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Fantasy, Modern, Romance, Vampiric, Mafia, Lycanthrope, Cannons
It's that time!

It’s the nineteenth century (1840s) in London where high class society, etiquette and patriarchy was at its peak. Men who were primarily wealthy either came from money or made something of themselves. There were women who had social status, but they were either born, married into it or had occupations that gave them such status. Those who had social status didn’t have power. But there were some that had both. In the public eye, there were viewed as ideal citizens; celebrities, in other words. These celebrities were greatly admired because of the fact that they were vampires and had a mysterious allure about them, yet their identity remained secret.

London vampires ran the city like it was their own kingdom even though the royal family had actual reign over the area. The city was their domain and they had their hands in everything especially when it came to the blood, brothels, and medical means. They terrified the hearts of many who dared to cross them.

This story is about a human female/male who falls for two of the wealthiest and eligible bachelors/bachelorettes in London. How she/he gets there is up to you. These gentlemen/women cater to high class society when it comes to their business and she works for them. Will she/he become their most prized possession? What will this triad relationship turn into?

Name: Réne Thévenet Woods
Age: 189, looks 27.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6.2
Weight: 175
History: He grew up in the countryside of England, his father was a military man, his mother was a French aristocrat. He was sent off for an education, during his education it was mandatory for males to enlist to the army. Met his maker in 1642 at a winter ball just before his deployment. Réne was turned by his maker and queen during his time in battle during the British Civil War in 1651. Fought in battle and was also an on sight paramedic at the battlefield. He returned back to London victorious, but was unable to celebrate. He had suffered injuries, which lead him to have a fever and put him on his deathbed. While he was on his deathbed, he was turned....
Personality: Loyal, Protective, Determined, Persistent, Stubborn, Doesn't back down from a fight, Realist, Hard Headed
Before the war

After the war
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Name: Nicole de Lancret
Age: 19
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 114 lbs
History: Nicole and her father crossed over from France to England when she was about 6 years of age. Her father, a fairly talented and wealthy violinist, enrolled Nicole in the dance school at one of London's popular opera houses where Nicole showed to have a natural talent for dancing. At the age of 10, tragedy struck when Nicole's father suddenly became ill and died. He left behind enough to make sure that Nicole lived comfortably at the ballet dormitory as she continued her training. Nicole continued to grow and blossom as a dancer and showed promise at becoming one of the most prominent ballerinas in London.

Then Nicole developed a cough. At first it had been only a simple cough, but as time went on the cough became worse and worse. On occasion Nicole was forced to stop mid performance as the strenuous dancing would bring on a nearly crippling coughing episode. As Nicole's condition worsened it soon came to light that she had fallen ill with consumption.

With the illness preventing her from dancing, Nicole spent what money remained on medicine that didn't seemed to work. Finally, when all her funds and other options had run out, Nicole turned to the vampires for help. In exchange for a cure, Nicole became their servant in payment.

Personality: Kind, caring, charming when she needs to be, steadfast and determined, and loyal. She loves to dance.