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  1. This idea his been hunting me for days so here goes nothing. Though it says interest check I'm open for more ideas.)

    TriStar Academy, is a world renowned school for up and coming idols to make a bigger name for themselves. While some are pretty well known they have a long way to go before they are considered an Idol, while others have only recently found their calling to a world of glamour.
    Students from middle school to highschool will take classes such as acting, singing, dancing, modeling and how to make their own outfits. Even though all students take these classes they do chose either to preform these new lessons on a stage or ice. In order to get the job, a student must first audition and the winner takes the role.

    Cordelia, the current Top Idol also known as the TriStar Queen, is idolize by most everyone and is called a prodigy. After winning the TriStar Queen Audition her first attempt as a first year middle schooler, an audition every female idol wishes to win, she becomes the face of TriStar Academy. Ever since she's been the raining undefeated TriStar Queen.

    Some wish to get on her level while others wish to out do her. Which every you choose to do is up to you.
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  2. Seems interesting. I'm gonna keep an eye on this, but no guarantees I'll join in. Also, I appreciate the small nod to Idols on Ice (if that was intentional).
  3. Yes and no. XD Figure Skating has been on my mind for days and I wanted to do an idol academy so, I mixed them.
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  4. I just noticed the similarity because I'm running an Idol RP myself lol.
  5. Very popular I take it.
  6. Nah. Cast is full, but it's not like it filled quickly.
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