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    In the year 3030, the cure for any illness or sickness was thought to have been engineered. This was Mauris Venenatis, and it was sent all across the planet of Gorath, Saturn's moon Titan, planet Mars and planet Earth. The cure did work for a thousand years, but then everything changed. Patients began craving blood and started imitating vampire like behavior, becoming nocturnal and spreading their infection. Eventually the attacks of the patients became gruesome and violent, forcing humans to take action and seek help from other planets.
    While some planets refused to assist the humans, others agreed to lend their services seemingly dealing with the exact same virus which was later discovered to originate from another planet known as Veescher. Veescher is a planet of semi-sentient infected beings that have a horde mind system of thinking. The beings caused the creation of HIV/AIDS on Earth thousands of years ago and subsequently created Mauris Venenatis, or the miracle drug. While at first it seemed benevolent, it began hijacking host immune systems.
    A special forces unit known as T.I.A or Troopers in Armor was created to fight back this virus. These soldiers were protected by a carbon fiber composite armor, a thick plating that was designed to temporarily increase resistance against the virus when coming into contact with the infected.
    Since the home of the Virus is on planet Veescher, it is thought that the planet must be destroyed in order to prevent future virus attacks on what is left of the infected planets surrounding it. Thusly, members of the T.I.A were sent to Planet Veescher to kill the virus' source once and for all.

    The most versatile of all races capable of incredible feats all their own and very adaptive giving them leg up when fighting this virus. While they are one of the youngest races of the universe, they are the most determined. They are the creators of the carbon fiber composite armor. The armor does branch to other species but is most effective for humans, as that's who it was designed for. Humans are especially vulnerable to the virus because of their high population density on only a handful of colonies.
    Home planet: Earth
    Colonies: Titan, Gorath, Mars
    Population: 48 billion
    Humans (open)

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    In order: Standard, Special forces and Recon/Scout

    This race is incredibly fast and nimble. They are the universe's assassins being masters of stealth. Their claw like hands are as sharp as daggers. Vargoths prefer to hunt in pairs of two or by themselves seeing as most of them have conflicting personalities. While they are capable of some impressive feats they have an overall weak structure making them vulnerable to anything bulky and hard hitting. The Vargoth are the least populated species, having at their height, two colonies . One entire planet (Jegar) was lost to the infection and the Vargoth had to blast any civilian ships attempting to flee due to the required quarantine. Many broken families still exist from this.
    Home Planet: Gerruda
    Colonies: Kirru
    Population: twenty eight billion
    Vargoth (open)

    In order: no armor, armored

    A very intelligent type alien with the power of telekinesis. They are very technologically advanced and capable of human speech. Their skin is resistant to most types of sickness making them great allies to the humans when fighting the virus. Unfortunately, they have a weakest of all bone structure and can easily be over powered by brute force should it be able to get close enough. It's very hard to differentiate between the male and females of these species, but females have larger eyes and they are blue in color. The Zerath had a minor infection outbreak on their colony Ottawock, but it was quickly purged with little damage done. One of the oldest races in the galaxy and most widespread (and populated).
    Home Planet: Xeran
    Colonies: Pluto, Comante, Senseca, Kiola, Ottowock
    Population: Seventy Four billion
    Zerath (open)


    In order: no armor, armor

    A humanoid bug alien subtype. They are the strongest (Vargoth are the fastest) of the alien races, but have a hard time communicating with other races without a communicator handy. Their speech consist of bug like sounds and signals. Their skin is made of a tough exoskeleton. They are very observant of their surroundings and have the intelligence equivalent to the average human. These are the most resistant beings against the virus, and their exoskeleton is strong enough that they do not require armor to prevent compromises or disease infection. Lowest population density.
    Home Planet: Beetrov
    Colonies: Moquinite, Bombanderov, Antiev, Harvastan, Sicada
    Population: thirty eight billion
    Deetrit (open)


    In order: Recon/Scout, Special forces, Soldier

    Character Sheet

    Position: ( Recon/scout, Special Forces, Soldier. Some races do not have positions. If so, these are considered "unique" and are either soldiers, Trackers/hunters or Engineers/Scientist )
    Appearance: (details or details and a picture)
    Weapon: (feel free to PM me about information on a weapon. A species specific weapon can only work for that species. Joint weapons are accommodating for all. This will be updated to allow secondaries and more in depth weapon descriptions)
    Armor: (standard or custom. If custom, which model? Check the custom listing for multi-species armors)
    Background: (Where did your character come from? Have they lost any to the infection? What's their personality like? Have they been in combat before? Where they drafted or did they volunteer? Explain at least a paragraph)


    References and resources

    Infected (open)

    Click on the name of the infected to view their image

    Infected Human. Infected that will mindlessly run through gunfire, get ripped apart, and drop their organs all over the ground.

