Trouble On the Streets (Lesbian Roleplay)

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Lexy Nika
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Age:20 Sexuality:Lesbian

Personality: An artistic individual Lexy, full name Alexa, is normally a shy girl who prefers being alone despite her craving for human interaction. Now and then she can be found out with friends, but other than that she's at home coloring a canvas. Her favorite media of art is acrylic and watercolor, especially when she combines them into one work of art. Once you become so close to Lexy Nika she can be one of the most outgoing people you have ever met.

Background: In the past she had been in abusive relationships making her reluctant to make a serious relationship with anyone. Her father was an abusive drunk making her the quiet girl that she is. Her mother is alive and well, but with another family, and her only brother is off traveling the world as a newly made businessman.

Plot Ideas (feel free to give me some of your's too):

  1. Lexy finds herself in some trouble on the street of the big city she lives in, and later it turns out one of her abusive ex girlfriends is now a big time gangster who "owns" most of the city streets as territory. Now he's decided he wants her back for her own selfish desires.
  2. Your character has a knack for getting into trouble. Lexy ends up getting caught up in it, and extenuating circumstances force her to go with you to get away from what ever trouble. Possibly to just find even more
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