Troublesome Teens

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    Jessica and Jason are twins the age of 15 and new to Dominion High school.
    They got expelled from their last school for starting trouble. They are never apart and rely on each other.

    "Mom says to stay out of trouble." Jessica reminded her brother as they enter the school building.

    "That may be a bit hard." Once the two entered they saw nothing but trouble. Big kids were beating down on weaker kids. Some were smoking by their lockers, which had graffiti all over them.
    Jason smirked as he saw all the trouble being caused by the teens. "I believe here we will fit in perfectly dear sister."

    Jessica let out a small laugh, "Looks as though we won't have to listen to mother's warning."

    The twins continued to walk around the school and get to know the place and the faces in the school.
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    Little Kyou,16, was pinned against the locker, trying to defuse the Beefy idiot's aggression. He had no idea how he had gotten into such a predicament, "Hey, If it's money you want I have $40. I was saving it for college but it looks like you lovely group gentlemen have better use for it." Kyou said as his shaking hand reached into his pocket. No Money. Fugde! It was at home. He looked around at the group of guys. His finger tip ran over something sharp.​

    "Hurry up and give my the-" the bully started to say before he was cut off as a blade quickly dragged down his arm. He dropped Kyou and Kyou grabbed his bag and ran. He was a fast runner, captain of the Track and Field team, naturally. He ran between two new kids nudging them both out the way. Kyou caught a glimpse of Jessica from his peripheral and was instantly smitten as time seemed to slow for just a second.

    "You are so dead!!!" came the voice of a Man child three times his size. Kyou snapped back to reality and sped off and rounded the corner.
  3. Jason tripped the big guy chasing the kid that ran by him and his sister.
    Jessica couldn't help but laugh at the fallen man. She then turned to look at other teen who just turned a corner in the building.
    Jason laughed along with his twin but suddenly stopped when her attention was elsewhere.
    "I can't believe he ran by like that and didn't care to apologize," Jason said, getting the attention of his sister again.
    "Haha well maybe we'll see him again"
  4. Kyou made his way to the main office. He slammed the door behind him silencing the room for a few moments on him until everyone realized that 'it was just Kyou.' Kyou greeted everyone with a exhausted smile. He ran to quickly to soon. His lungs were killing him and his side ached. He forced his everything step to the front desk, "" he struggled to speak. He was in charge of showing around some new students. He was handed two folders to get to the twins. "Jessica and Jason huh? I wonder what their story is." he said under his breath then started to open one up the folders but was hit on the head with a bamboo fan, "Ow! Sheesh okay okay I wont open it." He said rubbing his head and moving out of reach of the front desk lady. She was silent but deadly.
  5. Jason kicked the guy he tripped in the head, making sure to knock him unconscious.
    Jason and Jessica both walked away.
    "I think we're supposed to go to the office." Jessica said to Jason.
    "The office?! But we did nothing wrong! I mean nobody knows we did anything wrong." Jason began to panic. They were always in the office at their last school and he didn't need a phone call home on the first day here.
    "Not because we're in trouble idiot! We need to figure out where we're going."
    "What if they think we're in trouble?! We're better off wandering the school on our own!"

    Jessica only sighed and grabbed her brother's arm, on her way to the office. When in trouble Jessica is more calm than Jason.
    They made it to the office and once they entered Jessica recognized the face of the boy who ran by them earlier.
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    Konan walked through the halls he was thin but still strong and had muscle. He smirked, he would have to climb his way up the food chain. His chain connected to a pistol with extra bullets jingling in his other pocket. No other school would take him as he was suspected of 18 murders 7 assualts and 1 robbery. Now all of these were true but no one ever caught him.

    He smiled showing two sharp canine teeth. His nickname demon i mean he has pure white hair red eyes and sharp teeth. He liked it though it suited hum, he watched as two people tripped some guy and walked right on the guy the heels of his combat boots digging into his back.

    When he reaches the shoulders he crouches down and looks at the guy. "Pitiful." He then gets up and begins hus travel to some where unknown.
  7. As the door opened Kyou looked up from the files and say his dream girl. Time slowed once more and he could feel his mouth cracking into a goofy smile. He stopped himself and composed himself, "Jessica and Jason right?" he asked putting his best professional foot forward. He met them halfway.