    Infected Zerath. Loss of telekinesis, but vaguely intelligent. Skull shifts and causes a horrible mutation in the face. Will alert other infected of potential hosts by screeching.

    Infected Vargoth. This infected acts similar to human infected during the day, but at night, they set ambushed and basic traps.

    Infected Deetrit. Infected brutish monster that will toss you around. It's center of mass and joints have begun rotting, aim for those to take it down. Otherwise, it's thickened skin will stop most bullet velocity and cause minimal damage.

    Veescher exclusive infected (open)

    These infected are only on Veescher. Click on their names to see their appearance.

    Infected Ancient. Human like in body structure, posses six eyes but moves on all fours. Insides are liquified, bullets and pellets go completely through. Weak to non-projectile weapons.

    Infected Ancient Brute. Does what the ancient infected does, only better. Taller, thicker, stronger, faster and uglier. Same weakness as the regular ancient.

    Infected Giant. Whatever this thing used to be, it was big. A 3.7 meter tall muscular virus-alien that can break down a steel wall. It's skin is dry and flaky, fire works nicely on this beauty.

    Infected Stalker. Similar to the ancient infected, except no eyes. Uses echolocation, can climb walls, actually follows prey, and will retreat if spotted. Sets advanced traps at night and will often alert other infected of potential host presence. Weak to anyone paying attention.

    Infected Skinstealers. Do not engage in close quarters. the creatures will remove a "skull" underneath and head butt your armor- and will break it. The skin stealer infects you with a different virus strain that will use your body to attack your former friends. Skin stealers can use weapons.

    Infected Behemoth. How these things ever lost a fight is unknown. Their only weaknesses are that they aren't fast and they are big targets. Concentrated fire weakens bone exoskeleton.

    Joint Custom Armors (open)

    All of the following armors are accommodating for all species. Though they may have to change in the torso, number of fingers in the gloves or helmet shape, the general look of the suits will stay the same. These armors are not compatible with any Colonial Legion soldiers unless it is "Legion armor".
    Lean Recon
    Stealth Scout
    Prototype Special Forces
    Orion Cyclops Soldier
    Heavy Engineer
    Arctic Special forces
    Special Forces Streamline
    Legion Standard
    Legion Shock Trooper
    Legion Centurion
    Legion Gladiator
    Legion Specialist

    Weapons (open)

    Some weapons are species specific. Those that say "Joint" can be used by all species but may not have exemplary ballistics or rounds per minute. Click on the rifle's name to see it's appearance. Not compatible with Colonial Legion unless it is a race based weapon or a Legion weapon.

    Human battle rifle. This is a heavy caliber 7.62x54 rifle with a 750 RPM. Muzzle velocity of 900 meters per second. Bullet is a magnetized tungsten-steel-nanocarbon composite for maximum heat resistance and tumble. 32 round magazine. Under-mounted 80mm grenade launcher, one shell per reload.

    Joint Valkyrie Support Sniper Rifle. Fires a magnetized .338 Lapua bullet that travels 954 meters per second. Bullet rips itself apart on impact, exit wound is 280% larger than the entry wound. Semi-automatic rifle, 650 rpm cap. 8 round magazine.

    Joint Squad Automatic Weapon. Fires 5.56x45 magnetized rounds. Muzzle velocity of 850 meters per second, 1233 rounds per minute. 200 round magazine.

    Deetrit Pulse Rifle and Pulse Pistol. Both use ionized gasses as "ammunition". Rifle muzzle velocity of 1250 meters per second at room temperature/hot environments. 500 meters per second in cold environments. Rate of fire starts at 1000 but as the magazine runs low on ammo, slows down to 650 rounds per minute. 50 shot tank-magazine. Pistol has a muzzle velocity of 870 meters per second or 250 meters per second in cold environments. 650 round per minute semi-automatic cap. 14 shot mini-tank magazine.

    Zerath Tesla Carbine. This weapon uses a battery to release wild jolts of plasma energy. This carbon nano-tube battery does power the weapon- but also creates random weapon drift. The Zerath can use their telekinesis to maneuver the energy into a cohesive blast. 8000 meters per second. Can electrocute infected and provide momentary relief. Approximately 15 shots per rechargeable battery. 25 in non rechargeables.

    Joint Shotgun. 12 gauge shotgun, muzzle velocity of 600 meters per second. Semi-automatic, 650 round per minute cap. Magazine of 10 shells.

