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  1. Do you believe in ghosts?

    I do.


    Have you ever felt a cold spot in a room? Heard a strange noise or seen something from the corner of your eye that just should not have been there?

    Have you ever seen a ghost?

    I thought I would create this thread in honor of horror month (my favorite genre!) to see if anyone has ever experienced really real paranormal activity. For some strange reason, I seem to experience a lot of it and thought it would be fun to swap spooky stories! So without further ado...

    The first time:
    My first experience came when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My very best friend at the time, Sara and I would play together all the time and trade clothes, climb trees and do various other little girl things. Sara was a lot more of a daredevil than I was, skirting around rules and things. I wished that I could have been more like her, what I thought of as brave and daring. One of the things she did was to not wear her seat belt; nothing exactly daring but when you're that age and mom tells you to put it on, to just not wear it was a pretty big act of defiance. And it turned out to be a dangerous one.
    We had traded coats that day at school. I remember that detail really well and I'm almost certain that her jacket- the one she lent me- with the zebras on it still hangs in a closet at my parent's house.
    Sara and her mother were rounding a large curve in the road when a coal truck veered out if its lane into theirs and struck them head on. Sara wasn't wearing a seat belt and was ejected. She was wearing my coat.
    She lingered in the hospital for a few days before passing on and I remember my mom said I couldn't go to see her. She was apparently in really bad shape. It was a closed-casket funeral for her, and I wasn't allowed to go to say goodbye.

    But Sara came to say goodbye to me.

    I was lying in bed, not sleeping and just staring into the dark, when these strange shapes began to take form. None of them looked like her, but there was a presence- the feel of her- in them. And I knew that she was alright. That she was saying goodbye and that she loved me. And I'll never forget that.

    The second time:
    The second experience was a brief one and very unexplained. It has no big lead-up and no real conclusion. I was just asleep one night when my eyes opened and there was a man at the foot of my bed. He was dressed in the uniform of a civil war soldier and just looking at me. And then he turned and walked into nothingness and was gone.

    The third time:
    My third experience came during a family gathering at the old family home in Green Creek, WV. When my mother's mother was a young girl, her father shot himself in that house while my grandmother was coloring a picture. She was so frightened, so terrified about it that she just kept coloring until the entire page was blue. A few years later her mother did the same, in the same house, piling coats and blankets upon herself to muffle the shot.
    We were at the house on a gorgeous summer day, taking pictures and visiting family and having a wonderful time. Everyone wanted copies of the pictures so my great aunt had them developed at one of those 1-hour places. Remember, they had them when cameras still used film? At any rate, by the time the gathering was winding down she had the pictures in hand and we were all looking at them when we noticed something strange. In one wide photo of the house, there was a fuzzy figure of a man in a hat in one of the windows. No one there was wearing anything like that.
    In another photo, one of the flowers by one of the front windows, a woman's ghostly hand was seen as if it meant to pull back the lace curtain.

    The fourth, fifth, and sixth times:
    My most recent experiences I'm going to lump together to keep you guys from getting tired of reading! They are fairly recent, maybe six years ago? I was working in a resort back home in WV as a cook, and fairly liked my job. There had been a few stories the veteran line cooks told about ghosts, but you take things like that with a grain of salt. Even with the things I had seen up to that point, you just know that they like to mess with the new blood.
    Late one night after my shift, as my then-boyfriend at the time and I were driving off property I got a terrible nosebleed. I'm sort of prone to them when the air is dry, and after about 15 minutes of it not stopping we decided to go back to Chef's office for ice and gauze. When we got there, the kitchen was shut down, dark and quiet, but Chef was still in her office. We got my bleeding to stop at last and made small talk and there was a lull in the conversation. During that period of quiet, we heard children's laughter and a ball bouncing from the hallway leading to storage. It was late and the kitchen was locked. There were no guests and the hallway was a dead end.

    At the same place, New Years Eve. It was probably around 3AM when we were shutting the kitchen down after the festivities. The particular place where the party was held, the rotunda, only had two exits. The front guest entrance, and the doors to the kitchen. The guests were long gone, the rotunda cleaned and locked and not a person left in the place besides myself, my boyfriend, two other cooks and a dishwasher. We had just finished cleaning and were standing around talking (maybe milking the clock a little; holidays paid time and a half!), when a heavy pounding came from the door to the rotunda. It was one of those that had a cross bar to open it from the kitchen side and wouldn't open from the guest side. It sounded like someone was trapped in the rotunda, although we knew the place had been cleared. We decided it was another cook who said he was leaving and chose to play a prank instead.
    Joe, the lead cook, decided to scare the guy and so we all crept over to the door. It was being slammed violently from the other side, like someone was kicking it. So, Joe decided to kick back. He slammed his foot hard against the cross bar that opened the door, causing it to fly open into the rotunda and presumably into whoever was making the racket. But there wasn't anyone there.

