Troublesome Kids [mxm]

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  1. With book bag hanging from his shoulder he rested his hands in his pockets as he walked toward his dorm room within the loud chatter hallway. He had a slight annoyed look on his face, but other then that he was quiet excited for another year here as an athlete, but as the school itself he shrugged about since it wasn't really exciting unless they had games to play for the season. He opened the door with a twisted on his wrist and a click from the key and entered in, shutting the door behind him. He dropped his bag on the bed with the rest of his things that he had dropped off earlier this morning. He toke a breathe in relieve that he was about to get his own dorm this time around, he wasn't big on sharing rooms with others...he was a bit materialistic when it came to sharing with others, or selfish some would call him, but he didn't care.

    He grabbed his new sports varsity jacket and slipped it on over his white uniform blouse. Lucas checked it over making sure it felt good on him before zipping it half way and heard a knock on his door, "What?" he called not glancing over to the door until he heard a familiar voice. "Hey dude! Let me in!" Lucas felt a small smile on his lips and opened the door then made a questionable face seeing his best friend in of him. The brunette had a box in had. "Hope you know there's only one bed in here right?" Lucas said then added. "I understand you love me and all, but-" He sarcastically before being interrupted by the other. "Shut up , help me out here, my room is upstairs and your the only one here out of our friends." He said pushing the box in the white hair's arms. "So you're going to force me in labor work?" "Just help me out man! I helped you!" He whined making Lucas laugh a bit and made a surrender motion with his hand. "Alright alright don't put you panties in a bunch Alex."

    Soon Lucas and Alex was going up stairs to his room holding boxes in hand as they caught up with things, school, sports, girls, and the like. He watched as his friend opened the door to the room and put down the boxes. Lucas opened one of the boxes to see what was in it and put them up with him. Some things made him laugh surprised he still had some old things from years ago. After a couple of minutes to half and hour they had everything up and was sitting around in the two bedroom dorm. "So you're ready for this season?" Lucas asked him and seen the boy shake his head making Lucas question him. " How come?"

    "I might not play this know because of my grades and my mom going crazy again." He laughed at the end.

    "Pfft that's it? We all know you can make it up easily if you keep you flirting in check and stop getting distracted." Lucas said and chuckled when Alex punched him on the side. After two hours he left the other and went back to the hall and toward the cafeteria to get something eat when he felt is stomach growl at him for food. He put his hands in his jacket as he walked to the big room.

  2. Kiro laughed as he slipped through a small gap in the school fence, not his school of course, he stopped and looked at the idiot jocks yelling at him. He went and made trouble at another school not far from his, he knew how to get in and out with a lot of fun. He knew the in's and out's of mostly anything, like a born criminal his best friend Ace would say.
    Kiko never pulled your usual pranks, nope, he was one for a bit more cruel things to him laugh, but the simple little prank now and then was fun, just to mess with them.

    "Sorry gus I'm out of time, I gotta get back to school" he laughed and crossed the road, but not before putting the one jock's dorm room key in the middle of the busy street.
    He ran his way back to school, he had be in time before his father could even know that he was late. When he got there he saw his father (foster father's car had just parked "Hey dad!" He pulled a hand through his unusual bright hair. After a long talk with his dad about him stopping his nonsense he grabbed his stuff and went in search of his dorm room

    Kiro was no dumb boy, he studied and did good, but he liked his fun and he was a magnet for trouble mostly because he was the cause of it 80% of the time. He found his room and stood inside of it for a while, after seeing nothing to do he went to go find something to eat. "This looks like fun" he murmured and slipped his hood over his head chewing at the lollipop stick between his lips. Before him was mostly people like jocks and cheerleaders and parents, he was a small built boy, 5,6, he was fully trained in martial arts and could fight really well so the size of the jocks never scared him. "Let's find someone to mess with"
  3. Quickly he ordered his food and turned his head when he heard familiar voices calling out his name to eat with them. It was other Jocks of the team and some of the Cheerleaders that decided to come to school today, or haven't came yet. Lucas gave them a wave with a small smile glad to see them....well 20% of them anyway. He sat his food down on the table and sat down between two close buddies of his, Alex and Rufus, they began to talk and with a grin on his face he spoke. "Shorter skirts? Won't that make it worst for us as well, Chase?" He questioned with a laugh before glancing over to the opening of the cafeteria where one the boy's spoke with a teasing tone. "Hey look it's shrimp cool wannabe!" He called out. Now Lucas wasn't really the one to pay attention to what his friends do since he had better things to then randomly mess with people, though it didn't mean he had his share of poking fun, bullying the other kids. So a smirk appeared on his face hearing the name one his friends called the Orange haired male, of course the girls giggled, they laughed at what ever Chase joked about, probably because he was the biggest guy out of the team and was the Star of the football team. Lucas was the Star of the Track Team, where's his giggling blondes?
  4. Kiro looked over everyone and a smirk came over his lips when he was called that stupid name, he shoved his hands in his pockets and calmly walked over to the guy that called him that. He wasn't afraid, heck he could kick this dude's ass in no time, and he knew he, he didn't doubt his own skill.

    In all honesty he loved when people underestimated him, it gave him that small moment of walking in, kicking ass and leaving each and everyone slack jawed. "Say....what did you call me?" He asked his face still hiding behind his hood, his hands pressed on the table beside the guy.
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