop embarrassing herself.
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