Trouble with a Capital T



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She yawned as she wandered the late night streets of the demon community some have known to call home. It could easily be mistaken for a small human world like college town area, with a few people awake here and there at the late hour, but with most asleep at the late hour. She could easily blend in with this young town home crowd, with her age and overall appearance matching those around her.

The fox girl looked exhausted as she walked down the street, eyes tired as they looked straight in front of her. She stood at 5'6, a pretty thin girl with a nice curved waist line. Her skin was pale and her eyes were a nice mixture of blue and green. Her hair was a jet black, her bangs scattered across her forehead as the rest of her bangs framed her face. The length of her hair reached to her mid back. The demonic part of her showed as well, a nice pair of black fuzzy fox ears with small white tips. To match she also had a pretty long and full black fox tail with the same white tip. Her tail was in constant motion, if it wasn't it would easily hit the ground and just drag behind her. She looked old enough to be out of high school, but not old enough to legally drink, easy to say probably the age of 19 years old.

She didn't make eye contact with people as they walked by her, she simply rubbed her eyes every once in a while and yawned. It was obvious she was tired, she wanted nothing more than to sleep. Sadly the poor girl had a tough night ahead of her.

She walked up to the house and began with the door lock. To those walking by it would simply look like she was unlocking her own house, when in reality she was picking the front lock with a bobby pin. After a good fifteen seconds of fidgeting she unlocked the front door and walked in, acting as if it was her own house. She even went through the liberty of locking the door behind her.

Now that she was in the dark house she didn't look nearly as tired as she did outside. Her brain was running a million miles a minute. She needed one simple thing to get out of here and to keep herself safe; money. She was in pretty deep, and she was in pretty major debt, it was time to start paying that debt back off. What better way for a thief to pay off a debt than to use other peoples money, right?

She sniffed the air once and her right fox ear twitched as she thought to herself. 'Two people... males... sleeping?' She questioned the last part. She could tell by two distinct smells in the house that there were two people. The easy breathing she heard from them made her somewhat confident that they were asleep. She could only hope.

She quietly maneuvered her way through the house, starting in the kitchen, slowly opening drawers. She simply looked for anything that could be useful to her; checkbooks, credit cards, cash would be best. But nothing proved itself in her. She mentally signed as she closed drawer after drawer.

She skipped the bathrooms, knowing most people don't keep cash where they decide to do their business. Next was the living room. She looked through the entertainment system, anything that held small nick nacks, and still found nothing. At this point she rolled her eyes. She only had one more choice.

She looked down the hall, trying to figure out where to start. She slowly clicked one door open and peaked inside, seeing a large male body under some covers. She listened closely to see if there was any change in his breathing pattern to alert that he might have woken up, and so far she still felt safe. She opened the door a bit more and he still seemed asleep. She walked quietly into his room, looking first for a dresser of some sort. Sometimes people store wallets and valuables in their sock drawer! Worth a try, right? She quietly opened the top drawer of the dresser and slowly and quietly began shifting through some clothes, hoping to find something to get herself out of this damn situation.


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In the dead of a night sat a house that was occupied by two young males. One was much older and different from his partner, but they happened to fit like yin and yang. They were both fast asleep in their respective rooms, sleeping soundly as they curled up under their warm blankets in their cozy beds. Everything was as peaceful as it could get in their household. Well, until now, that is.

Sounds of someone opening and closing drawers, sifting through things, and walking around made to the both of the males' rooms, but they were muffled. Since one of them were a pretty heavy sleeper, he didn't show any sign of waking up or even being disturbed in the slightest, continuing to sleep the night away. Even if he did wake up, he'd probably think that it was his roommate and go back to sleep, shaking it off.

The sound of his door clicking open caused one of the two fluffy leopard ears on top of his head to twitch in response. He frowned slightly in his sleep as he stayes oblivious to the fact that someone was in his room, looking through his things. Frown growing in size as he heard more noises, he turned on his other side, facing away from the intruder. This position only lasted for a while until the leopard demon was turning back on his other side. The only difference? His eyes, which were a moss green, were open this time. He had a sleepy, yet pisssed off look to them. It was understandable, though. He hated to have his sleep interrupted.

