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  1. Basically this roleplay will be within the air gear verse which is more or less in modern time with a slight boost in technology, and almost everyone goes around everywhere using high powered roller skates known as Air Treks(A.T. for short) however feel free using whoever you wish to join in so long as they can fit in. The setting is a city in honshu japan, where there are lots of railings and etc to grind upon, and takes place a good few years after the events of Sora and Nike Takeuchi. Canon characters are alright to use(as i'm using one myself since wow i'm no good at making OC's for this anime.)
    Rules (open)

    1. No god mod as to be expected
    2. If you get hit, which you will, it will hurt your character and make them react more sluggishly or dramatically, like it would in real life
    3. If you haven't already, then please watch at least five episodes of air gear for a better understanding on the plot. Not a rule, more a preference that i hope you do.
    4. Respect all within the rp
    5. Have fun
    6. A limit of two people a person: this is to make it easier on me.
    7. If you want to smut: take it to the PM's or fade to black.
    8. I am okay with make out scenes, but please don't go too far with it.
    9. If an Agito Wanijima joins, deal with their cursing. Agito is known for saying "Fuck." in nearly every other sentence, it is quiet literally his catchphrase, and if you can't understand that, then don't join.
    10. 1 canon char per person only, sorry.
    11. The basic Iwaku roles here
    12. If you want to have a chat out of character, then please take it to the OOC thread. It does exist, probably buried, but it exists.
    13. Try to be active.
    14. I'm sorry that there are so many rules now that i go over it.

    Character skeleton (open)

    Appearance:(picture preferred, descriptions are alright.)
    Road(flame, wing, gaia, Rising(electric), bloody "fang" road, Sonia/thorn road, Rumble, Ring road, or unique roads that belong to canon characters: such as buchha's stone road or onigiri's Smell road):
    Level of skill(newbie, experienced, veteran, heir, king. *can also be used as F, E, D, C, B, A like in parts wars*):
    Do they have regalia(canon regalia or not. You can make up a road and have your own hand made regalia if you wish):
    Sexuality(in case romance ensues):

    my form (open)

    Name: Kazuma Mikura
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Gender: Male
    Road: Flame
    Level of skill: King class
    Do they have a regalia?: Yes.
    Personality: With an inferiority complex as he grew up he tends to be quiet and introverted, he has been shown to open up easily and be much more lively. There is nothing he enjoys more than riding on his Air Trek. He tends to be a joker, and more or less oblivious to discrete hinting at romance.

    Sexuality: Straight(heterosexual)