    Vargoth Sword and Arc rifle. Sword is made of an element similar to carbon's atomic structure. Bonded to a special steel composite, the blade is laced with combustible light metals which result in a alien fire sword (when the trigger is pulled). Light metal must be replaced. Three magazines, burns for 4 minutes. Arc rifle uses innovative smart technology that actually can sense friend or foe. Semiautomatic rifle, however it will not arc a plasma bolt into a friendly if they have a smart chip in their helmet (as most TIA do). However, this means the gun is useless against infected TIA soldiers. 650 round per minute cap, 45 shots per xenon tank.

    Joint Revolving-Incendiary-Grenade Launcher. RIG for short. Backed into a corner? Check. Lots of infected? Check. Friendlies in need? Check. 650 round per minute revolver grenade launcher. For when you wish to make your infected nemesis members turn into sidewalk paste that is ON FIRE. Muzzle velocity? Who cares. It can blow down doors, enemies, walls, vehicles and your shoulder if you don't hold it good. Fires a magnesium and white phosphorous 100mm grenade that detonates into a 10 meter shrapnel-sparkler from hell.

    Legion Assault Carbine. A deadly weapon that is statistically similar to the Human battle rifle, sharing muzzle velocity, magazine capacity, under mounted grenade launcher and size. However, the Legion Carbine fires a 7.62x60mm size projectile, making it slightly larger than the battle rifle. Due to this, the weapon suffers from slightly worse recoil. Also, this weapon is prone to more jams than the Human Battle Rifle. Rate of fire is 650.

    Legion Assault Rifle. This rifle fires a 5.56x35mm projectile. Has an RPM of 900. Muzzle velocity of 937 meters per second. 35 round capacity. It is the main weapon of the Colonial Legion due to it's "cheap to manufacture" nature.

    Legion UT-MR127. 12.7x65mm chambered. The projective is magnetized and fired from the rifle at an incredible 1800 meters per second, making it the fastest shooting projectile for a hand held weapon. Cheap to manufacture but is extremely large and clunky. Three round magazine, 650 rpm semiautomatic cap.

    Legion UT-S10. 10 gauge shotgun, short range weapon with the devastating effect. Eight shells in tube magazine, pump action.

    Legion UT-RL110. 110mm rocket launcher. Two round magazine. For when shit needs to get fucked up.

    RP PLOT SPOILER (open)

    Infection begins when the virus inserts it's genetic material into a cell. The result is a carrier cell that is a breeding ground for the virus. As humans tempered with and experimented on HIV/AIDS to turn the curse into a cure they inadvertently triggered a microscopic transmission. One that only was received thousands of years later. The master race that controls the virus engineered a mutant gene identical to the miracle drug strain...except this gene overrode the information to fight foreign cells with the information to breed genetic code. The resulting infection is the virus turning the body into a literal weapon, with every cell and fluid containing a deadly pathogen of organic machines. AIDS/HIV would eventually be experimented on by the human race when they realized it's "potential". These master beings predicted it with multiple species and proved correct for four of them. The result, is a pandemic of horribly proportions with a virus evolving to jump the species barrier as fast as it's being put down. The master race even infected allied races to ensure their survival. This all stemmed from their lack of trust from other beings and eventual need to turn them into weapons that naturally seek out a way to get to the master beings ''home world'' to defend the surface. Over time, all infected begin to mutate to look like the master beings. A good example is the result, is the "ancient infected". To put it simply, HIV/AIDS was always the weapon but with cross contamination and evolution, it unlocked it's intended lethal genes. Fully infected beings become rage monsters trying to infect as many as possible to hopefully get a way to Veescher, where they can mutate to be more like their creators.. The master beings are known as Precursors, and dwell in an artificial city right kilometers into the planets infection ridden crust.
    More to develop as the story progresses...

    Themes (open)

    Factions (open)

    • = Main faction
    - = Organization/Classification
    -- = Specialized group

    Universes United: A growing government that seeks to unite humans and aliens by buying planetary governments and ruling over them. Is a representative democracy with elements of an oligarchy. The senate is elected, a member for each district of a colony. Then there are three leaders whose votes count as 70% of the voting body.
    - TIA: Massive task force that works hard to defeat the plague that is destroying many colonies. Functions like any military branch.
    -- Mankinders: Group of prejudice TIA officers and soldiers that specialize in killing infected aliens due to their extensive knowledge of the alien originally infected. Also called Exterminators, Xenophobes, Prejudizers and Assholes.