    Again, same resort. Different building this time, this story takes place in the clubhouse where the restaurant (rather than the catering kitchen of my other stories) was housed. The kitchen and restaurant were on the upper floor, with a small spiral staircase leading down to the food storage areas, locker rooms, and employee rest rooms as well as the golf shop. During a lull in service I jumped off line to use the restroom quickly. The ladies' employee restroom was very very small: one toilet in one stall and a single sink with a mirror. That way servers could still do hair and makeup (though I don't know how they fit) while someone used the facilities. It was close enough to the golf shop that sometimes guests would come in by accident.
    I came out of the stall and over to the sink to wash my hands, head bowed as I did, when from the corner of my eye I saw an elderly woman in the mirror behind me. Apologizing for not seeing her there and blocking the way to the stall, I turned to move out of the way. There wasn't anyone there behind me. The door had never opened, no one had ever come in, and there was certainly no older woman in a white linen suit waiting to use the restroom. I could smell her perfume, though.

    And those are my scary real-life ghost stories. I swear that every single word is absolutely true. I can't wait to hear yours!

  2. This one was recent, happened to me in April of this year. My boyfriend's step father had passed away and we went up to the hospital after we heard the news. I was sitting next to my boyfriend and his mother as the step father's family came filing into the room. It was absolutely chaotic and there was lots of crying and just gloomy. What you have to know about the step father is one, he's a paraplegic and two, he also had both of his legs amputated. The room we were sitting in had one empty seat and it was next to my boyfriend. I remember feeling extremely left out because I was just introduced to these people and they were speaking of memories and trading stories. I was staring at one of the brothers when I felt my vision being pulled back and hearing everyone laughing from a joke. I turn towards the empty seat and there's the step father, smiling and laughing with both of his legs.

    I saw him again at the church. I was sitting in the front pews with the rest of the family and I saw him sitting on top of his coffin. Both times I've seen him my head is always throbbing and I feel dizzy/lightheaded.
  3. Well, nothing interesting has ever happened to me! But I have heard lots from my papa >W< So here it goes, at least one of his scary stories he told me.

    My papa was staying at his grandmas house one day for the night. He told me he hated going there because his grandma was like 'coo coo' on the head. She used to practice weird rituals stuff and all that scary shiz. Well, he was sleeping one night there and out of no where he began to hear lots of drum play. He also hear footstep outside the window of the room he was staying at. He was awake the whole night listening to the sound of drums and footstep noises moving around that side of the house. When daylight came in, my papa went outside and saw a bunch of little footsteps prints in the ground by the wall of the window where he heard the 'music' from. That story really creep me out ><
  4. I haven't had any experiences in recent memory, but in my old apartment it was all too common. I was very young at the time, probably around eight or nine, so it's hard to recall exact time periods of when things happened. Chalk it up to just being a kid or whatever, but I remember that I always hated being alone in my old apartment. It always felt so... I don't know, let's say it felt like I wasn't actually alone, even when I thought I was. There was always that feeling of being watched; I hated it.

    Anyway. Nothing particularly exciting, and I excluded all cases of bumps in the night and voices that I've heard, because, well, it was an apartment.

    Poke. (open)
    This story has no build up, since it happened so often that I don't remember when it started. In my old apartment, I remember sometimes feeling as if something were poking the upper-left side of my back. It didn't matter if I was against a wall or laying down on my bed, and I would often adjust or even remove my shirt to make sure it wasn't that pressing against me. To this day, I don't know what was going on with that, but it freaked me out when I was a kid. After we moved though, it stopped. I think it's been about ten or so years since then, and I haven't had that weird feeling since.

    While not exactly a poke, I also remember feeling extremely uneasy at night. Again, could be chalked up as me being a silly child, but... It would always feel like something was 'chasing' me down the hallway at night. Like there was this presence standing directly behind me. The only way I can explain it is standing in a line of people -- that feeling that, "I have to keep moving otherwise I'll hold up the line". Of course there was no one behind me, ever. Racing to the hallway light switch and cutting it on did nothing either; the feeling was always still there.

