Tribal Wars

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  1. This is not a world of the past, but the future we choose.

    A future where humanities actions have caused their downfall.

    A future where humanity has created the very race that will rebel against them

    The technological race - Mashin, birthed from the hopes and dreams of mankind. Mankind used their knowledge to create technology beyond their wildest dream. The possibilities were limitless.

    Or so they thought so.

    These machines gained sentience, overthrowing humanity.

    Eventually, humanity had to flee the planet for other worlds

    The remaining of humanity on Earth were thought to have went extinct. However, they survived and rebuilt their lives from scratch, starting from the stone age... iron age... they formed tribes, villages...

    ... today is a day like any other

    ... or is it?


    Arc 0

    It was just another bright sunny day. The great bird spirit Wakinyan soars across the sky, before landing in a spot. The great bird perches on a tree, a tree that stood on her little sanctuary spot.

    "Mommy!" a young child exclaims upon seeing the bird.

    "Asuka!" Wakinyan exclaims in response before giving the young human girl a hug. "Oh, and you too, Akagarasu, I guess."

    "I'm glad to see that you are safe Wakinyan. How was the trip?" a red hulking piece of humanoid metal known as Akagarasu asks.

    "Usual. I really, really cannot tell the difference between Mashin and AIBO, whatever you call those metal beast."

    "Then how can you tell me apart?" Akagarasu questions.

    "D- don't ask so many questions! Anyways, let's get indoors. I'll get lunch ready," Wakinyan responds.

    "Can Daddy teach me how to fight again after lunch?" Asuka asks.

    "Of course I can, Asuka," Akagarasu responds.

    Before Wakinyan could say anything, a few thin beings that resembles metal skeletons popped out of the bushes.

    "The Mashin have found this place?" Akagarasu was most astonished. "There must be more on the rest of the archipelago."

    Akagarasu sees an odd silhouette near a distant bush. "Huh? It's him. But. Wa-!" Before he could pursue, a few Mashin foot soldiers blocked his path, allowing the figure to just run away.

    "It's him. But that is for another day," Akagarasu readies his blade as he and his family ready for battle...​
  2. (Is this ok?)

    "Attack on the Archipelago has been deployed..General Fortress is leading the assault aswell..Nice to hear"
    Anantolio said as he sat down infront one of the Many Terminals Located in the control room of the Mashin Sub,The large screen Infront of him show Details and Intel of the Sortie that has been recently deployd in action,his metal Fingers Tipe the Keybord infront of him as somtimes his arm would be raised and sweep the screen changing or Moving windows of different Intel regarding this Action,he stop for a Moment and would say mostly to himself "I bet this is gona be a walk in the park especially with General Fotress on the Line"he said rather more to himself as ussualy he would be Tinkering with Weponry and/or making some Modifications on them but now there was no time for that as he dint whant to miss this and desided to take post as a simple Operator in the control room,do was not his best skill he was just keeping information from overflowing and overall keeping everybody Notice of what is happening in the field,His hand would reach up his head and scrach its metal surface but then Shrug as he would place both of his hands and place them ebhinde his head,a sigh escape from his speaker as his Optics watch the screen and would say "Well now we just wait till more Intel reaches the sub....Its like trying to wait for a Pie to be Baked....just wait and relax"he said as his Voice of how he sounded was making it rather clear he was geting over confident in this,his Jet Black Fingers tap the back of his head and his feet would be cross as he waited watching the screen carefully.
  3. Fortress
    "Teams X-18 and V-11 head into the forest at 290 degrees. Teams Z-9 and M-14 head to 170 degrees. Team L-12, you are with me." Barely 5 minutes had passed since they arrived at the shore, and the Mashin general was wasting no time initiating the mission. It was only a reconnaissance task, so honestly, he didn't know why he was the one doing it. He suspected it to be that they sent the one most likely to survive an ambush. "I want Infrared drones in the air. This growth is too dense to see through with visible light absorption. Do not attack yet, although you are permitted to kill if you are attacked by them." He turned to a small servant machine that had approached him, that stood only 2 meters tall. "Where is the map data I requested? I'll be damned if I have to search this entire damn place again to find those AIBO deserters." "Sir, the data was lost on the journey due to a glitch in the storage device." It was a recorded message. Apparently this machine wasn't worth a speech module. There was a quick crunching noise of metal rubbing against metal as the axe collided with the servitor's thin casing. Fortress slowly lifted his arm, bringing the semi-conscious machine with it. "This is your responsibility. You lost my data? You get the privilege of losing yours in exchange." With that, the cannon module on his shoulder turned slightly, adjusted some parameters, then fired, taking a hole out of the service robot equal in size to the impact crater that would be made when a 3.2 inch pebble hit sandstone at 430 meters per second, once again leaving Fortress to wonder why his AI had such a fondness for mathematics.
  4. Epsilon
    The AIBO war machine pushed his massive frame through the dense jungle, his weapon was on his back attached to magnets with the bayonet sticking over his shoulder being the only thing indication he was armed. He was on a patrol of the territory of his people and the human settlement with the only noise accompanying him being his large foot falls but a noise caught his attention, it was a familiar sound of other machines and since he was the only AIBO in the area that he knew of that left one option for him. "Mashin." His deep synthetic bass voice rumbled the name as if it was a curse, he needed to be cautious because while he was good he like any other could be overwhelmed by enough numbers. He stalked towards the sounds but now his large rifle was cradled in his arms with the setting on anti-machine with its five pound thermite slugs loaded ready for the foes that he may encounter.
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