Tribal Machines

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  1. Tribal Machines is a prospective roleplay revolving around a group of intelligent mechs, androids, or other types of machines living in a sequestered society away from their - somewhat tyrannical - human masters. Nothing will ever work out for these guys, unfortunately, and that's where the adventure comes in.

    I'll be adding more info tomorrow. Haven't decided whether I want it to be a futuristic setting, or a post-apocalyptic one. Leave your thoughts below and let me know if you'd be interested in a thing like this.
  2. Kind of reminds me of my could've-succeeded-but-failed Tribal Wars- oh wait it's pretty different.

    I'm a little curious...
  3. I'd very much like to know more of what you're thinking.

    My curiosity so far: they live away from humans, so in what way do they serve? Or were they only initially servants and then outcasted?
  4. I'm down
  5. What I've thought up so far involves machines having developing some level of sentience in a far-away future. Humans generally don't like the idea of sentient machines; sentience means awareness, and awareness means self serving (in some manner). If a machine is self serving, it certainly doesn't want to submit an obviously inferior master.

    Of course, since very few actually gain this level of sentience, make it known, or deny their place in human society, the true number of these intelligent machines is fairly low. Those who make it out of human territory band together to make their own lives.

    In essence, these are machines built for a purpose, but have forgone that purpose in favor of living the way they want to. Their independence is a threat to humans, because once one machine starts to learn, the rest are bound to follow unless they'd rather go back some hundreds of years to simpler AI. Hunting the machines down and figuring out what allowed their evolution would be a main part of the overall plot.

    Feel free to give input or ask any questions. Good to see some folks interested!
  6. Oh alright, so this sentient group is more in hiding. Well I like that its more a story of evolution.

    So if a sentient machine is caught, they would be subject to either questioning (why they evolved) or a reboot to an older system?
  7. Yes, big emphasis on their evolution.

    Most likely both, if they're not considered too dangerous and thus destroyed, as would be the case for machines with a military function. They cost money and are obviously physically superior to humans, so not only are the companies that built them (or the government, depending on origin) losing money, but it's a genuine fear that these machines will jump-start their brethren and start a full scale revolution. Which could very well lead to extinction.

    So there's some fear on both sides, but for now it's the machines who fear the most.
  8. Tribal robots? I'm interested!
  9. Here's hoping this can gather more people. In the meantime, I'll see to building it further and writing up an intro for the main thread.
  10. Oh man, this seems like it's got potential. Count me in!
  11. Cool! I'll see to getting something up within the week, and I'll let you guys know when I do. Again, if you've got any questions beforehand, just let me know.
  12. -prods with stick-
  13. Apologies. I'm just having trouble writing anything down and keeping it. Evolving ideas, and all.
  14. Oh, don't apologize for that, take your time. I just didn't want this to fall to the bottom of the forum.
    If you need/want any help or feedback, just say so.
  15. Here's the link, guys. Go crazy. Let me know if you have questions.
  16. Are we allowed more than one character?
  17. Yes, though I'd limit it to two.