Triagaron War The Beginning

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  1. In 2040 the First Impact occurred and it caused Global Flooding after the North Pole was destroyed by an alien and its pilot. The Aliens now are known as the Tavi and their Mech's as Renegades . Man kind developed a form of Mech's using the alien bio Mech's called Phantoms and a secret service Named SDF(Space Defence Federation) was set up in response to the alien invasion. (Extra notes: The human mechs follow the same mechanics as the ones in neo genesis evangleion but the battery life on them lasts up to 20 minuets in stead of 3 and still use entry plugs which the pilots sit in to drive the Mech's. also I would recommend watching Neo genesis to get a feel of what the Mech's in this Jump in RP are like and also as I would recommend watching it as the episodes get really intense and really exciting . I have provided a link to the dubbed/subbed episodes here so you don't have to do all the work and type it in on your search engine[link to Neo Genesis: )
    You can choose to be either A human (SDF personnel, citizen) or alien.
    please introduce your character with a short character description like so.
    Name: Luke Bryant
    Age: 14
    Race:Human (SDF personnel<Pilot of Phantoms>
    Luke Was taken by a a man in a black suit from The New London Plaza in Canary Wharf to Aldwych station on the picadilly line. If it had not been for NASA then England yet alone London would of been saved from flooding. As they got out the car the man in the suit looks around and ushers Luke in to the dark of the long abandons Tube Station Building. The doors slammed shut and locked behind them and the lights flicker on with a buzz. Luke stops and said But i thought this station was closed in 1994" The man in the suit stops and Replies " Well Luke Not everything is mentioned in the History books. MI 6 had this building and the surrounding tracks rebuilt in to working conditions so that we could have a transit route to HQ obviously we couldn't tell that to the public out of fear another 911 or 7th July 2005 Bombings would happen if some fanatical extremist got hold of the information " "wow There could be still Terrorists around i would of though carrying out a Act of Terrorism would be the last thing people were thinking of doing after First impact" Luke Replies and the Man turns around and says " true but now we must hurry up we cant be late"
    and the man dispersers swipes a card at a old ticket barrier and it lets them through .
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  2. Name: Cecilia Langdon

    Age: 16
    Race: Human (Citizen)

    Cecilia raises an eyebrow curiously as she watches a car driving past her and towards Aldwych station, she carries a backpack over her right shoulder while being dressed in a school uniform. Her long crimson red hair hanging down the right side of her chest while being tied as a braid. She tilts her head slightly as she sees two people stepping out from the car and she studies them both closely for a bit. "I wonder what that is about..." She thinks to herself before she decides to sate her curiosity and she silently follows them until the door is slammed shut. "Damn it!" She mutters low and then looks around. "Perhaps there is another way for me to get inside." She mumbles beneath her breath while looking for another possible entrance.
  3. Luke stops as he goes through remembering he left his bag out side on the pavement and turns around and says to the guard "sorry could i go back out side i left my bag out" the guard nodded and said "sure but be quick an angel is coming". Luke nods and heads back out and crashes in to a girl. "eh hi are you part of SDF?. You better get in side wait there ill get my bag" Luke said