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  1. Could I maybe join and if so could I be Raven. She is well known as a Teen Titan. Daughter of Trigon etc... And she is a DC character.
  2. Go for it! Press the invite button and we'll accept you. :)
  3. Where's the invite button located? I clicked the request button I hope that was it.
  4. You did it. Good job.
  5. Yay! Thanks so now what? (I'm new to the group thing)
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  6. I suggest checking out the "Out of Character" thread. There you can just talk casually to other members about how you want Raven to enter into the role play. As you can see, we have other threads with different locations. That is where the actual role playing occurs, most of it being in New York at the moment.
  7. Okay I know of many towers at which the Titans stay so it shouldn't be that hard thanks.
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  8. Hello! :) Can I join as Jean Grey if she's still available?
  9. She's still available! Just press the Request button, and we'll accept you
  10. Great! Thank you! :)
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