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  1. Do you think that Trophies should be public and visible or remain private? And if you think it should be public then what is your reasons? And where would it be shown? On profiles or below your avatars? If you think it should stay private then what are your reasons?

    I personally think it would be cool to see public trophies, just seeing awesome badge like trophies showing how long you've been on the site seems like a cool feature to me. What about you?
  2. On one hand, it could end up like a (neat) status symbol that might make new members feel bad and give older members something of an ego. On the other hand, boasting rights. That or embarrassing proof that you're just addicted, you freakin' weirdo.

    Meh, I think they're fine where they are now. Something personal to amuse myself with if I ever decide to look back on my "achievements".
  3. Are people actually like that here though? Would people here actually rub it in others faces?
  4. The only public trophies I would consider are those that are strong efforts to improve the site.
    Such as the "Made 15 world building guides" one.

    That and returning visible post counts.
    I like those, it was a quick way to see your growing activity on the site.
    I mean we still have it, but I miss it being right under my username.

    I honestly don't see it causing any form of elitism.
    Granted it might be a tool that some egoistical people use, but those are kind of people you'd find trying to knock others down regardless.
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  5. Iwaku probably doesn't have a ton, but there's always the chance we will get some. Just a possibility I was throwing out there. The post count beneath the username, though-- bring that back.
  6. I personally saw a big crowded RP site I was a member in turning into a vile mess of arrogant and back-stabbing pricks who circle jerks with each other constantly. Regardless to say, I am a bit paranoid regarding public awards, especially things such as "Best of the Best RP-er", "Model Member", etc.
  7. Yea, it'd be too one sided.
    I'd just have everything. :3
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  8. What if it was something that you did that helped the site or you did on your own time like that world building thing that other dude mentioned . Others might be like first post on the site and 30 posts on the site or 10 created threads or if you were a gm in a roleplay you would have a trophy or badge for that. Would that be reasonable?

  9. <---- My name is right there you know. :P
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  10. If there are concrete proofs on why a member has a particular award (10 Worldbuilding Threads, 1000 IC Posts, 500 Received Cookies), then I can work with that. What I am not comfortable with are subjective awards like I mentioned, especially if they deem someone as "The Model/Alpha/Ace/Whatever-term-that-signifies-being-the-best Roleplayer".
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  11. I Agree.
  12. I don't even know how to get to awards...
  13. Just do stuff, you get them for number of posts/likes/birthdays, etc. You probably already have some.
  14. I meant how to see them. Like, how to view the ones you've earned.
  15. Oh. You know, I honestly don't know. I did a few days ago, and now I forget.

    Anybody else know this?
  16. I just tried to myself and realized I couldn't figure it out either. :/
  17. Publicly displayed status symbols tend to lead to egotism and elitism even in the most relaxed communities. Hell, even things that don't seem like they would be status symbols end up being used as such if they're displayed in public and create different classes of people. Personal customization things, like our usernames and avatars and the status messages beneath them, don't tend to cause this effect thanks to the fact that they can be changed on a whim and do not set up a separation of classes of people.

    For an Iwaku-specific example of this in action, pay attention to anyone who specifically refers to someone as a blue star or red star, which of course references the colored star near each person's avatar that indicates whether they are adults or not. It's not a common thing, but I have seem some instances of elitism where a person will talk down about "blue stars" as a group of people. It's a manifestation of age-based bias rather than pure status elitism of course, but it's still something those prone to elitist mindsets can grab on to and use to set themselves and their fellows up as better than the other group. On the other hand, there are also people who refer to "blue stars" in a non-negative light, but those with a blue star often feel like they're being singled out or targeted in some negative way nonetheless. This sort of group forming and group conflict mentality is a natural part of human psychology, happens all the time for nonsensical things, and it's best to minimize them when possible.

    Displaying post counts would lead to elitism in the form of people saying things like "they only have X posts, they're new here, their opinion doesn't matter" or "lol you only have X posts? get on my level." It's a thing I noticed happening back when post counts were publicly displayed here on Iwaku. It's a thing that happens on every forum with public post counts. It's a part of human nature to look for those exhibiting similar characteristics, then to build a group mentality around it and act differently toward those from other groups.

    Publicly displaying trophies would cause this, and for that reason I think they should remain a private thing tucked away where a lot of people apparently can't even find out how to view them. That's the perfect place for trophies that don't truly mean anything and would only cause strife and division if they were displayed in public.
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  18. Says the man with only 2k posts. *Giggle Snicker*

    In all seriousness though, posts counts are hardly hidden, they just aren't under the username.
    If someone wanted to be legitimately elitist with it they can easily click your username to see it.

    That and when it comes to stuff like this I think where we need to look isn't "does elitism bring it up?" but rather "would they be elitist any ways?".
    Because you can hide as many medals and such as you want, but some people will still find a way to brag.
    Its human nature, and to take away what is a fun feature for a ton of people to attempt to deter some elitism just seems fruitless.

    That and Iwaku does medals a bit already with stuff like donating member.
    That right there is rife to cause elitism. "I've actually contributed money to this site. Have you? No? Oh, get out of here you free loading peasant. I want to drink my tea in peace, aha!".
    Yet it rarely happens, people are very responsible with it. So if Iwaku is literally allowing a "Pay for a medal" system already why should we not have it for medals that require time and effort to obtain?
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  19. Know who thinks meaningless online accolades are stupid and that people who want them crave pointless validation ?

    This guy.
  20. Wow... I am very delighted to find someone on the same track as I do. :D *Many hugs to you*

    On the other hand, General Magnum does provide a logical and plausible argument to the matter. Hmmm... well, this particular matter does require a lot of discussion.
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