Triple Nipples of Iwaku Unite!

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What's the status of your nipples?

  1. Not a trip nip.

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  2. Got the third removed.

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  3. Type 6 - looks like a mole

    3 vote(s)
  4. Type 7 - looks like a freckle

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  5. I've got a different type of trip nip! I'm extra special!

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  1. I know what you're thinking. How many trip nips can there possibly be on a website this size?
    Well, the answer might surprise you. One in eighteen males and one in fifty females is born with an extra- you might be one yourself and not know it yet! Open up the spoiler below to see if you, too, could be a member of this not-very-rare and exciting group of people. Anything that looks like a mole or freckle along the milk lines could potentially be a nipple.
    If you've ever been pregnant (or if you ever get pregnant) extra nipples can also be affected by the hormones and become more visible. That sore, swollen mole might not be a mole after all. There's also a chance that your parents might have elected to get it removed when you were a baby (mine declined) so check for scars or ask them.

    ID Pics - Boobies within (open)
    These are your milk lines. If you have a mole or spot along the lines, check it carefully!
    Here's an idea of what mine look like- you're not getting a real picture of mine since I'm a seventeen year old girl and that's pornography! Mine, too, is only on the left, though it's a bit more oval shaped.
    They can also look like dots!
    They can even appear in the armpit!

    Oh, and here's the wikipedia article. Might be useful. ^^
  2. I bet you're sitting pretty in the knowledge that you made me take my top off, aincha?
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  3. .... I have a strange mole that seems to look like some of those extra man nipples and is along the milk lines. O_O And now my whole world is upside down.
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  4. Don't have one, but this poll made me laugh regardless.
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  5. I used to have one in my armpit but my parents had it removed. I thought they were joking that I had a third one, but the scar and records prove otherwise.

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  6. ... Damn it... Now I will go my whole life wondering if the dot on the side on my stomach (Seemingly on the milk line) is a nipple or a birthmark D: DOT, TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!
  7. I don't have a third nipple, but an interesting fact is that the nipples are grown when the fetus still doesn't have a discernable sex, which is the reason males have nipples when they have no use for them.
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  8. I removed my third nipple long ago. I saw no reason to keep it :P
  9. I have a third. And fourth. And fifth, and sixth.
    I am a cat, and I swear, for sixty seconds at a time, I can type like a normal humeow meow meow
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  10. You can mention it to your doctor next time you go in, but it's very hard to confirm a type 7. If it's a type 6, there might be a slight indentation on the top (where the duct would empty to) which is a good indicator since few normal moles have indentations.
    The easiest way to confirm a diagnosis, though, would be to find a baby picture of yourself. It's very rare for babies to have moles but third nipples are there from in vitro. If you have a mole at under a year old, it's probably not a mole. ^^
    Either way I extend a tentative welcome to the club. :D

    I thought my mom was joking at first, too. XD It had never struck me that the weird mole looked nippley before.
    In the armpit, though, I can understand getting it taken out. Sounds like the friction or deodorant or something else might have caused an issue.

    Same advice I gave Diana applies to you. It can be hard to confirm, but baby pics are fairly accurate.

    ...because you can get them pierced and it's adorable? :D
  11. I'm a fourth born child so there's not a lot of baby pics of me, the only ones that shows me without clothes are a couple of bathing pictures, but that part of my stomach is under water and I'm fairly sure I remember them being taken from my left side (and the dot is on my right) so I can't really go on pictures. But it's not like the dot has ever bothered me, just like my birthmarks doesn't bother me, so no reason to go to the doctor for it. But... ... IT'S STILL ANNOYING NOT KNOWING ): I can hear it laugh at me!! "You'll neeeever knooooow~ hehheh"
  12. OMG that would be way too creepy!! XD
  13. Well, you might go to the doctor for some other reason and mention it then. ^^ Or you could ask your parents.

    It looks hilarious though!
  14. @Lady Sabine Yes it does, but I don't want to be the laughing stock of my love interests XD
  15. Not alone then, huh?
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  16. Not at all. :D
  17. Yyyyyyup. Totally got one under my left moob.

    I call it my nubbin.
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  18. DAMMIT. My thoughts were true! >:[

    I've become more cat-like though! :D
  19. I'm actually a little disappointed I don't have one; time to go examine my bf >=3
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