Tricks and Treats

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    Do you live in an area where trick or treating is common?
    What age did you stop trick or treating? (Or do you still?)
    How do you feel about those ideas for trick or treating in closed areas instead of door-to-door?
  2. In my area, if you are above the age of 18 it is illegal to knock on doors for candy, but I would trick our treat if I could.
  3. Back home, it would be okay for me to dress up and trick-or-treat still.
    Though, ever since I was little, I LOVED working from the house.

    I much rather pass OUT candy to kiddies and the like, then go around and receive it.
    This is because I love dressing up, love making people smile, love curling up to watch halloween movies on halloween night, love filling the candy bowl, and just love it. ^^
    I use to even dress up as a vampire or whatever and hide in the bushes to jump out and scare kids. I'd stand still like decoration, then jump a little, depending on if they were old enough to not cry or not. >_>'' soyeah. <3

    But, trick-or-treating is still allowed back home. and goes on.
    Here in the dorms, it does happen too. And people dress up on campus! But.. I think it's mostly for parties here.
  4. In my area, it's normal for people up to about their mid twenties to go trick or treating. I went last year, but I've cut sugar out of my diet.... so I won't be going this year.
    Also, October made fun of me for it. D:<

    As far as trick or treating in closed areas (such as a mall, office building, or church) I actually really do think that it's a good option for people who want the SAFEST possible experience for their children. I took my friend's three year old to one of these things at the mall.

    That being said, don't let children trick or treat alone.
    There's too many weirdos in the world.
  5. Most of the neighbourhoods, including the apartments, had trick or treaters. (Except for when I lived on my own.) My family was often living in family friendly environments, so there were lots of kiddos around. :] Even in this new home I live in where I know nobody at all, I can tell this Halloween will have at least a few visitors. I see kids everywhere. I don't think we have laws against candy collectin'.

    The last time I trick or treated, I was... A sophomore in high school, I think. So I was 15. 6 years ago. I don't do it anymore because it's just no longer fun to me. I can do the easier, faster thing and just BUY all the candy I want. >__>; While being costumed if I felt like it. No need to freeze my ass off just to get free (and possibly poisoned) candy from strangers. lol

    I've always agreed with the idea of trick or treating in enclosed, secured areas. I enjoyed it all the time when mom would take us to the malls for trick or treating. It was warm, it was safe and the stores handed out big candy bars! There are spooky things out in the dark, y'know? And creepy things. I hate it when I'm trying to chaperone some kids and then there's a drunk group of idiots freaking them out. :|
  6. We get all sorts of trick or treaters here, I love handing out candy to kids.

    I think the last year I went was like.....6th grade? Around 13 or 14, after that it was all about the parties : )

    Now I just sit home, usually, and hand out candies, watch horror movies. I think we had a skype night last year?
  7. I keep going trick or treating because of my younger siblings....
    And i like it but i feel slightly embarrassed at times.
    I mean come on FREE CANDY!
    We go around our big neighborhood and only recently last year we go to the neighborhood Halloween party after everyone trick or treats.
    We have college students trick or treating, and young couples with babys who cant even eat candy yet trick or treating.
    So i would continue trick or treating even if im older
    Im hoping though a college halloween party the weekend before then trick or treating...

    And in my old neighborhood NO ONE trick or treated.... It was a bad neighborhood...
    We had to load up into the van and go trick or treat in the rich class places....
  8. I take my niece and nephew trick or treating. We sometimes do it in the neighborhood, but, over here, we have a lot of trails and other things that give candy.

    One cool thing is that the mall gives out candy as well. Kids walk all around the mall in a line and stuff, getting candy from different stores. It's super cool. Upstairs and downstairs. A whole bunch of kids with their cute little outfits and junk. I dress up and go with my niece and nephew because I'm a big ass kid.

    I don't accept the candy, though. I give it to them.