Trick of the Light

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  1. Endo, Jiro sat down the screw diver and stepped back to survey his handy work. The new house was coming up nicely. Ueda Construction was owned by Jiro's uncle, a stern man, and the company was currently hired to rebuild an old house on the edge of the city. Jiro was putting more effort into this house than normal. The reason wasn't a secret. In fact most of the other guys on the construction site had teased Jiro about it at least once. For this house was being built for his girlfriend and her family. Though Jiro wasn't sure who was going to live in it.

    "Shift's over." Jiro's friend Takanaka sighed and streched.

    Jiro smirked. "Lazy."

    "No." Takanaka said firmly. "Practical. Anyways, you're just jealous, have you proposed yet?" The married man wiggled his eyebrows. Jiro punched his friend in the arm, hard.

    "Dude. Really?" Jiro said as he put away his tools.

    "I'm just saying, you like her right? You're single right? You've got a nice job and enough money to take care of her. She's say yes." Takanaka rubbed his arm.

    Jiro rolled his eyes. "Shut it." His cheeks were a little red at the idea. "You married people are always trying to get everyone single married. I get enough of it from my mom when I visit. I don't need it from you."

    "Touchy." Takanaka sulked, but dropped the subject. It was true that Jiro, being the eldest child, was getting pressured into marriage. His mother was convinced that Jiro needed to get married soon and give her grandchildren or else the Endo line from his father might end. Jiro, a child of the modern age, wanted to do more than stick around their city and work for his uncle the rest of his life. But then again, he also had a strong sense of honor and he wanted, even needed, to live up to the expectations of his parents.

    "Hey Jiro-kun, look who's here for you." Takanaka said poking Jiro in the backside.

    Jiro turned his head and smiled at the sight of his girlfriend waiting for him just outside the construction site's perimeter. He quickly gathered and placed the rest of his tools and equipment away before jogging over to her, discretely wiping his face of dirt as he did so.

    "Hey." Jiro said as he got closer to her.
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  2. Ayame Takashi had spent her morning shopping for that nights dinner.
    She was making dinner for her family, and her boyfriend, which meant she needed a lot of ingridents.
    The local market was perfect, since she wasn't making anything fancy anyway, so she'd headed over there, thinking she'd spend about twenty minutes or so gathering everything.

    Really, though, she'd spent over two hours there, without realizing it.
    She'd never meant to stay so long, but time had gotten away as she fantasised about what she was going to make, and how impressed her family would be.
    Really, she could have smacked herself.

    After quickly running home to put all the food away, she'd run into her little sister, Keiko, who teased her for being gone so long.

    "Aya, now you're going to be late to meet Jiro! I bet he'll break up with you!"
    Ayame stuck her tongue out, flicking Keiko on the head as she left.

    Now, here she was, standing in front of the construction site Jiro worked at, where he was building her a house.
    She smiled as he turned to look at her, and waved.

    "Hey yourself." She replied, smiling.
    Looking at him, she blushed; he really was handsome.

    "Sorry I'm so late. I took too long in the market. I didn't realize I'd taken so long."
    She laughed, brushing hair out of her eyes.

    "I know it's a bit later than we intended, but would you still like to go for some lunch?" She asked, hoping he'd say yes.
    She and Jiro had been dating for a long time, and she continued to hope he'd ask her to marry him.
    But it wasn't a decision to be taken lightly, so she never pressured him.
  3. "I know it's a bit later than we intended, but would you still like to go for some lunch?"

    Jiro smiled brighter at his girlfriend's words. "I would." He hopped over the flimsy divider and landed next to Ayame. "Though I'll have less time than usual." He turned around for a second to call out to his supervisor that he's be going off to lunch. "There's a good street vendor down the street that makes really good noodles. Want to go there?" Jiro held out his hand for her to hold if she wanted.

    If Ayame accepted he's lead her off down the street to the specified location. He had eaten at the stall quite a bit since he had been working down here. He was friendly with the owner and was sure that the older man would give Ayame a discount, just because she was Jiro's girlfriend. The very thought made Jiro smile more. Of course after work ended he'd be going over to the Takashi house and having dinner. It was always nice to visit the Takashi's, they were a very nice family, even if the younger sister Kieko did seem to act like his mother a lot. Mainly about Ayame.

    "How has your day been?" Jiro asked to prompt his girlfriend into conversation. That, and he was truly curious. Most of the time Ayame was very punctual.
  4. Ayame smiled, happy that he had time at all.
    She felt careless, and horrible, for keeping him waiting.
    Now they'd have to go somewhere simple, but she realized she didn't care, as long as she was with him.

    "Sure, that sounds great. I haven't had good noodles for a while."

    Ayame grabbed his hand, butterflies rumbling in her stomach.
    Their relationship wasn't new, but she continued to feel this way even now.
    Jiro was handsome, and thoughtful, always sweet.
    Ayame was lucky to have him.

    She would have prefered to pack him a lunch, but she'd gotten too busy.
    Next time, she'd make one before bed, and put it in the fridge, so it would be ready for him the next day.
    She smiled to herself, nodding. Yes, this sounded like a good idea.
    Busy in her thoughts, Ayame barely noticed when he asked her a question.

    "Oh- My day?" She said, smiling. "It's been okay. I forgot myself at the market, so I spent too long there, that's why I was late. I was daydreaming about all the food I could make for dinner."
    She laughed.
    "And I forgot to make your lunch, as well... But I'll do better tomorrow."
  5. Jiro smiled as Ayame confessed to having lost track of time at the market. It was cute. Especially when the mentioned the cause. "You do perfect already." Jiro said as he smiled down at his girlfriend. "You're making me dinner, you're letting me take you out to lunch. I don't know how you can get any better." Jiro chuckled, his words were honest and truthful, but he laid it on a little thick to see if she'd blush.

    "And there it is." Jiro said as they rounded the corner. The stall was sitting in it's usual spot, just a few feet away from where the couple was standing. It was very much a traditional looking stall, made of wood, and had a paper 'door' on the top awning that one had to duck under. The smell of noddles made Jiro's stomach growl. This stand was almost as good as some fancy restaurants. It just went to say, money didn't always buy quality.

    "Boss." Jiro said as he ducked under the papers, taking Ayame along with him. When an older gentleman stepped out, Jiro smirked and looked over at his girlfriend. "This is Ayame, my girlfriend." His black eyes lit with a mischievous light. "She really does exist."

    The older man laughed."Indeed she does. What would the lady like to eat? It's on the house." He produced a small menu with a flourish.
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