    Finches. (open)
    Thinking back, we had a lot of pets when I was younger; gerbils, hamsters, fish (and that piranha disguised as a goldfish), etc. They never lasted too long though, but one time we actually had two pet finches. I don't remember how long we had them, but it was long enough for me to become used to them.

    It was a Saturday morning, and being a 90's kid that meant I was up watching awesome cartoons. Our two finches were in their cage on the other side of the living room, and they were either sleeping or just relaxing - either way, they were quiet. I remember them suddenly freaking out, making noise and flying around the cage like they were insane. That obviously drew my attention, and I looked over to them in time to see a white... I don't know, light? Again, it was a long time ago, but it was something radiant. It only lasted for a split second, and me being an eight or nine year old, did the only thing I could... Pretend I didn't see anything and turn up the volume on the TV. After awhile, the birds settled down and I wrote it off as my imagination. Couldn't explain why my birds were acting so strange though.

    Later that week, however, I came home - I don't remember where from - to find both of them dead in their cage. They were healthy birds; they ate well, they were energetic, etc. Up till their death, they showed no signs of being sick. I don't know if what I saw was just my imagination, or even if it was related to the birds' sudden deaths--maybe it was just a freak coincidence.
  5. Hahah! I've had sooo many experiences, both good and bad, but I'll limit them to just a couple ^^

    First off, I'll let you know that my family has a bloodline that is capable of communicating with ghost/spirits (I know some may not believe, but that's how it is!) I also don't believe seeing/communicating with spirits is strictly family-based, I think everyone has the capabilities to do so~ ^^

    OKAY! Story time! ^^

    So first I'll tell you about a good spirit. He was a little boy who liked to sleep with me in my bed. From what I felt, he seemed like he was just a kid, like 5-6 years old and I kept thinking he died due to an illness of some sort. He was really cute and I definitely miss him now. The first time he asked to sleep in my bed, he brushed his fingers across the top of my foot and scared my awake. I thought my foot was outside of the blanket, but when I looked down it was completely covered. I told him he could climb in if he wanted and he did, I could actually feel the bed shift as he crawled in and slept right beside me. ^^ He did this for 2 years, every night except for those where I was too sick to wake up when he asked, those nights he would go to my Mum's room and wake her up. I really love him, I felt like his older sister and I think that he connected with me so well because he had an older sister. He was a really shy little boy as well, whenever we had too many people over, he'd go into my room and move things so I would pay attention to him. ^^ I miss him so much~ He left recently though :( But I'm glad that he's finally had the courage to move on! ^^

    Now, the scary one! >:[

    This spirit isn't something good at all and we've recently found out it was the cause of a bunch of other things that have happened over the years, but thankfully we've gotten rid of him and he can't come back. Apparently this spirit was ancient and came to my family from a Ouija Board my Great Grandma played with when she was a teenager. The Oujia board they had used wouldn't stay away. I know it sounds crazy but my Grandma tried to burn it, bury it, she tried everything but it wouldn't go away. Finally she decided to hide it in her closet and make sure no one touched it or anything. The only way I know is because one day she showed my Mum it and when my Mum tried to touch it, she slapped her hand away and told her not to touch it. I wish that my Grandma lived long enough for me to find out what happened to her, but sadly she passed away when I was too young to realize I was seeing things that others couldn't.

    But getting on to what happened to us, (I'm just telling what happened to us as kids, if I told you guys what's happened up until we got rid of it, you seriously wouldn't believe me, it's honestly like a movie it's so messed up x.x'') my brother had the worst of it when we were kids. He had obtained one of my Great Grandma's bed from her house (which is how I think it came to us) and he used to have a deep freeze in his room as well. Well, I'm not sure how many of you guys know about Shadow People, but this thing took form of one. He would watch my brother when he slept and when I slept in his room to make him feel more safe he'd watch me too. I remember seeing bright red eyes staring at us when he poked his head up from behind the deep freeze. He didn't have a face, just those two bright red eyes. (Think when you see the tail lights of another vehicle at night, that's kinda how they looked) At first he'd just watch us, but after a while he'd start to throw things at my brother, like his clothes, toys and a bunch of other stuff and Scott would always get in trouble the next morning because Mum thought it was him making a mess. (Later we told her, but she didn't tell us about this stuff before because she didn't think he was bugging us and we just thought we were crazy) It got worse as time went on, he's start bugging us during the day like closing Scott's closet doors in front of us and slamming the toilet seat down. We hid all this from out little sister because she was really young and we didn't want her to see this stuff. It even got to the point where it almost lit Scott's bedroom on fire when it melted his lamp's light bulb. That's right. Light bulb. That's when Mum kind of realized and we told her what was happening. We thought we'd gotten rid of it back then, but lately we realized that mostly everything that happened in the house was a manifestation of that thing. But we got help from some people and finally have gotten rid of it, but even just talking about this still creeps the hell out of me.