Propping himself up on his one arm, he was silent as he raked his tired gaze over the figure in front of him. Realization hit him like a pile of bricks and his ears were flat against his blonde head, that had highlights of brown in it, in annoyance. His eyes narrowed and his tail, which was a long, sleek leopard tail, twitched in obvious irritation under his cover. "Who are you? And what are you doing?" He questioned in a deep, raspy voice that was laced with exhausation. It had been a long day for him.

Suddenly, the padding of footsteps could be heard and another male was standing in his doorway, rubbing away at his eyes. "What's...going on, Moru-chan?" He questioned, a fluffy, snow white dog tail swaying behind him. He was a lot more petite than the other male, slender and short compared to other boys his age. He stood at a height of 5'7", which was small compared to his roommate, who was a whopping 6'3". Unlike his counterpart, who was pretty lean and muscular, he had a delicacy to him that insisted he was pretty fragile. His skin was pale, making his snow white features (hair, tail, floppy dog ears) stand out, while the other's was sun-kissed. His eyes were a honey brown color that had gold flecks within them.

"It seems like we're getting robbed, Hikaru," 'Moru-chan' had responded.

"Eh? Are you serious?"

"I'm seeing it with my own eyes."

Hikaru looked to where 'Moru-chan', otherwise known as Momoru, was focused. He stared at the fox demon and cocked his head to the side in that adorable, curious fashion that puppies did when they were confused, which was exactly what Hikaru was at the moment.


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When she first heard his voice she could help but jump, trying to pull both hands out of the drawer as quickly as she could and turn around to look at him. When she did the quick motion she ended up hitting her left hand on the drawer as she pulled it out, a somewhat clumsy gesture. "Oh my god." She muttered, trying to shake the slight annoying pain from her hand as she finally looked at the person who spoke to her. Her left hand was in a lot of motion, it was hard to tell if she actually managed to find anything or not and she sure didn't make it easier by instantly putting that hand in her jean pocket. Her eyes met with that of someone that was definitely much bigger than her and was probably much stronger than her too. It was difficult to analyze the man in this situation, but he didn't seem like he was ready to pounce on her and attack her just yet, he simply looked annoyed that she had woken him up. She couldn't feel too confident though, she had no idea what he was capable of, or what the new male that was awaken was capable of either. This was bad, it was dumb on her part, but bad. How on earth was she supposed to get herself out of this one?! She wanted to avoid any confrontation if possible and she really didn't want to start a scene. She was worried any loud noises would disturb neighbors who would only go after her, wow this was turning out bad! Listening to the two go back and forth as she mentally went through scenarios and then seeing how the dog demon literally tilted his head in confusion just like a dog would almost made her laugh, but she tried hard to act like a professional... well kind of.

She put her right hand over her chest, pointing at herself as if she was offended by the accusation. "Robbed? Are you serious? Way to make me look like a bad guy!" Even in her tone of voice she sounded nothing but offended. She huffed and rolled her eyes, putting her hand down and placing it against her hip. "All I try to do is be nice and tidy up the place and this is the thanks I get." She muttered, but loud enough for the two to hear. She didn't particularly make eye contact with anyone for that statement. It was obvious to her that she was making up this story, but she had a slight hope that the two would be tired enough to actually believe her. "All I was trying to do was straighten up this pig pen you call a house! You can't just leave things laying around everywhere guys." She shook her head at them, as if disappointed. "Don't believe me? I've already finished up the kitchen and the living room." She lied, pointing down the hallway. "But whatever, don't appreciate my work? Don't appreciate what I do? Fine. I'll leave." With that statement she turned around and began leaving the room, doing her best to calmly walk out the front door.

The entire conversation she kept that left hand in her pocket. She knew if she brought the wallet she actually found in that top drawer it would be obvious she took something. She simply grabbed the cash she could out of the wallet and stuck it in her pocket, actually robbing the man of some of his money.