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  1. This takes place after season 5 deceased characters can be used if you have a good reason for their resurrection. Ill be playing Russel Edgington you can use cannon or make your own character as long as they don't contradict the main characters stories. This is just to see who's interested so far
  2. [​IMG]Name, Korun, Russell Edgington The KingOccupation King of Mississippi Age 3,000 give or take Strongest vampyre and oldest thick German, sometimes southern accent After drinking the oldest faerie blood he supposedly met the True Death at the hands of Eric Northman. However for a few moments his body glowed gold an event never witnessed before. After everyone left he reformed not of his own will, but it seemed the faerie blood was able to resurrect him one time. "What a trip," he says as he goes to ignite the human vampire war due to lack of True Blood supplies