True Crime: Detroit

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  1. Every day is a battle against Crime, Corruption and Decay. Even a Fight to live an Honest Life. As these Cops (The Players), whether they are Rookies or Veterans, stand hard against Corruption and Decay, they learn to trust in Honor and the Law and, most above all, each other as they both make their City a better place and attempt to expose the Corruption within their Precinct. Will you choose the Way of Honor...or the Hustler's Exit? Welcome to Detroit.

    Sergeant Amaterasu C. Kawashima @Minamoto Thunder
    Investigator Kevin West @MST3K 4ever
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  2. On a Monday Afternoon, Police Sergeant Amaterasu Kawashima, a heavily decorated Police Officer and four-year SWAT Operator, was attempting to talk to a Suicidal Teenager out of harming herself and others. Sadly, they were talking standing on a ledge, with concrete three-hundred feet below as her Teammates watched. Negotiations were about to start. This situation in particular, Amaterasu was taking personally because of a traumatic event in her past. She got ready to talk the teen down as the wind blew against her hair and Feather Earrings.

    "Lina, my name is Terra...You don't have to talk to me...But I really like if you would. Can you start by telling me what happened today?"

    The Female Youth trembled as Amaterasu stepped out by the ledge, next to her. "Why don't you ask them? I killed a girl today...She was coming at me. What was I supposed to do?" she began shedding tears as Amaterasu tried to find ways to reach out to her.

    "You were defending yourself. Its alright...There was nothing you could have done differently. But you didn't kill her, she's being fixed up at the Hospital right now." Clearly, Lina was a victim of attempted rape. "They think I lied to you guys...about Teresa's boyfriend...About what he did to me..."

    "You were being honest. You shouldn't be ashamed for being honest. Those girls are going to go to Jail. So you have nothing to worry about." Amaterasu attempted to calm her down as Lina started crying more. "I can't go to school, I can't go to work. My Mom's an Alcoholic...What do I do? Who do I have? My Dad? He's not here. I don't have anyone." It broke Amaterasu's heart to hear what Lina was saying. "I know its been really hard on you, I know its been hard putting up with the bullying, but you're here. You're stronger then most. And its why I'm standing here. I want to help you, so please, take my hand and lets head back down."

    As Lina grabbed Amaterasu's hand, she slipped and fell. Luckily, Amaterasu's fast reflexes allowed her to save the girl from falling to her death. As they were dangling from her Rappel, her Teammates rushed to her aid and pulled the two up. As soon as they were back on the ground. Lina was being examined by EMS as Amaterasu looked at her gun before holstering it, thankful that she didn't have to use it at all today. As she walked by the Ambulance, near where Lina was being checked out, she was stopped. "Why did you go so far for me?"

    Amaterasu looked away momentarily before looking back at the girl. "You deserve better. I couldn't watch you throw your life away. And its part of my Job." She gave Lina a hug before joining her fellow Officers on their Truck. They were now headed back to the Station.
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  3. Inspector Kevin West was in his loft enjoying a day off. Though he had been recently assigned to the newly formed Police Division, what was at the time being called the Major Crimes Unit, this day off was on the books while he was still in Homicide. Kevin had accrued several days of leave time and was taking them here and there.

    Kevin was cleaning his Harley in the middle of what would technically be called his living room, but was just a large open space with some furniture, a dining table nearby, and a kitchen area. Bruce Springsteen’s “Prove it all night” was playing in the background as he was nursing a Budweiser while his German Shepherd Roxanne was curled up in a nearby corner. He raised his beer bottle to during the sax solo and said, “Here’s to you Big Man. You are missed.”

    Kevin took a swig when he heard his phone ring. He walked over to the phone and saw the number belonging to Dr. Celia Carter. Kevin let out an exhale and used his stereo remote to turn down the sound on his music. He held up the phone and looked over at Roxanne and said, “Hey Roxie how about you take this one.” Roxanne raised her head up and rolled over so she couldn’t see Kevin. West replied, “Coward.”

    Kevin answered the phone, “Inspector West.”

    Celia replied, “Hello Inspector West this is Dr. Carter at the forensics lab.”

    Kevin asked, “What can I do for you Dr. Carter?

    Celia replied, “Figured I would get you in the loop they just brought in another body. Female mid-20’s, dark hair, same stab wounds, rope burns as the other two brought in over the last two weeks. Hate to say it but I think we got a serial killer. I talked to a friend of mine at City Hall who is on the Commissioner’s staff, and the rumor is this one might be getting bounced to you all for your first big assignment. Not to mention Captain Lacy is not happy at all about this.”

    Captain Lacy wanted to be assigned as the head of MCU but was passed over in favor of Sergeant Amaterasu C. Kawashima. Kevin didn’t know the Sergeant that well, but there was something about her that made Kevin trust her and he knew her service record. She was a damn good cop and not a politician like Lacy. Lacy most of the time stood on the accomplishments of those who served under him. As far as Kevin was concerned Lacy couldn’t catch a suspect with a map and a nuke.

    Kevin nodded and said, “So you’re suggesting that I get cleaned up, and head down to the station for when it all breaks loose.”

    Celia replied, “I think it would be in your best interest.”

    Kevin said, “Okay thank you for the call Doctor.”

    Celia replied, “You’re welcome Inspector.”

    Kevin walked over to his huge picture window and began to look out at the city. He closed his eyes and let out a deep exhale and said, “Celia, I said somethings six weeks ago that
    went over the line. I was wrong and I am sorry.”

    There was a pause and Kevin began to walk away from the window as Celia said, “Well well well the great Inspector West can admit when he was wrong.” Kevin stopped and started
    to say something when Celia continued, “To be honest it took two people to make what happened happen. Not saying you were completely right, but yes there was some (she emphasized the word some) truth to what you said six weeks ago.”

    Kevin paused again and said, “I miss you. I had no idea how much you meant to me until you were gone.”

    Celia replied, “Kevin the last six weeks haven’t exactly been a day at the beach for me either. I’ve missed you too.”

    Kevin asked, “Are you willing to give us another chance?

    Celia paused and said, “If we get caught we could be looking at an Ethics Hearing. Not exactly how it would work with Forensics and your division in terms of regs. Are you willing to risk that?”

    Kevin didn’t hesitate as he said, “Absolutely.

    Celia replied, “Me too Kev. I love you.”

    Kevin said, “I love you too Celia. Okay I gotta get going. Can we get together?

    Celia replied, “Let’s see how the day shakes out. If nothing else I’ll call you.”

    Kevin said, “Okay fair enough. Talk to you later beautiful.”

    Celia said, “Bye.”

    Kevin hung up the phone and dropped it on the couch. He jumped up and down and shouted, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He looked over to Roxanne and said, “Roxie you were right in letting me take the call.” Roxanne shifted a bit as Kevin grabbed a quick shower and within minutes was on his Harley enroute to the Station.
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