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  1. "Alright. Game on!"

    LARP Day 1, august 24, 2015, 1:05 PM

    Archer and the rest of the group approached the abandoned town of Clindale, Kansas. The residents had evacuated a while ago, most were likely dead by now. It was a good place to hole up in for a little while, and, with the proper time and defenses, it could be defended and used as a main base. They planned to stay here almost a month, and then move on to the next town, taking with them whatever they could. "Alright, fan out, search the town. Call out when you think you've found something valuable."
  2. L.A.R.P day 1, August 24, 2015 , 1:06 p.m.

    Rose grumbled made her way into the town finding a place near the entrance that was covered by leave to leave the old sleeping bag she was carrying.

    " Heading out, left side gonna check out the stores there see what to grab maybe were to set up base anyone else coming?"

    Rose said before walking down the plant infested road. She leaned down to check out a three leaves plant rising from under the road.

    " Oh and watch out for poison ivy it seems to like this area. "

    Rose said this before slipping in between a boarded up window.
  3. Jinx adjusted the pack on her back, her stance slouched ever so slightly to accompany the weight.

    "Annoying... I'll go find a good place to camp out in one of the motels." She said positioning her weapon at her side.

    Jinx walked down the street and into a motel 8. It wasn't long before she started target practice, but it was simple "one shots" calm and focused, she was obviously using her glock.
  4. L.A.R.P day 1 August 24 2015 , 1:08

    Alex nodded as Archer told the gourp to fan out he immediately did as he was ordered. He headed toward an abandoned Bar moving trough his ghost ,Town sent shivers down his spine.

    Walking through the bar he saw different liquors and ales not sure any of it would be 'valuable'. So he grabbed the strongest bottle there ,dropping it in his bag its main focus was for the sterileness the bottle offered. Still scanning the area..
  5. L.A.R.P day 1, August 24, 2015 , 1:10p.m.

    Rose grumbled as her boot stepped on a broomstick. She pieced together it was a general store. The sign out front has a few leave covering it but by its leftover contents she could tell.

    Anything in the freazers would be defrosted and probably expired. So she walked past them making her way to the canned food shelf. Corn, carrots green beans, maybe when they settled into a area she could plant a garden. Back on track she found a few cans of beans left on the shelf they would expire in about a mouth. She assumed since she wasn't sure what day it was just what month it was so she put those in her backpack. On the bottom portion, Rose also grabbed a can of corn just because it wasn't expired yet and she could maybe make something.

    Making her way to the home row of the store she started to piece thru the pulled down shelves trying to see if any good warm blankets were still intact. There was a few pots small good for cooking over a fire with the right set up. A large laddle and a wooden spoon. Bowls enough for the group she stacked her utensils and went to find a bag. Garbage bags would work there were a few lying around.
  6. Archer searched a bout a block further down, looking through windows to see if the house looked like it might have valuables in it, and either picking the lock or kicking the door in if it did. Three houses checked quickly, and he'd already managed to bag a can of peas, some batteries, a can opener, and three bullets. Night comes quick in august, though, so they would have to find a suitable house to bunk down in. Preferably, one with a fenced-off backyard and a firepit. They'd need somewhere to cook the food, and the gas and electric lines have been long cut off in the town. The sun was already beginning its decent, and would only quicken its pace as time wore on.
  7. Chrono listened to the orders of the leader of the small group he'd come to find on his way into the small town, making his way to a building that seemd to have had been untouched for some time.
    Though its walls were slightly cracked, it stood out amongst the dilapiated buildings at sides, appearing in almost pristine condition in comparison.
    Slicing a small hole, just large enough to fit his right hand, in the dirty glass of the metal door, he turned the old locking mechanism and made his way inside, discovering the reason behind the 'heavy' security: it was a weapons shop, guns along the back wall, blades along the sides, even some uniques items hanging from the ceiling.

    "Now this was unexpected. Let's see if we can find a way to get to the roof, that way I can get some idea of where I am in conjuction to tne others."

    Glancing over the weaponry before he made his way to the back, he saw several items that might come in handy if they were to come into need of more gear, walking up to a large black door, a broken card reader at its side.
    Pushing the door with slight difficulty, as the hinges had become throughly caked with dust and grime, he found a short stairwell, ascending the winding stairs towards another door upon the ceiling, another, smaller, flight of stairs leading up to it.
    As he pushed the metal hatch free with a long creaking sound, he stepped into the light, walking near the edge of the building, trying to pinpoint the locations of the others to no avail, deciding to resort to using the walkie talkie he was given when he'd joined the group.

    "Hello? I've found something unexpected for such a small town: a weapons shop. It's fully stocked, as if whoever was tending it had to leave before they came back in to work. I'm on the roof, and I'd say it might be a good place to make a base in the near future, though it may be better to use that motel across the way for living space. If anyone has a light source, please signal your positions, and I'll try to pinpoint your locations and direct you to the motel. It's not gonna be good if we get caught out here at night. No telling what kinds of things we'll run into."
  8. ((Walkie talkies? When we get those?))

    Rose put the garbage bag between her backpack and her and slipped through the stores only entrance. The small opening between the boards up windows. As in doing this she would be seen by chronological before moving off. She knew if someone was watching her. She moved off to the side of the road and unzipped her backpack, stuffing the garbage bag in the empty space in there before closing it. Rose took a second before starting to whistle. Her sign to show were she was. If anyone knew her long enough they would know that. As it sounded like a small bird had a week breath and put out a sorrow song.