    So, those are a couple of my most profound stories! I know they seem kind of...crazy, but I swear to you they are both real. I don't have any reason to lie to you guys and if I told you what all has happened in regards to the second story, I'd have to tell you during a Skype call because if I typed it, it just wouldn't make any sense and I doubt really anyone would believe me unless they had similar experiences ^^

    Now I'm scared again... ><''
  6. My most recent experience happened at my aunts house were they normally encounter small sounds like thudding and coughing when no one else is home.The explanations for this aren't easy to find because only two people live in the house and the coughing is normally right in your ear.So heres my story below.

    About three years ago maybe six hard to tell with recent events.My grandmother was out of one of her many trips to the hospital and i was staying with her for company while my aunt was away on business.Through the day me and her spent it watching tv mainly because wed hear noises with the tv off.Later that night my mom came by to bring us food because we didn't want to bother my aunts dishes and we were guests in her house.I was eating in the kitchen alone becouse everyone else had gotten finished and gone to the living room.I was halfway finished with dinner when for a reason i dont know why i looked at the kitchen door to the laundry room.In the window of the door a man was staring back at me and for a few moments we stared at each other before he walked off.Freaking out i recounted the tail to my grandmother though no one belived me and when i checked everything out shortly later i concluded it couldnt have been a break in though the man looked complaetly real because there was nothing but a wall the direction he walked and a dryer and the screen door makes a loud scretching noise when you open it to the outside that led into that room."
  7. I've got a few- a good one, a bad one, and a "holy hell, naw"

    I had a good friend, Jon. He was my best friend in highschool, and he made me feel safe. I wasn't the best person in the world back then, I was scared, screwed up, wary of everyone and just wanting someone to help me. He did that. And apparently, I helped him in the same way. From I knew him since Eighth Grade, but we didn't really become friends until highschool- I was constantly getting knocked by people about how I looked up until a jaw surgery after freshman year. Even then, people were cruel- but, some kind words from this guy, and I was ok. He was like a brother to me, but at the same time, a lot of people thought we should go out.

    He got into a lot of trouble. I know that. I tried to stop him, and get him out of situations.

    Eventually he tried to kill himself shortly after I finally fessed up to his mother that he needed help- he needed serious help.

    He ended up going from one rehab to another, we kept in touch by skype. I did what I could to help... and then one day, I got into a bad crowd myself- more details about that in "Oh Hell, Naw". Either way, I stopped talking to him for about three months, got distance between us- he seemed to be doing well, and I didn't want to spoil that.

    Early October, a few years back, I got a call from someone I went to highschool with- I was surprised he even knew my number...

    At first, he was edging around why he called, and I was getting a bad feeling about it... and then he just told me Jon was gone... he killed himself.

    I remember getting really upset, saying that he was lying, and why would he do that? He just started crying... and I just lost it. I got off the phone with him, got back on to a talk with October Leche, told him what happened ad then shortly after that, went down and told my mom. She was bursting into tears and screaming and crying and shrieking, and I just... felt goddamned empty, like someone just grabbed half of me. I never really thought of how dependent I was on the thought of him getting better and everything going back to the way things were... how dependent I was on him.

    The next few nights, my parents worried over me, while I just lost myself in a group of new friends and frankly, didn't give a shit abut myself anymore.

    I didn't want to be safe.. I didn't want to be happy... I was pissed off but I showed it when I shouldn't and didn't talk about my problems... I wasn't grieving well at all, and finally when I showed it, it was a bit too late to do things right.

    I was afraid of leaving the new friends, because I was pretty sure I was going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble when I did (I was right).

    That night, was when I started having instances were it felt like someone was watching me. When I was in the shower, I swear I felt someone hug me- and no one was there. I started having dreams where he sat down on my bed and talked to me. Some dreams where he just laid down next to me and we just looked at each other. Each time I dreamt of him, there'd be a perfect depression where he had been, when I woke up. It would be warm, and the nights I had those dreams were the only ones where I didnt roll all over the bed and have to remake the bed.

