Trick or Treat (multiple)

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  1. Partners found!
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  2. I'd be interested in the Paradise Closed idea or an Alice in Wonderland RP. I'm fairly active, and try to reply at least once a day (some weekends are difficult for me though, but I'll let you know when those are coming up). I'm willing to play the male if need be.
  3. I'll send you a convo in a bit!
  4. Awesome! :D

    Also, there's a writing sample on my role play resume. >.>
  5. Updated idea list!
  6. I like a couple of these ideas to be honest with you of the actual ones with plots the one that screams u with me the most Showtime but the just quick ideas thee are a few there that are fun to o to like the Greek mythology, time traveling, some what of the fairy tales thing.

    For my own rping skills I generally match what my partner gives me you give me a paragraph i will give you one give me five I will give you five and so on and so forth.