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    Oh, hey there. Your looking nice today. Is that a new pungent cologne your wearing? No? You haven't bathed in weeks you say? That's OK because I'm not here to judge, just to take your money in return for my services.

    Anyway, that foolishness aside I'd like to welcome you to my page were I can hopefully bring in some extra money and you can make out with art of your characters. I guess lets get on with the details of what you can expect from me!

    What I specialize in is OC Art!
    I love drawing OC's, but I can draw characters as well.​




    (Huh, was sure I had more examples in a folder somewhere. You get the idea though.)


    And if Chibi's are your thing: X - X

    What I wont do...
    A. Ponies
    B. Vore/Scat stuff
    C. Umm... I'll expand this if I can think of something else later. >.>

    What I will do...
    A. Anime related things including fanart.
    B. Original Characters <3
    C. 18+ NSFW art (so long as your of age)
    D. Some Anthro/Furry, but I'm not amazing at it.

    As far as how my pricing works, its simple. I have a set price for each type of service that I list. What's that, you want a discount? Well then, by all means send me a PM and explain to me why I should cut a few bucks off your bill you selfless swi-... I'm getting ahead of myself. If you send me a PM with something I find interesting, which could be anything (and I mean ANYTHING) then I might consider a special discount because my aren't you just precious. ;3

    Traditional Pencil Sketch
    Headshot- $5
    From the Waist Up- $10
    Full Body- $15

    Digital Line Art / Digitally Colored Pencil
    Headshot- $8
    Waist Up- $12
    Full Shabang- $18

    Digitally Colored Line Art
    Headshot- $10
    Waist- $18
    Fullyougettheidea- $25

    Now, as far as how to pay me for a commission I only accept Paypal.

    Things to Keep in Mind!
    A traditional pencil sketch can take me anywhere from 1-2 days for me to complete, factoring in things like complexity and what type of picture you ask for. As for digital line art and digitally colored pencil, that could take me an extra day or two (again depending on what you want). I put uncolored lineart and colored traditional sketches in the same timeline and price range specifically because of the effort it takes. Making something with clean black digital lines takes about as much time as coloring something I didn't have to redraw in a program. Now doing your line art WITH color... That could take me up to a week, depending on complexity and such. I'm not saying I won't get your order done sooner than that, but keep in mind it might take me that long. Also, if this somehow gets a lot of attention and I get busy I might change my status to closed. I don't want to get really backed up and keep a lot of people waiting. Nobody would want that! D:

    I will also provide you with samples, yay! I don't expect you to pay me if I can't deliver, I mean it seems only fair. Once I know what your looking for I'll draw up a sketch for you, watermark it (probably with adorable sheep and or pigs IDK), and then if I need to make an adjustment then just tell me, we'll work it out. Don't make me redraw something like 6 times though or I swear to christ I'll... Anyway, moving on!


    Finished Commissions
    F0X (open)

    LimeyPanda (open)

    Jason Diabolus (open)

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  2. Hey! I see this has been up for a while but I do hope you see this!

    I've been trying to get a character or two of mine drawn if you don't mind! Interested in the Digitally Colored Lineart, Full option! Hope to hear from you soon!
  3. PM'd!
  4. If this is still active, I'd like a character to be drawn in full as digital colored line art.

    However, I do not own a PayPal, so is there any way I'll be able to pay you?
  5. Yep, I'm still open for business and would love to accept your commission. Sadly I don't accept any other means than PayPal. That being said its super easy to signup for PayPal and its free, so if you do find yourself making an account then I'd gladly still agree to your commission. <3
  6. I'd love to get some art done! I won't have payment until September first, however! Do you draw couples?
  7. bby I'm not gay but $20 is $20...

    ... But yes, I can most certainly do couples. Feel free to send me a PM when your ready to talk about the details. :3
  8. May I ask, would you be willing to cut a good price for buying in bulk? I would like to speak to you more about it, if you are considering. I have about 14-15 characters in mind, hopefully in the same image as well . . .
  9. I think I'm interested in a commission. Are you still open?
  10. Of course! Feel free to send me a PM of the details. :3