    Infected: infected individuals with a virus in their body that evolved after species temperament, the infected try with all their power to reach planet Veescher and will infect anything that is sentient and healthy.
    - Veescher Infected: Horribly mutated infected that are semi-sentient. They work together to destroy prey, and are more intelligent (but also more confused) in large groups.

    The Colonial Legion: Group of colonies that got tired of the Universes United's bullshit. They will find a way to undermine their power and keep colonies as self bodies of governments. The CL usually only defend the colonies from exploration but have assisted or, counter-attacked, UU military operations.
    - Centurions: Offensive soldiers that utilize the same technology as the TIA, but often have legion helmets 'tattooed' on their armor shoulder gauntlets or have blood red visors or both.
    -- Gladiators: Special forces of the Centurions. Very secretive, comprised of many men and women who have mechanical augmentations such as a carbon fiber bone structure and titanium foam implants for joints. Strong bodied and stronger willed. Most gladiators are in their forties, fifties, sixties and up. To combat age, the CL began using cybernetic enhancements- very dangerous technology that can affect the implanted's mind or cause a systemic infection from bacteria due to the exposure of underlying tissues.

    Colonial Legion Characters (open)

    The Colonial Legion is an oligarchical government that is the main opposer to Universes United. CL is just a combined multi-colony military, from colonies that do not wish to obey the government and laws set in place by universes united.

    Information: (include rank. Soldier, Shock Trooper, Centurion, and then there are Gladiators. Include time spent in the colonial legion. Backstory with negative dealings with the UU (TIA), Infection or anything else. Include if your character, 35 or up, has had cybernetic enhancements)

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Ustaga N'dinguso
    Age: 25 (Approximated in human years)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vargoth
    Position: Soldier
    Appearance: Ustaga is taller than the average Vargoth and has an average build, if not on the more slender side. Her body is somewhat toned, but not extremely athletic. Her fingers are long, much like her neck and limbs. Her rough, leathery skin is a dull shade of lavender or pink, depending on the light source. Her eyes and lips are both a matching shade of rose, a little more vibrant than her skin.
    Weapon: Vargoth Sword
    Armor: Orion Cyclops Soldier
    Background: Ustaga's father was a well respected soldier for the Vargoth race and fought for them for nearly his entire life. After he retired from service, he married and had two children. First a son, Poel, and then a daughter, Ustaga. She was brought up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Because of her father's high ranking and the inheritance her mother has recieved from her relatives, the N'dinguso family was quite wealthy. They never had to worry about the virus affecting their family. They had the best protection money could buy. Or, they thought they did. Poel came down with the virus and it eventually killed him, breaking Ustaga as well as her parents' hearts. At her father's request, Ustaga has signed up to eradicate this disease once and for all, so that no one else would have to go through the heartbreak her family has faced. She isn't a skilled soldier, but she's willing to learn. Prior to joining the TIA, she had never picked up a weapon in her entire life. However, she extremely agile much like the rest of her species. She can be fussy and melodramatic at times, but she's as determined as it gets. She carries herself with an aura of grace, often using her position in society to benefit her, or sometimes belittle others.
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  3. ( @oxo Very nice character sheet! And no, it's fine ^_^ )

    @OXO post has been updated in case you wanted to change to a different armor
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  4. Added armor!

    Also, changed her race from Zerath to Vargoth.
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  5. I added description to all weapons and infected
  6. I got an invite to this and am gladly accepting. Alien vampire zombies? That's like a zombie ninja pirate robot!

    Name: Leon Paza
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Position: Recon/scout
    Appearance: 5'7", 145 lb., close cropped black hair, brown, eyes, lean and muscular
    Weapon: Human battle rifle
    Armor: Lean Recon
    Background: Leon is Earth-born and bred and originally destined to live out a quiet life as an accountant. Then his parents were killed by infected, while he ran like a coward. After watching the authorities gun them down to protect others, Leon enlisted in the military to atone for not having the guts to protect his family himself. He keeps his self-loathing to himself and is outwardly friendly and charming. But in battle, he is recklessly suicidal, making him an ideal forward scout, as he has little regard for his own safety. He takes his job as a scout seriously, knowing that his reconnaissance can mean life or death for his companions.

    I am curious when you intend to open the IC
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  7. Name: Brahl Ghuthart

    Age: 95 planetary cycles

    Gender: Male

    Species: Deetrit

    Position: Special Forces


    [Standing at approximately 8 feet, Brahl is an imposing physical figure. Due to his genetic engineering, he is larger and more roughly built than the average Deetrit. A lattice of thick spikes covers his back, similar in structure to the protective spines of a porcupine. He also has incredibly thick and durable carapace plates that cover his forearms and legs. Aside from those things, as well as his unusual size, his features are 100% average Deetrit. Though not pretty to look at, he is a sight for sore eyes when the odds are stacked against you.]