    "I'm Kyou. I'll be giving you both the grand tour of this pri- i mean high school." He chuckled with nervous laughter was the evil front desk woman growled at him. But is was right. No regular school would be as violate as this one. The school was a prison for bad behaved kids. You always had to watch your back and have an escape plan. His was to keep his head low and his grades high so he could transfer next term. Three and a half months and he was free to rejoin regular society.

    He gave them their folders and waved grumpy lady goodbye as he started his tour.
  8. Currently konan was hanging upside-down outside the office smirking. He waited for unsuspecting to get scared at his appearence. He loved doing this seeing the faces of the people who saw him hanging upside-down. He snickered and waited his red eyes flashing with mischief.
  9. "Yeah we're Jason and Jessica." Jessica answered for both her and Jason.
    Jason kept looking between the door and the creepy lady at the desk. The office always got him nervous. "If you keep fidgeting please go outside the office." Jessica was once again annoyed with her brother.
    Jason said no words and went outside, but stopped right in the doorway. His face was kept straight as he looked at an upside boy. "You look funny up there." Jason told the boy.
    Jessica noticed Jason stopped in the doorway but payed no attention to it.
    "So can we hurry up and get this over with." Jessica turned back towards Kyou.
  10. He smirkes "do i now and whos the doll over there." He talked with a british accent smiling. He quickly jumps down putting his feet on the ground. "Sadly, you didnt get scared but none the less." Then he looks behind the boy. "Hey boy over there im new with guy and love over here seems i need the grand tour too."
  11. Jessica looked towards the boy that was just recently on the ceiling.
    "Aren't you an obnoxious fella" Jessica said jokingly.
    "Indeed he is" Jason agreed.
    Jessica and Jason both then looked towards Kyou, waiting for him to show them around.
  12. Kyou sighed and walked pass them, "Okay, so if we direct our attention away from Bat man there. I can show you to your Home room. And we may see some deals and muggings on the way there so keep close and don't stare to hard." he said with a pleasant smile in a 'everything is okay and awesome' manner.
  13. "Now that sounds interesting" Jason mumbled.
    "Wow you sound like an actual tour guide. Why so serious?" Jessica laughed. She walked fast and was either next to Kyou or in front of him the whole walk.
    Jason on the other hand looked at anyone they passed by, regardless Kyou's warnings.
  14. "What will happen if we stare." He begins to go towards the ass hats mugging people. "Would it be." He takes out his pistol and smirks. "Like this." He shoots one mugger in the leg. "Ey fellas how are you ol' chaps doing."
    They stare at the man on the ground in pain. "Oh dont worry you wont have to wait to cower on the floor." He takes out two knives flicking them at the two teens arms. One hits an artery and blood splatters on his face. "Now lets get on with the tour clap clap come on."
  15. Jessica smiled at the boy's actions. She found him entertaining to watch.
    "I see you're already on your way to getting a bad rep around here." Jessica seemed to be in a good mood and didn't mind joking around with the two students.
    "Looks like this school will be a tough one" Jason mumbled. He was taking in his surroundings, to get to know who he will be up against.
  16. Kyou sighed and turned to Jessica, "People die here everyday." he said softly, "If you're not careful. That guy smiling next to you might end you." he said in all seriousness, "Will let's carry on." Kyou said back in his tour guide happy tones, "Keep up back there." Kyhou said referring to Jason.
  17. Konan looked at her and smirked "yes indeed love i can be very obnoxious." He smirked showing his fang like teeth off. "Oh my where are my manners i left them to sudffer i should have knocjed them out tsk then the pain wouldve been 20 times worse." He clicked his tounge and stopped in the middle of the hallway. "Well poppet i must leave here but would you like a cupcake?" [Sorry i eanted to base it on oliver englands 2p.]
  18. "No worries. I'm always careful" Jessica smiled at Kyou.
    "I'm walking as fast as I can er as fast as I want," Jason said back to Kyou. Jason observed Konan along with the students they passed by.
    "This is a strange school. Any other school it'd be hard for us to pull off half the things going on here." Jessica began to observe her surroundings along with her brother.
  19. "Do you have any weapons on you?" Kyou asked looking at the twins. There were about to turn down a dangerous dark hall. Kyou got out a small flash light. There homeroom was at the end of a hallway which lights had been busted in the last school riot. The sicko hung out in the darkness. The best thing to do was run. In the event that something clung to you, you cut it off.
  20. Konan smiled and skipped in front of the group going straight into the darkness. "Poppet you better eat a cupcake next time i offer one!~" he looks around unsatisfied.
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