Trouble Makers Are Bad Influence[m]

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  1. Setting: They are at lunch, one more period after this.

    Angel, the angel of this group. The leader was staying quiet today, maybe he was deep in thought. She sat next to her boyfriend, She felt his hand on her leg. She didn't realize this because her older sister was saying on how angelic she was.
    Anna said, " Angel, you have to let in your desires, not keep them inside locked inside." Anna was the brunette of the two. She was wearing blue and white outfit Anna showed her skin more then her sister. She fixed her sweater and smiled softly. She actually liked the leader. Glancing at him, who she was sitting by, she leaned in and whispered. " I think we need to change my sister, it's annoying to have a angel in the house. "
    Angel held her boyfriend's hand. She didn't know what to do. She knew that her father was starting to abused her. She felt his hand on a brise she gasped and moved his hand and said, " Hun, please no." she hid the mark quickly too. She smiled.

    ( bad starting sorry it'll get better)


    Name~ Angel Love
    age~ 15, almost 16
    role~ the angel of the group/ ____'s girlfriend.
    personality~ sweet, shy , jumpy, too pure,
    looks like~

    Name~ Anna Love
    age~ 17
    role~ Angel's sister
    Personality~ Outgoing, funny , alcoholic, sneaky
    looks like~

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