    Weapon: JRIGL

    Armor: Hunter [modified to fit]

    Background: Brahl was genetically birthed in a lab, under the careful watch of the Sector D-1 Genetic Experimentation Unit on his home planet. Designed to be the perfect soldier, the young Deetrit was raised in a Specialized Artificial Warfare and Induction environment. Here, he was thoroughly drilled on techniques of all sorts: combat, infiltration, intelligence, weapon handling, politics, speech therapy and so on. This training was carried out non-stop for his entire upbringing. Upon reaching adult hood, he was immediately enrolled into Special Forces Briefing and Training Operations. He has handled incidents regarding the infection since its birth, and is considered one of the most skilled combatants of the infected due to his experience.
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  8. Great, could you link the IC to here? I'm afraid the iwaki layout changed a lot since i was last here, so wouldn't know how to track it down
  9. Yes, I plan to!

    If only we could get more people...

    EDIT: Pretty cool that so far we have a diverse group of characters!
  10. Smaller groups just means that we have less wait time I the RP for people to reply and keeps the story tighter. It's not a bad thing.
  11. Eh, I at least would have liked one or two more role players to kinda equalize the side plots and characters with the main plot.

    Also, if the history of the virus doesn't make sense and you don't care about spoilers, feel free to read the spoiler synopsis.
  12. <.< I am gonna gladly latch onto this. So give me a little time and I'll make a CS.
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  13. @Arius Angels Awesome!

    Corbin A. Durazo (open)

    Age: 29
    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Position: Special Forces

    Appearance: Dark black hair that is bottom jaw length, infected blackened pupils, muscular/lean physique, fair complexion and tatoos that run up her left arm. 5'6, 140 pounds and 18% body fat. Nasty bite scar on left-side of torso.
    Weapon: Human Battle Rifle

    Armor: Special Forces Streamline

    Background: (Where did your character come from? Have they lost any to the infection? What's their personality like? Have they been in combat before? Where they drafted or did they volunteer? Explain at least a paragraph) Corbin was born on the human colony Titan (Moon). She lost her parents, ex-girlfriend and her best friend/ex-boyfriend during the Titan outbreak. Corbin was an arrogant hothead who liked to drive really fast vehicles for money, and hit a partially turning patient zero while racing. She went to help the person who was trying to climb over her hood, only to have a chunk taken from the left side of her abdomen and passed out in minutes. She woke up in a military hospital, where it was explained that she had encountered a weak strain in a weak state- and that she could (possibly) fight off future bites with the only side effects being jet black pupils like some infected and she attempts to bite those around her when she is seriously injured or mad. She was immediately tossed into special forces training with a green slip- which meant she had to pass no matter how many times she might have to attempt. She was deployed on Gorath where she personally took a team in to rescue survivors of a crashed ship. Only five of the four hundred were saved, but it solidified her reputation. She was the commander of Beta-Epsilon squad but was thrown in with the front line "meat snacks" to hopefully save a few from utter destruction from an unrelenting enemy.
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  14. Character Sheet

    Roy Algonquin
    Weapon:Joint Valkyrie Support Sniper Rifle.
    Armor: Orion Cyclops Soldier
    Background: A human born to a family of three, Roy has always been an overachiever. High grades in school, high levels of exercise and sports, constantly flirting with girls. Starting from a young age, his father taught him how to use a sniper rifle, because his father had previously been a sniper in the military and felt that his natural craft should be passed down. His childhood was just peachy, really. At the age of thirteen, he began training in the area of mixed martial arts. As time went on, a couple years later at eighteen, Roy would be drafted into the military. At first, he despised being there, lacking the maturity to understand the severity of his situation. Then, he began adapting and understanding his place in history on the front lines.
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  15. Hmmm. I must admit I'm intrigued. Would you be open to accepting two more humans? Just wondering since it seems your humans outweigh your aliens
  16. I'm going to make an alien myself, because I noticed the number of humans too.
  17. @Verona I think it would be fine, though I would prefer another alien to kinda keep it fresh but it's really up to you. If it's a good character sheet I'll probably accept it ^_^

    @Braxnond accepted, though I still recommend you should choose one of the standard weapons.
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  18. All right :) I'll see if I can come up with an alien and a human, then, but I go to work in a couple hours and won't have time between getting ready and such right now. I'll have to make my bios late tonight. Feel free to start without me if people get antsy ^_^ I'll catch up later on
  19. Oh yeah did you get my PM Maddeline?
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