    Recently, he's started showing up again- but the date of his death is coming up this week. He also shows up a lot in late march, our birthdays are close together.

    Now for the bad.

    This one was before I really knew anything of the occult, and I don't talk about it much at all because it makes me feel crazy...

    You see one of my friends, when I was younger, was messed up in the head. She did a lot of things to me, but one of them still freaks me out.

    You see, she was convinced she was a witch (And a vampire the next week, and a werewolf the next, and my girlfriend the next, girl was nuts) and asked me if Iloved hr, one night when she was sleeping at my house. I said yes- because at the time, I did, still. I she hadn't gone shitballs crazy yet, so I thought there was nothing to it.

    She laid out this blanket that looked like she had painted some symbols on, and started laying out candles, black ones.

    I don't care who you are, when someone starts doing that, you start getting spooked. She arranged themin a large circle and told me to lie down inside the circle, on the blanket.

    I figured I'd get it over with and we'd just go back to having fun, watch a movie.

    She started chanting (something she made up, I know she did, as I said, shitballs crazy) and CUT MY DAMNED FINGER AND SUCKED ON MY FUCKIN BLOOD.

    One second, still freaked out, need a moment to calm down.


    She told me if I loved her, I'd give her half my life- and I was freaked, and scared, and I just said yes, hoping she'd let me go. She cut me again, and sucked my blood again.

    This is the part I usually keep silent on.

    The candle flames turned blue. BLUE blue. like Royal blue.

    I freaked out even fucking more and got up, went to my bathroom, filled up a cup with water and poured the water on as many candles as I could and barricaded her in my room for about an hour.

    She just started laughing like a fucking maniac. Eventually she fell asleep, and I went back in, went to bed, and hoped she'd be more normal in the morning.

    I swear, if I do live only half as long as I'm supposed to, I'm gonna haunt the shit out of her.

    AAAAND THE OH HELL NAW. This one is my "Don't join cults or small religions" warning story I tell people. Shit's fucked up.

    His name was Brian, her name was Alex. They were a couple, and ran a bit of a religion Brian made up.

    I thought it was harmless, both of them seemed smart, safe.

    A few people caught onto the fact that I might have been wearing rose-colored glasses, and tried to warn me.

    I didn't listen.

    Brian was.... odd. The longer I knew him for, the weirder he got. I told him and Alex about what happened to me with the candles and all, and they were convinced that they should try to figure out a way to help me out.


    Alex and Brian had one defining feature. They were a very... very bad relationship. when they broke up, shit got heavy. REALLY heavy.

    Aex went off the deep end, started stalking me.

    Brian seemed fine at first... I thought he was ok...

    Alex pulled a gun on me on one occasion and Brian tried to choke me.

    Both said I had bad spirits, I was dangerous.

    Given the fact that I wasn't the one trying to kill someone else, I disagree, but I digress.

    I started seeing people that I thought were in all black, standing outside my house. Looked entirely normal.... until they looked up...

    glaring red eyes.

    Brian wasn't a people person, and Alex tried to play it off like she was, but she wasn't.

    eight people don' just come out of nowhere and stand there around your house....

    The fucing crazy thing was, I was the only one who could see them... I had one of my friends comeover and I watched them the entire night, and she just called me nuts and treated me like a tv drama, complete with popcorn. She couldn't see them.

    I remember I finally confronted Brian, I.... I was scared... but I was also really pissed, I had just been broken up with at the time, and anger was overbounding.

    I remember that I tried to play it off like friends and I went to hug him- anyone who knows me, knows to start freaking out when I grab my other wrist and start constricting. I kept going til I heard something pop. I think I had hurt one of his ribs. He pushed me off and Alex walked in. I thought they had been over.

    I remember just shouting at him, How was he doing that? Make them go away!

    it got into a shoving match and eventually, I called one of my other friends, a safe friend, to pick me the hell upand get me out of there beore I got mysel killed.

    That night when I slept at my friend's house was the only time I saw Jon any place else but in my bedroom. He just hugged me and told me it was ok, let it go. I woke up, same thing, imprint where he was, and warm. I never saw those eight people standing outside my house again. Though Alex stalked me for about three months, I was fine, just as long as long as those people were't there.

    Ergh... just ergh.... I fucking hate black candles now. Can't go near them.