True Crime: Detroit

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  1. Every day is a battle against Crime, Corruption and Decay. Even a Fight to live an Honest Life. As these Cops (The Players), whether they are Rookies or Veterans, stand hard against Corruption and Decay, they learn to trust in Honor and the Law and, most above all, each other as they both make their City a better place and attempt to expose the Corruption within their Precinct. Will you choose the Way of Honor...or the Hustler's Exit? Welcome to Detroit.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance (No Anime):
    Weapon of Choice (Image Required):
    Rank (Look up Detroit Police Department Rankings):
    Previous Division:
    Personality (One Paragraph Minimum):
    Biography (One Paragraph Minimum):
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  2. You run a quality game. You got me with this one. Expect a CS in the next 24.
  3. Yeah I'll get one up tomorrow after I get off work.
  4. Appearance:
    Full Name: Amaterasu Chiharu Kawashima
    Nickname(s): Ama, Terra
    Age: 27
    Weapon of Choice:
    Rank: Sergeant
    Previous Division: Special Weapons And Tactics
    Personality: On the outside, Amaterasu may seem like a Battle-Hardened Police Officer, but deep down underneath her ice-cold exterior, she is gentle, soft and caring towards others, especially her Family and fellow Police Officers. She has the uncanny ability to tell if someone is lying, and is considered by fellow officers to be a living lie detector. She is not hesitant to call someone if she knows that they are lying. Even if someone is telling the truth, she often shows doubt, which often leads to friction between her and her fellow officers. Most Officers who are considered corrupt tend to fear her. However, being an Honest person comes at a cost; her unwillingness to lie, even if it is to prevent something horrible from happening. In addition to being a supposed human lie detector, Amaterasu is an excellent negotiator, knowing how to reach out to others, whether it be a troubled youth or a hardened gangster, able to even talk to them at their level. Empathetic, she always attempts to resolve any given situation before implementing the use of lethal force. When it comes to suicide, she tends to react very personally, which is the result of events within her dark past.
    Biography: For Sergeant Kawashima, every day is a battle against corruption and decay. Prior to becoming a Police Officer, Amaterasu grew up within a Working Class Family of South Korean Immigrants, where her Mother was a Business Owner and her Father was a Police Officer. Around the time she was fifteen, her Father died in the line of duty, which would have an adverse effect on her life. In the remainder of her High School Years, she bore a heavy heart. Most of her Junior Year would be spent in and out of suspension over the simple fact that people would say they dislike or hate cops, which she would take to heart and very personally because her late father was a cop. Her responses to the negativity towards cops when she was a youth tended to be very volatile and harsh. Despite all the corruption and brutality, Amaterasu's respect for men and women of the law never faltered. Following her graduation from the University of Michigan, Amaterasu immediately applied to Police Academy. Following her graduation from the Academy, her Mother left the United States and returned to South Korea. Within the next year, she graduated top of her class. Following her first year as a Cop, Amaterasu was recommended for S.W.A.T and joined the Division as a Crisis Negotiator. Two years later, her Boyfriend of seven years committed suicide as the result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This event would trigger Amaterasu to descend into depression and it became increasingly difficult for her to focus on her career. A year following her loss, she shot an unarmed man in a vehicle and broke down right after. A month later, she was cleared for duty. After spending four long and hard years on SWAT, Amaterasu is placed within a newly formed division of handpicked Police Officers as its leader.​
  5. Character Sheet

    Appearance (No Anime): [​IMG]
    Name: Kevin West

    Nickname(s): Kev, KW, Westie (He hates that one)

    Age: 28

    Weapon of Choice (Image Required): [​IMG]

    Rank (Look up Detroit Police Department Rankings): Investigator

    Previous Division: Homicide: Crime Scene Services

    Personality: Kevin is what one might call a “giant pain in the ass.” He is very detailed oriented and has his own peculiar ways about him, but they NEVER interfere with his working on a case. All of that being said Kevin is liked and respected by his peers, because they know he can deliver to them what they need and when they need it. Kevin will slip in a sarcastic remark from time to time, and has an air of confidence about him. When a case is done likes to hang out with the his friends and co-workers and have a few drinks.

    Biography: Kevin was born and raised in Pittsburgh by a single mother and is the youngest of four kids. His father was a construction worker who died in a building accident. His mother, Hannah, was a nurse who didn’t always have time to spend with her children. Kevin’s older brother Sam and older sister Erica were busy with their own pursuits in athletics and music trying to earn scholarships. So that meant that Kevin was primarily taken care of by his 13 year old sister Catherine. Catherine didn’t always have a lot of time for Kevin so she would let him play on her old lap-top. However the more he played on the lap-top the more Kevin understood how it worked. Soon he was taking apart the lap-top and putting it back together, and in many cases adding software or making it run even better than before.

    Kevin knew he had a gift for computers and media software when he hacked into the elementary school’s mainframe and changed grades for himself and his friends. Kevin also liked playing with audio and video files. He knew he had a gift when he took the audio of his principal’s speech in junior high and made it sound like he was declaring war on the Governor; while the Governor was in attendance!

    Though Kevin had a habit for mischief it was never malicious and not intended to hurt anyone. He knew right from wrong and was very smart. Kevin graduated as Valedictorian and was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. While he was there he took a job working as a dispatcher for Campus Security on weekend nights, and became fascinated with police work. Kevin eventually switched his major from Computer Science to Criminal Justice and excelled at the detective aspects of his work.

    When it was time for Kevin to graduate he applied for the Police Academy in Detroit, because he felt it was time for him to explore the world outside of Pittsburgh. Also because his girlfriend at the time was getting ready to go to law school at the University of Michigan . Kevin at first found the physical rigors of the academy a bit much, but in time he proved to be up to the task. What really impressed his instructors was his intellect and his repeated skills in media equipment.

    Upon his graduation Kevin applied for and was accepted by the Detroit Police Department. Kevin’s first two years on the force were uneventful and Kevin began to question if he made the right choice. That was until Deputy Mayor Byerson was murdered. Kevin was at the crime scene when they came across a busted lap-top. CSI was doubtful they could pull anything off of it, but Kevin said he could. The lead tech agreed to give Kevin his shot, and Kevin not only salvaged the lap-top but he was able to use it to find key pieces of evidence. This impressed the entire Detroit PD and the people at City Hall. Soon after Kevin was looked to for his expertise and within a matter of months he was promoted to investigator. Kevin is a Detective and goes out into the field but when a computer or media issue arises he is the first person called upon.

    Extra: Kevin was engaged but it was broken off by his choice (she was cheating on him), he likes Springsteen, Football, and of course video games.
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