PAID COMMISSIONS Trinity's Commissions (OPEN)

Discussion in 'CHARACTER PORTRAIT STUDIO' started by GlassTrinity, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Hey! I'm interested in comissioning you for a main character in my novel if that's alright with you!
  2. Sure! Send me a PM with the details. :D
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before, but do you have a deviantart? I'm interested in seeing more of your art
  4. I do actually! I should probably link it to the first post. O:
    GlassTrinity's DeviantArt Gallery
  5. You probably should, because you're not only very talented, but your art style is engrossing to look at, and quite distinct

    I always find myself staring anytime your banner for this thread comes up

  6. There is no window shopping here, buy something or move along plz. <3
  7. Hey!
    A friend of mine threw me this link with your art, really like your style.
    so I was curious, any chance you still taking comissions?

    And if so, i should probably PM you?
  8. Yep, I am open! Go ahead and PM me and we can discuss it more there. :D