    The roller blader was taking the stance as if to gain a running start, as the motorized roller blades begun to spin with intensity due to the pressure he had pushed onto them. The sun was going down and he was preparing for practice on his air trek. Once the sun was down, he blasted off into the sky, performing numerous flips and turns to keep himself in control, a large speed boost given thanks to his running start stance. Within moments, he was grinding along rail tops and passing by people stepping outside onto their balconies, a coy smile drawn on his face as he enjoyed his 'sport.'
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  2. As the boy rushed from roof to roof his stamina drained slightly. He was putting too much speed and effort into his bounds. Realizing this he started to slow down to a brisk pace, landing onto the sidewalk and slowly skating down it while going about the town as usual. Within his mind he was debating on starting a new parts war with another group. Maybe he could talk with the team about challenging Sleeping Forest for practice, offering up some parts only?
  3. Ri slipped on her icy blue Air Treks, They had a blue body with black streaks running through it while the wheels are a light blue that you can see out of. She pulled up her hood and began to skate across her living room onto the 10th floor balcony looking down. Quickly she jumped up on the railing and began to jump off holding her arms out as if they were wings and she was flying. A slight smile escaped her almost always serious composure when she had this hood on it was about her nothing else but her and her A.t's. When she reached the fifth floor she boosted off the wall landing on a small roof rolling around on it for a bit until she went back down and onto the street. Her A.t's were used for weapons as well as they could produce ice from surrounding air which was everywhere if it was there it could be ice. She skated swiftly out onto the street and started to flip over different things, When she was done with this she stuck her hands in her pockets and began to roll over to her part time job at a coffee shop on 124 main street.
  4. The boy had reached the coffee shop a few hours before Ri had. His red outlining on the flame regalia receding as he stopped using them and walked with the wheels turned off. Heading over to the counter and ordering his usual he took a seat at one of the open tables and sighed lightly. This had also become part of his morning routine before meeting with the rest of his group.
  5. Ri had slammed the coffee shops door open her hood still on and rolled in jumping on one of the tables "I'm back!". The girls all sighed "We told you-", She cut them off mid sentence jumping down from the table "yeah yeah I know." She said this with an angry sneer in her voice. She started to take off her treks, "How else am i gonna get to work though?" "Weren't you in one of those gangs but killed-", She quickly with one A.T on before she could spout another word used her regalia to create a point of ice at the end and stuck it to her neck. "Do you want to go down this road girl." she took her air trek down keeping her hood up and took it off "Didnt think so." The girl was speechless with a horrified look on her face.
  6. Kazu, witnessing this happen stood up and stared at the person misusing their regalia. It's one of the few things he would absolutely not stand for. The air around him heated up as he walked over, an inviting smile on his face, but an aura of menace hiding behind it as he headed over. The ice on the AT melting slowly at first then rapidly as he approached. "With all due respect, you shouldn't intimidate the working class. It never ends up well." he said in a calm tone.
  7. She looked at him "I am working class and shes the one that started it" She smirled a bit and growled at the girl, the girl stepped behind the counter quickly. "I dont expect you to under stand fire boy." She put on he sneakers and put her ats in a small pouch she kept with her. "and try to mind your business huh boyo." She patted him on the back and took a small sponge beginning to clean the counters her hood stayed up the whole time not showing her eyes.
  8. He almost had a small outburst but kept it maintained as his regalia deactivated themself from his calming down. Walking oover to the counter he sighed lightly and ordered another drink, warm tea with peppermint leaves. And awaited his order's return as he watched Ri with caution now. Utterly unruly, not even having the decency to walk in and instead smash in and wreck a perfectly good table with wheel tracks that won't rub out.
  9. She finished rubbing down the counters and smirked again before hearing "You can head out now your work is done here's your paycheck" Your awfully fast at getting me out today" SHe grabbed the paycheck and sat on the counter putting on her at's. "As a gift." She slammed her At on the ground making soft cracks in the ground and after used her regalia to fill them with ice "Im sorry" She smiled for only a second and started to roll out leaving an intricate and beautiful array of ice filled swirls in the ground.
  10. Annoyingly he saw the cracks form in the floorboards and sighed. Melting the ice, evaporating the het, moving the broken debris back together, then melting it back on as if nothing happened. "is she always like that?" he asked the cashier while he recieved his order.
  11. "Yup but we still like her here she can be very interesting." Ri rolled around the town for a bit paying for some bread on her way and eating it. She began to go faster and faster climbing onto a roof top. But when she was sure no one was around she took out a blood stained group sticker and sighed looking at the different shades of blood that skimmed it. She layed on the roof staring at the clouds waiting for them to change.
  12. That girl.. she wore regalia." he thought aloud while retrieving his order. "I don't remember any regalia like that, so it must be new. Has she caused you a lot of trouble? I could try to get her to stop if so.
  13. "No its really not her fault, we told the newb not to get her angry andbwhat not to say to b her so plusbshe keeps gangs away they call her the queen of bloody ice but she can be nice....." Ri sits on the roof and opens her paycheck looking at how much she got from it. She looks back at the coffee shop to see if the flame boy was out yet.
  14. The boy nodded taking in the information and sighing lightly. "honestly, they shouldn't be using their AT to threaten people.. what more will happen to this world before AT are banned as bioweapons?" he thought aloud while turning to the doors and heading out.
  15. She watched the man head out and quickly shoved the blood stained sticker into her pocket. She stayed atop the roof and closed her eyes imagining different worlds and different scenarios of her life. But each one of them ended with her friends all dying. She cringed in place folding inti a small ball sighing
  16. With a sigh he turned his AT wheels on and hopped onto a railing, grinding off to the uptown where his team's territory was held. His eyes lacking emotion as his mind was filled with thoughts.
  17. She looked down and got up following the boy to find out what sticker he had. Her hood almost always hid her face because she had a scar but not just that. She was in a crouching position following the boy jumping from roof to roof.
  18. The boy noticing he was being followed turned towards her pesence and stared with intent. "What do you want?" he said calmly while staring directly at her 'hiding' spot. He wasn't easy to fool and he was a great spotter.
  19. She looked at him from under her hood jumping up and plopping on the edge. "Just wanted to see your sticker" her ats bang on the side of the building as she spreads a devious smirk over her face. " dont think its a crime maybe a bit stalkerish but its no crime."
  20. He sighed lightly while observing her with caution. Pulling out his fake sticker in case she would try anything. Of course, it wasn't a sticker, but a pin, as were the ways of the older parts wars. It said rez-boa-dogs on it. "Here it is." he played it off casually.