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Fantasy, Horror, sci-fi, modern, romance, family, slice of life, nsfw, heavy nsfw
Please understand that I'm not great at keeping up lengthy replies, expect liner from me. Length may fluctuate from time to time. I do prefer longterm storylines that may include romance, drama, slice of life, family, angst, fantasy, paranormal, ...
I can play multiple characters, I don't expect you to.
I'm trying to be active but am often busy, tired, or lacking focus. Can't specify how quick I'll reply but I try to be frequent.

In this storyline, you are adopting or fostering a young girl that was previously neglected and abused by her parent(s). She will act out, you must be patient and understanding, do not give up on her or add to the abuse.

She is schizophrenic and likes to talk/play with her friend that is not actually there. This will get her into trouble.

We can discuss more in private messages.