Tricked by a Demon (MxM)

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Nyx, was a merman, who after growing up alone in a vast under water world wanted nothing more then to live on the surface. After years of secretly watching humans from the water he met a man, a man of royalty who was very interested in him. Humans knew of mer-people and many pirates trapped and sold them, but this man's interest seemed pure. Soon Nyx was in love, his weak heart playing tricks with his head. Convinced if only he were human the man would proclaim his love for each other Nyx sold his soul to a witch doctor- a demon in disguise. Once human he approached the man whom he thought he loved, who denied him any past thought of tenderness, beat him, and left him in an alley to die.

With no hope to going back to the sea, for now that he was human he was banished from his home, he is lost. Three years have past and he travels around with a group of musicians who preform for money while he dances. Most find it weird him being male, but after watching they see he is better than any they have seen before. And his voice when he sings is capturing.

Looking for a dominant male to help build a plot with. Pm me if interested!
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